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Ayumu Uehara is one of the main characters of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a second year at Nijigasaki High School. She is a member of A・ZU・NA, a unit under Nijigaki. Her image color is light pink.[1]


An ordinary girl with no exceptional talents, Ayumu is seemingly content with just living a normal high school life. But when she and her best friend, Yu Takasaki, stumbled upon a school idol performance for the first time, a new path would suddenly appear in Ayumu's world. Despite not being able to sing or dance, Ayumu would nevertheless venture on to become a school idol herself.


Ayumu is a hardworking girl that puts her everything into what she does. She does not believe she is very skilled in her school idol activities, but she continues to try her hardest to excel in them. She is generally insecure in her abilities. Her struggles revolve largely on confidence and how that relates to her pathway to her dream as a school idol. This is illustrated by both her solos songs and the Nijigasaki anime.

She is kind, innocent, and sincere, often responding to the mischief from Karin Asaka and Kasumi Nakasu in a pure manner, which throws the two of them off-guard. However, she doesn't do this intentionally and is truly a pure-hearted girl. She tries her best to be helpful to others.

She can also be rather clumsy at times.

Clubs and Hobbies

Ayumu likes Pokémon, as confirmed in the 4koma.

She tries to study fashion and other "girly" things.

Other Data

Official Introduction from Website[2]
PDP Character Intro - Ayumu Uehara.png
Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Ayumu Uehara.

Uh, since this is the first time I’ve written up a message that can reach everyone like this, I’m a little nervous, and my heart is beating quickly.
But, since being a school idol is a dream that I want to reach for with an important friend, I’ll live up to my name, and we’ll try our best at making our way—step by step—towards fulfilling this dream!
I still don’t have much experience with singing or dancing, and my looks are rather... ordinary? Even so, uh, well, since my specialty is working hard, please cheer me on!
I’ll be in your care!

Official Introduction from Famitsu App Website[3]

Umm, is it fine if I sit here? Oh, good!

Ahaha, somehow, I’m super nervous—. Once it came to mind that we’re taking our first step towards this dream with my self-introduction video, it made me nervous, and my heart started racing.

Your dream is to bring people around the world the joy of cheering on school idols, and of getting fired up with the crowd at incredible live shows—my dream is to make this a reality, together with you. Without the two of us working together, there’s no way this wish can be granted, right? Ufufu~

Ah, my heart might have settled down a bit. You know, when I saw you having fun setting up for the video, it made me remember something from a long time ago. Hey, do you remember it too? It was when we danced at the play party in kindergarten.

Aah, you look like you forgot—!

You know, when our whole class participated? We were behind the curtains, and I was crying because I was too nervous. Didn’t you comfort me? Something like “It’ll be OK, since we’re together. Let’s just have as much fun as we can!”. Just like today, you looked like you were really enjoying yourself.

Gosh, you’re awful—. Even though it’s one of my most important memories. Ah, looks like you remembered. Ufufu~

When I saw you smile, it felt like everything was gonna be all right, and if you were with me, we could surely do anything.

Oh, sorry for suddenly bringing up something weird. We’re gonna be shooting this important video now, so I better get fired up!

I’m gonna try my absolute best at being a school idol and putting smiles on a ton of people. I’ll try to make you smile a lot too, so please stay with me from now on, all right?

Well, shall we start filming? No matter what, we’ll set our sights straight ahead, and take on the challenge of fulfilling our dream. Even if we can only take small steps, we’ll make our way one step at a time!

Question & Answer Corner[4]

Being frank, how has it been, working with Famitsu App?

Have you gotten used to helping out at Famitsu App?

Am I... used to it? If I’m really helping everyone out here, then I’d be glad, but is that so? Am I being useful here?

On the other hand, if I’m just dead weight, would you please tell me? Because I’ll try even harder if that’s so!

What are your thoughts on working with us?

I always read these articles on a casual basis, so to see how they’re made has been really informative!

I’ve only been helping out a little after school, so I haven’t seen all of the process behind writing these articles, but seeing bits of work coming together to become incredible pieces gives me the courage to work hard.

I’m the type that can’t help but move forward a step at a time, so when I look around, there’s this feeling of impatience, but once everything is complete, I get this feeling of “Wow, that’s amazing!”.

What motivated you to work with Famitsu App?

Lately, my friend and I have been playing a lot of mobile games and reading about them on Famitsu App, so it shows up in my life the most.

But a bit of it was also just to see if I could learn anything about new games... ehehe.

When you’re working at Famitsu App, what do you talk about with Ai-chan and Rina-chan?

With Ai-chan, I talk a lot about new apps. Ai-chan’s incredible! She knows so much about them! When we talk about things like how to best make use of social apps, it’s really exciting.

