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Dia Kurosawa is a main character in Love Live! Sunshine!!. She was a third year student of Uranohoshi Girls' High School until she graduated in the anime's series finale. She is a member of AZALEA, a sub-unit under the reformed Aqours and is a co-founder of the original group. Her image color is red.


Dia is a third year student who is the president of the student council, and is the older sister of Ruby Kurosawa, who she shares a strong bond with. She is from an old family involved in fishing management whose name is well-known around the area. The Kurosawa family also owns a number of companies including real estate, entertainment, human resources and restaurant management.[2] Dia is childhood friends with Kanan Matsuura and Mari Ohara.

In the anime, Dia initially rejects the idea of an idol club because of Chika Takami's incompetence and inexperience, chastising her for her lack of idol knowledge. It is later revealed in Season 1 Episode 4 that she used to be a fan of school idols, sharing this hobby with her sister Ruby, although something caused her to lose that interest. This is explained in Season 1 Episodes 6, 8 and 9, as she was part of a school idol group formed by Kanan, alongside her and Mari. However, Mari had suffered an injury right before their performance, so Kanan and Dia decided to step down and not perform. This failure caused Dia to hide her interest in school idols and initially try and prevent Chika's idol club from happening, but she later joins Chika's group in Episode 9 after Mari and Kanan reconcile.


Dia is a very refined, polite and mature young woman who speaks in a formal style of Japanese, regarding all of her friends with politeness by referring to each of them as "-san", and usually ending her phrases with "-desu wa." Strict, hardworking, and a bit of a perfectionist, she dislikes it when things are done sloppily or incorrectly, which is part of the reason why she initially rejected Chika's application for a school idol club. She is very meticulous regarding small details, as far as going on tirades regarding the unorthodox reading of certain Kanji.[3]

Though always trying to remain dignified and serious, Dia has a short temper, and she can be quite brash and melodramatic, while she also has a smiley heart and is very kind to her group. Whenever she denies something, she uses her catchphrase "Buu buu desu wa!" (ブッブーですわ! "Bzzt bzzt, it is not!"), as if imitating a buzzer. She also tends to become overly zealous when school idols are involved, as she is very passionate about the subject, which becomes apparent in Season 1 Episode 2.

Because Dia can be quite harsh, she initially had the most difficulty in getting along with the rest of Aqours with the exception of her fellow Third Years, despite being adaptable like Ruby (as seen in Season 2 Episode 2); this is especially notable when referring to the Second Years. Although she is formal and polite, she also wishes the rest of the group referred to her as a friend by using more informal pronouns much like her fellow Third Years, despite referring to them with politeness. After Season 2 Episode 4, she becomes more patient towards them, and the group refers to her informally more often, displaying more closeness to them.

Dia can be described as a tsundere. While she is strict with a tough exterior, Dia is genuinely kind deep down and cares for all of her friends, particularly her younger sister Ruby, whom she is very protective and nurturing of. She wants nothing less than total success for Aqours, and constantly pushes herself and her friends to be the best they can possibly be in order to achieve their goals. After the events of Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8, she expresses the group her support for them, revealing part of the reason why she initially rejected the application for their school idol group is that she was afraid they would be demoralized in the same fashion she was in the past, demonstrating a soft side to her. Season 1 Episode 9 also reveals that, due to her close friendship with her fellow Third Years', she can have difficulty at settling down a harsh discussion, as she becomes insecure at which side to pick.

According to Mari and Kanan, Dia has a habit of scratching her beauty mark when she is telling a lie. Flashbacks of her younger self on certain episodes also reveal she used to be much like her sister Ruby, fairly timid, fearful and easily moved to tears, though she did start to develop her more serious side as time passed.

Clubs and Hobbies

She is Uranohoshi Girls' High School's Student Council President. She is skilled in playing the Yamatogoto, and Kitsuke, the art of wearing a kimono. Her hobbies are watching movies and reading.[1] She is also revealed to be an avid fan of school idols, namely μ's, although she refused to admit it at first.


