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A-RISE is a school idol group formed and led by Tsubasa Kira in Love Live!. They are the school idol group of UTX High School. A-RISE consists of three members, all of whom are third years: Tsubasa Kira, the shortest girl whose charm point is her forehead; Erena Todo, the tallest girl with an adult look; and Anju Yuki, a girl with a sweet voice and a princess-like look. They are depicted as the rival group of µ's.

Member positions

These are the positions for all the members:


There are currently two songs by A-RISE, and their costumes for both songs have opposite theme colors. The songs are as follows:

  1. Private Wars (Season 1)
  2. Shocking Party (Season 2)


Ep. Title
01 "Come True! Our Dreams!"
(叶え!私たちの夢―― "Kanae! Watashitachi no Yume")
097 S1Ep1.png
In Episode 1, A-RISE makes their first appearance when their performance is shown on a big screen in front of UTX high school. Because of them, the school is popular and gets a lot of students. Honoka Kosaka visits the school because her little sister was planning on applying to UTX instead of Otonokizaka, the high school Honoka attends. Not knowing who they are, Honoka asks the girl next to her, actually Nico Yazawa, if they are celebrities. Shocked, she explains to her that they are the school idol group, A-RISE. After watching them perform their song, "Private Wars", Honoka comes up with an idea to save her school—form a school idol group.

"Let's Start Becoming Idols!"
(アイドルを始めよう! "Aidoru wo Hajimeyou!")
"First Live"
(ファーストライブ "Faasuto Raibu" )
131 S1Ep2.png
In Episode 2, their performance also appears when Honoka, Umi, and Kotori are at Honoka's house. However, only their voices are heard.
12 "Friends"
(ともだち "Tomodachi" )
Ep12 00050.png
In Episode 12, many advertisements that feature A-RISE are seen around town, advertising the upcoming Love Live! event. It is revealed that A-RISE is the number one school idol group. Honoka sadly watches A-RISE perform their song "Private Wars".
13 "μ's Music Start!"
(μ'sミュージックスタート! "Myūzu Myūjikku Sutāto!")
Ep13 00178.png
In Episode 13, Honoka checks the Love Live! rankings on her computer—seeing that A-RISE won first place. A-RISE watches μ's performance of "START:DASH!!" on the internet with looks of awe.

Ep. Title
03 "The Door to Our Dreams"
(ユメのトビラ "Yume no Tobira")
S2Ep03 00143.jpg
In Episode 3, A-RISE finally meets μ's in front of UTX High School as μ's wanders to the front of the school while scouting locations to do their live for the preliminaries in the 2nd Love Live! Tsubasa spots Honoka and pulls her into the school. The two groups gather in a private room at the school's cafe where A-RISE admits to having been watching the progress of μ's and expects them to be their rivals in the last Love Live! Both groups affirms to the other that they will not lose the current Love Live!. Tsubasa offers μ's the chance to perform on their roof with them for the preliminaries, which Honoka immediately accepts. A-RISE performs "Shocking Party" with μ's watching, and μ's performs "Yume no Tobira" with A-RISE watching.
06 "Happy Halloween"
(ハッピーハロウィーン "Happī Harouīn")
S2Ep06 00064.png
In Episode 6, A-RISE appears on television during the opening of the Halloween event and makes a strong impact even though they were not present in the opening itself.
08 "My Wish"
(私の望み "Watashi no Nozomi")
3 S2Ep08.png
In Episode 8, Honoka announces during an interview that µ's will definitely win Love Live!. Everyone is amazed and surprised at the sudden declaration of victory. A-RISE said that the final round of the preliminaries would be as competitive as the Love Live! itself.
09 "Melody of the Heart"
(心のメロディ "Kokoro no Merodi")
129 S2Ep09.png
In Episode 9, A-RISE anticipates the arrival of µ's and are delighted that they made it despite the heavy snowfall.
10 "µ's"
(µ's "Myūzu")
47 S2Ep10.png
In Episode 10, A-RISE runs into some members of µ's after their shrine visit. They congratulate µ's for winning the Love Live! preliminaries. Tsubasa meets with Honoka later and talks about µ's victory.
12 "Last Live"
(ラストライブ "Rasuto Raibu")
180 S2Ep12.png
In Episode 12, A-RISE is shown watching µ's "Snow halation" performance during the final preliminaries on screen.

They are shown watching the finals and joining the audience at shouting for an encore from µ's.


  • A-RISE has several differences to Saint Snow as a rival group:
    • They haven't had a proper single release (all their singles were bonus songs for soundtrack albums).
    • They didn't have a song for Love Live! The School Idol Movie.
    • They haven't had a collaborative song with µ's (their appearance in SUNNY DAY SONG during movie was silent and more like a cameo).
    • All of their songs have traditional animated dances rather than the CGI model animation.
    • They haven't had a SR or SSR card set in Love Live! School idol festival.
    • They're the only idol group that doesn't have their voice actresses perform at live concerts.
      • Though they didn't perform, all of their seyiuus were at the Love Live! Fest as the audience.