Ai Furihata was born on February 19, 1994 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Her nicknames are "Aiai" and "Furirin". She voices Ruby Kurosawa in Love Live! Sunshine!!. She takes the center position during shows involving the first years.

Her call-and-response is a simultaneous "Ganbaruby!" with the audience. Her image color during concerts is magenta.


She has two younger siblings.[2]

Her current agency is Office t.b. She has voiced characters in both shows and games.

Personality & Hobbies

She describes herself as similar to her character Ruby in that she also gets flustered and cries easily.[2]

Her hobbies are listening to music and collecting T-shirts. Her talents include Word Processor Practical Certification Grade 2 and Calligraphy Skill Certification Grade 3.

She likes to draw and is well known for her drawing ability. Her drawings can be seen on her Twitter page.

She seems to like pandas.[3]

Other Data

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  • She is sometimes called shokunin (lit. artisan), a title that was jokingly given to her by her fellow first years in Aqours.[4]
  • Like her character Ruby, she is a self-described crybaby. After her audition for Love Live! Sunshine!!, she cried to the point of having to be comforted by Director Sakai.[5]
  • Her most beloved hobby is photography. Specifically, she enjoys taking pictures with her disposable film camera QuickSnap.[6]
  • She was previously the only one in the Aqours cast with an Android phone (everyone else had an iPhone). She switched to an iPhone because everyone was sharing photos through AirDrop and she was being left out.[7]


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