A・ZU・NA is a unit under the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. The unit consists of three members, namely Ayumu Uehara, Shizuku Osaka, and Setsuna Yuki.

Group Formation

The group was formed in phases:

  1. On March 2019, nine different combinations were offered to be chosen from.
  2. On May 2019, the unit compositions were revealed, and people were asked to submit names for them.
  3. On May 2019, the choices for unit names were revealed.
  4. On June 2019, the chosen unit names were revealed.


Due to the image presented by the group, many of the name submissions had meanings that emphasize the hardworking, passionate, and dream-filled personalities of its members.

A・ZU・NA comes from the syllables of the names of its members: "A" from "Ayumu", "ZU" from "Shizuku", and "NA" from "Setsuna".[1] Azuna also happens to be a female given name in Japanese.

Other highlighted submissions are "Dramatic Hour" and "SHO☆JO".


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Dream Land! Dream World!

First Single by A・ZU・NA

A・ZU・NA's first single is "Dream Land! Dream World!".


  1. Dream Land! Dream World!
  2. Cheer for you!!

Release Date: February 12, 2020


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