Aina Kusuda was born on February 1, 1989 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Her common voice actress nickname is "Kussun". She voices Nozomi Tojo in Love Live!.

Her call-and-response during concerts begins with "Nozomi power tappuri chunyuu! Hai, pushuu!" ( lit. Plentiful Nozomi power injection! Okay, here it comes!), to which the audience responds "Itadakimashita!" ( lit. We humbly received it!)


Her family consists of her parents, an elder sister and herself. She currently lives with her parents in Tokyo. She owns two dogs named Chip and Hime, though she often refers to the latter as Meme as well.[1]

When she was a child, she wanted to be a ballet dancer. During middle school, she attended a talk by voice actor Kamiya Akira and felt overwhelmed, thinking that it would be impossible to become one. But after high school, she attended a stage performance by Takeuchi Junko, and felt inspired to aim to be a voice actress once again. She promised herself to try her best no matter how hopeless it seemed, all the way until the present.

She worked part-time at the maid cafe "Cafe la vie en rose" in Akihabara prior to her voice acting career.
In 2010, she made her debut as a voice actress with Love Live!.
In July 2013, she formed a singing duo with Pile under the name Please&Secret.
In September 2013, her solo debut was announced but without any follow-up.
In November 2013, she released a CD with a new JTB Music Unit called Tabi College Girls, which she formed alongside 4 other members.
In January 2015, she released her first solo photobook, Kusukusu Kussun, featuring photos of her taken in Italy.
In May 2015, her solo debut was announced yet again at one of her fan-club events. It was slated for Autumn 2015, with her new song "Todoke Mirai (lit. Reach the future)".
On October 7, 2015, her first mini-album First Sweet Wave was released.
On July 31, 2016, she left JTB Entertainment and transferred to Dandelion.

Personality & Hobbies

Her hobby is watching soccer. Her favorite player is Uchida Atsuto who plays for FC Schalke 04, but it is her style to watch and support all soccer players without prejudice. She also loves playing games such as Tetris and Puyo Puyo. She likes staying at home, and her happiest moments are the times when she's sleeping or watching movies. She likes to prank people.[2]

Her talents include dancing and kendo (1st Dan). She has been studying dance (jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet) since she was five years old.

She owns a driver's license. She also has her own car and has gone on a road trip in 2014 with Yoshino Nanjo, Sora Tokui, Pile and Emi Nitta.

Her favorite food is ice-cream, her disliked foods are bell peppers and carrots. She has a shellfish allergy and thus cannot eat crab and prawns/shrimp.

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine November 2010 - Character Interview [3]
About Nozomi

Nice to meet you. I'm Kusuda Aina, voicing Toujou Nozomi. Just like Toujou Nozomi, I love dance too. Nozomi has changed slightly, but she is a positive girl. Whether it's her extreme luck[4], or her ability to honestly become happy over the smallest things, I think she's really cute.

Nozomi's Appeal
Although her positive side has changed slightly, she's still someone who wants the people she meets to become energetic and happy. Please support the Nozomi who holds such a wish.

A word for the readers
We'll try our best in order for the people who listen to our songs to feel energetic and blissful! Nozomi power injection! Let Nozomi's smile become everyone's bliss!

Dengeki G's Magazine Interview Before Final Live[5]
Q1: Please tell us what is something that can't be missing when doing a μ's concert!

For a μ's live, what's important is the powerful sense of wanting to enjoy the live, no less than that of the fans. And also, I think what's crucial is the feeling of loving Love Live!.

Q2: Tell us what you feel about the final solo concert, as well as a message for the readers!
I'm partly looking forward to it, partly a bit sad as expected, and also a bit uneasy because it's a venue that's larger than anything I've experienced before, so it's really a mysterious feeling. But I think that when it's the day itself, I'll definitely feel tons of fun and happiness! We're preparing to create a wonderful live with everyone, so please look forward to it!

Dengeki G's Magazine Arigatou Project (Part 3)[6]
Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 04.jpg
Message from Kusuda Aina

To Nozomi

I've made it up to this point walking alongside Nozomi, that's something I can feel keenly.

Feeling lost or troubled, laughing, and crying, there really were a lot of things that happened.
All of those are precious, precious treasures to me.
I can't even imagine what I would be doing now if I hadn't met her.
Crossing paths with her, and walking together for these six years, made me feel really happy and blessed.
I want to convey all my feelings of gratitude to you, and the fact that you will always be a special existence to me from here on, too.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 05.jpg

Seeing so many dreams come true together was all because everyone was there for us!

Ever since we first started, when the group now known as μ's still didn't have a name, all the people who supported us, and everyone who came to support us after finding out about us in all sorts of ways. Really, seeing so many dreams come true together was all because everyone was there for us! Just like the name suggests, Love Live! has become a product overflowing with Love! I believe that it's precisely because each and everyone's love was there, that's why we managed to make all our dreams come true together up to this point! I would be happy if it becomes a special existence to everyone. No, I believe that it has already become that! A product filled with mutual affection is amazing, isn't it!! Up until now, thank you very much for the huge amounts of love! I love everyone!


  • She appears to be close friends with Aya Uchida, Emi Nitta and Pile, from as early as the starting stages of the Love Live! project.
  • She's also become rather close with Yoshino Nanjo due to co-hosting the NozoEri Radio Garden. They both keep a book containing promises of things to do together, mostly consisting of food that they wish to try together. They have managed to fulfill some of them, such as opening their ear piercings together, and going for a drive towards the north until midnight. [7]
  • She also seems to have become rather close with Riho Iida, often mentioning going out with her and Nanjou Yoshino during the NozoEri Radio Garden.
  • There is a running joke involving her dog being mistakenly called Takeshi. Bringing this topic up has always resulted in her getting mad.[8]
  • Songs that she sing well on the karaoke: YUI's songs[9]
  • She is tied with Yoshino Nanjo as the shortest member of μ's at 150 cm (4 feet 11.1 inches).


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