With Rina-chan... we don’t really talk that much, but she puts a smile on her board, so maybe she’s having fun when we talk...?

Once you started helping out at Famitsu App, were your studies still fine?

Yes! I’m saying that so energetically, but I might not have been able to deal with this alone.

Actually, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with school once I started working, so my friend ended up studying with me...

Having the opportunity to work here, to learn so much, and even more, to study together with my friend... I’m really glad, now that I think about all this.

It seems like people are enamored with your wonderful smile and hard-working nature.

T-that’s not true! Oh no, my face is getting red—. *fans self*

I’m happy to hear people say that! Thank you! But, I’m smiling because everyone around me is smiling as well. So, I’m really happy to be able to work here! Though it’s only been a short time, I’ll be trying my best from here on out, so I look forward to continuing to work with everyone!

What do school idols mean to Ayumu-chan?

Why did you start being a school idol?

To be honest, I wasn’t really good with doing things in front of people, but an important friend taught me about school idols.
She’s playing a supporting role to me right now, but we have the same goal, and when she talks about reaching for that dream, it makes me very, very happy...!!

When I decided that I want to try my best with her, that’s when it started!

Being honest, what are your appeal points as a school idol?

Appeal points, huh...? My friends would say that “she puts her all into everything”, but anyone can be like that, you know.

And when I look at the others, I think that I really have to practice singing and dancing more...

Ah, when it comes to my desire to delight our fans, I think I won’t lose to anyone on that front! I definitely can’t lose to anyone there.

What kind of school idol do you want to become?

We’ve been able to bring a lot of energy to the friend that taught me about school idols.

So I want to be able to make the people who come to see us really excited like that—that’s the kind of school idol I want to become!

From now on, what activities do you want to do as a school idol?

A live show! After all, it’s an opportunity to get close to our fans, so I think it really is important!

Becoming one with our fans, creating a dream-like atmosphere with our concert... wouldn’t that be a wonderful experience!



Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club Member Introduction Video - Ayumu Uehara


The songs featuring Ayumu are:





NOTE: The Tapestry Manga's story took place in the ALL-STARS continuity rather than the Anime.

Ep. Title
01 "The First Thrill"
(はじまりのトキメキ "Hajimari no Tokimeki")
02 "Cutest♡Girl"
(Cutest♡ガール "Cutest♡Gāru")
03 "Shout Out Your Love"
(大好きを叫ぶ "Daisuki o Sakebu")
04 "The Uncharted Path"
(未知なるミチ "Michi Naru Michi")
05 "Something I Can Only Do Right Now"
(今しかできないことを "Ima Shika Dekinai Koto o")
06 "The Shape of Smiles (〃>▽<〃)‎‎"
(笑顔のカタチ(〃>▽<〃) "Egao no Katachi (〃>▽<〃)")
07 "Haruka, Kanata, and Beyond"
(ハルカカナタ "Haruka Kanata")
08 "Shizuku, Monochrome"
(しずく、モノクローム "Shizuku, Monokurōmu")
09 "Friends but Rivals"
(仲間でライバル "Nakama de Raibaru")
10 "Summer Begins."
(夏、はじまる。 "Natsu, Hajimaru.")
11 "Everyone's Dream, My Dream"
(みんなの夢、私の夢 "Minna no Yume, Watashi no Yume")
12 "Blossoming Feelings"
(花ひらく思い "Hanahiraku Omoi")
13 "School Idol Festival (The Place Where Everyone's Dreams Come True)"
(スクールアイドルフェスティバル (みんなの夢を叶える場所) "Sukuuru Aidoru Festibaru (Minna no Yume o Kaeru Basho)")

Chapter Title
01 The Path of Dreams We Walk Together


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Notes & Trivia

  • Ayumu fulfills the pure attribute of the NijiGaku second years.
  • The name Ayumu means "walk" (歩) (ayu) and "dream, vision" (夢) (mu).
  • Ayumu's surname Uehara means "above, top, upper" (上) (ue) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
  • Along with Ai Miyashita and Rina Tennoji, Ayumu works with Famitsu App.
  • In the Famitsu App 4-koma, she is shown to own a pet snake named Sasuke. However, in one of the All Stars Daily Theater segment, her conversation with Chika implies that Ayumu doesn't own any pets which disprove the existence of her pet snake Sasuke from the Famitsu 4-komas.[5]
    • Sasuke makes an appearance as Ayumu's plush toy/pillow in Muteki-kyuu*Believer PV. It also became one of the official goods for Nijigaku's 2nd Live. Ayumu also wears a hairpin of Sasuke in this official art.