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Alisa Ayase (絢瀬 亜里沙 Ayase Arisa) is a supporting character in Love Live!. She is the younger sister of Eli Ayase who becomes a first year student of Otonokizaka High School (as seen in Season 2 Episode 13), later becoming a third year at the end of the movie. She also became the president or co-president of the Idol Research Club along with Yukiho Kosaka after succeeding Hanayo Koizumi and Maki Nishikino.


Alisa is Eli Ayase's little sister who is unfamiliar with Japanese customs as she has grew up outside of Japan and she has a good friendship with Yukiho Kosaka (Honoka Kosaka's younger sister).


As a fan of μ's, Alisa shows great admiration to them. An example of this is when Umi Sonoda notices Alisa watching a performance of μ's. Alisa notices Umi and asks her if she is Umi from μ's. When Umi tells her she's got the wrong person, Alisa's face immediately saddens. Feeling guilty, Umi tells her that she is not mistaken, which makes Alisa instantly happy again.

She is unafraid to show objection to Eli Ayase when she asked the students what they thought about her speech in Season 1 Episode 8; Alisa said she didn't like it and asks Eli if this is what she wants to do.

Clubs and Hobbies

Alisa enjoys listening to music, especially music by the group called "μ's" that Eli Ayase (Alisa's older sister) is in.


Ep. Title
07 "Elichika"
(エリーチカ "Erichika" )
217 S1Ep7
In Episode 7, Alisa makes her first appearance when Umi sees her standing outside of the school listening to music while waiting for her sister. She recognizes that she was listening to μ's music and asks her where she got it. Alisa replies that her sister recorded it for her. The two girls then hear Eli call out to her sister, but Eli then realizes that Umi is there. Eli then tells Umi that she wants to talk with her and so they go to a park where Eli asks her sister to buy them some drinks. However, Alisa accidentally bought Oden, a kind of food in a can, so she went back to get different drinks. After Eli and Umi are done conversing, Alisa gives Umi a new drink, but it is actually Red Bean Soup. Alisa tells Umi that she loves μ's and all of its members, then goes to join her sister.
08 "What I Want To Do Is..."
(やりたいことは... "Yaritai Koto wa..." )
183 S1Ep8
In Episode 8, when Eli asks what Alisa and her friends think of her speech, Alisa says she doesn't like it, and asks Eli if this is really what she wants to do. Shocked, Eli is unable to say anything back.

At home, as Alisa listens to Korekara no Someday, Eli enters her room and listens with her. Alisa then comments on how watching µ's perform gives her a strong rush of emotions, as well as how µ's works hard and seem to enjoy the things they do.

When µ's performs Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE, Alisa and Yukiho are shown to be part of the audience.

09 "Wonder Zone"
(ワンダーゾーン "Wandā Zōn" )
270 S1Ep9
In Episode 9, when Honoka and Umi applied for the same job as Kotori in the same cafe, Alisa took a picture with Umi during her visit.
11 "The Greatest Live Performance"
(最高のライブ "Saikō no Raibu" )
324 S1Ep11
In Episode 11, Alisa goes to the School Festival with Yukiho to watch μ's performance on the rooftop, despite the rain. However, once Honoka faints from overworking herself, both Alisa and Yukiho are shocked and concerned.
12 "Friends"
(ともだち "Tomodachi" )
In Episode 12, Alisa happily expressed how she looked forward to applying into Otonokizaka after being informed by Eli that the school won't be closed down. When Honoka said how she wished Yukiho wanted to apply into Otonokizaka as well, Alisa told her that Yukiho might be considering it.
13 "μ's Music Start!"
(μ'sミュージックスタート! "Myūzu Myūjikku Sutāto!")
Ep13 00193
In Episode 13, once μ's reunites, they perform "START:DASH!!" in the school auditorium, this time filled with people. In the audience, both Alisa and Yukiho are watching in awe.

Ep. Title
03 "The Door to Our Dreams"
(ユメのトビラ "Yume no Tobira")
S2Ep03 00235
In Episode 3, Alisa and Yukiho are shown watching the live with a laptop at the Kousaka residence. Alisa was worried about μ's but Yukiho assured her that they will be fine.
09 "Melody of the Heart"
(心のメロディ "Kokoro no Merodi")
32 S2Ep09
In Episode 9, Eli was tying up her hair when Alisa suddenly opened the door. Alisa asked her if it was okay not to go and saying that Honoka and the others already left home to go to school. Eli said that the student council must be present during the school's open house and that the three would be meeting them at the venue after, so she doesn't have to worry. Alisa noticed that Eli was making the same face she makes whenever she participated in ballet contests and asked if she was nervous. Alisa then assured her that it will be okay and everyone's there for her.

Alisa, together with Yukiho, watched µ's perform the song "Snow halation".

10 "µ's"
(µ's "Myūzu")
244 S2Ep10
In Episode 10, Alisa met with Eli, Nico, and Nozomi during her shrine visit with Yukiho and told them that her wish was to enter Otonokizaka and join µ's. Alisa also went to the gathering held at Honoka's house.
11 "That Which We Decided"
(私たちが決めたこと "Watashi-tachi ga Kimeta Koto")
135 S2Ep11
In Episode 11, Yukiho and Alisa pass their exams to enter Otonokizaka. Alisa openly expresses her desire to join µ's and told Eli she passed.

Yukiho and Alisa, who were watching µ's performance, greeted Honoka when she arrived home. Alisa showed Honoka the thing she was practicing and asked if she can join µ's just fine. Yukiho then said not to bother Honoka too much because she has to concentrate on the upcoming competition. After Honoka left them, Yukiho asked Alisa what she loves the most about µ's.

The next day, Honoka was still troubled and hasn't made her decision yet. Yukiho and Alisa said that they wanted to talk to her about something. Alisa said that she decided not to join µ's and instead, she'll make a new school idol unit with Yukiho because the µ's that she loved does not include her in it. After that, Honoka made up her mind and wished the two good luck.

12 "Last Live"
(ラストライブ "Rasuto Raibu")
240 S2Ep12
In Episode 12, Yukiho and Alisa were first shown listening to some music together. Later on, they were shown taking a picture together in front of the entrance of the venue for Love Live! and then were shown shouting for an encore from µ's.
13 "Come True! Everyone's Dream"
(叶え!みんなの夢―― "Kanae! Minna no Yume")
11 S2Ep13
In Episode 13, Honoka finally finished her farewell speech for the graduation ceremony. She excitedly went on her way to school, but not without telling Yukiho and Alisa that they both looked great in their new uniforms.


  • The name Alisa means "second, Asia" (亜) (a), "village" (里) (ri) and "sand" (沙) (sa).
  • Alisa's surname Ayase means "brilliant fabric design, kimono design" (絢) (aya) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


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