Dia has a slim figure. She has long, brownish black hair that she styles in straight bangs on each side and has turquoise eyes. She has a beauty mark on the lower right side of her mouth.

Other Data

Note: Dengeki G's Magazine is a monthly magazine that is part of the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! multimedia projects. As it is usually the first source of news for all major projects under these titles, its monthly sections will detail how the project has progressed over time. The issues are usually published a month ahead of time. For example, the July 2010 issue would've been released on 30th May 2010.
Official Introduction from Website[4]
Sunshine!! character intro - Kurosawa Dia.png

"If so, then I would have to take part in activities as shameless as being a school idol, such a thing should've been impossible but--- it can't be helped since I lost the match. Plus, they're practically holding my immature younger sister hostage--- I'll have to take part in activities aiming for Love Live!. But if I were to participate--- I definitely won't accept anything but victory, okay? Defeat would definitely not suit the two ladies of the Kurosawa family. The fact that you forced me to join as a member--- I'll definitely make you regret it, okay? Prepare yourself, alright Chika-san? Fufu~"

Official Translation[5]

Sunshine!! translated character intro - Kurosawa Dia.png
Character Introduction (August 2015)[1]
Dengeki G's Magazine Aug 2015 Kurosawa Dia Scan.jpg

Character Introduction

Just what on earth are school idols? I don't--- really understand.
Oh well, that's fine.
Since I more or less get the idea.
Anyway--- pretending to be idols in school is just a way of filling up free time after lessons, isn't it?
I--- will never take part in such a thing.
I don't have that sort of time. Plus, I completely have no interest in the first place.
Are you aware?
I--- am busy enough as it is.
My extra lessons go on day after day, and even though it's a small school, being the student council president gives me a ton of chores to chase after, and being the scion of the family means that I have to help out in preparing to take over the family business, doing things such as attending parties and the like---.
Eeh, other than being a part of public office, my father also runs a lot of businesses, and the household is always swayed by it into becoming really busy.
"Ah, because it wouldn't get in the way, feel free to take part in any activities you like," was what I was told.
Regarding my student council president position, since there was no one who really stood out, it was something like an honorary position given to me because my family was influential.
I don't really have any hopes or aspirations for the school in particular.
So long as you do not go out of your way to disturb the public morals of school life, I won't oppose you entirely.
In short, being school idols is also a club activity, right?
If it's a place to do activities, whether it's the gym, the sports grounds, or even the Mt. Mikan behind the school--- Just using anywhere that's free is fine.
It's not like there's anyone interested anyway, right?
Just that---.
In any case, this has nothing to do with me.
I won't do it even if it was the end of the world.
Being an idol--- Such a frivolous thing, I definitely wouldn't do it. And so--- is that enough?
I bid you a good day. I have a koto lesson today from here on. I'll be praying for the success of Chika-san and her friends' activities---.

Typical off-day schedule
Time Activity
6:30am: Wake up
7:00am: Breakfast
8:00am: Explore the garden
9:00am: Study
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Recap of (extracurricular) lessons
3:00pm: Tea party (Invitation from my Koto teacher)
5:00pm: Return home. Take a bath.
6:00pm: Dinner (Dinner party with my parents' business associates)
7:00pm: Lose track of time from scolding my sister, Ruby
8:00pm: Study foreign languages by correspondence
9:00pm: Reading
10:00pm: Prepare for tomorrow and sleep
OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (October 2015)[6]
Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Dia Ruby.jpg

Kurosawa Dia x Kurosawa Ruby
Caption: Jeez--- You're still clumsy no matter how old you get! What a pathetic child. Enough of this, just eat this and be done with it!

Aah, you dropped the ice-cream yet again--- Look, stop crying! Ruby, you've been really clumsy since you were young--- It would be great if you would just be a little bit more careful, I've no idea how many times I've had that thought.
After all, since you knew this ice-cream for today falls off easily, you should've picked something else--- like in a cup, or a tube-type of ice-cream, it would've been fine if you picked anything else--- It's all because you picked a stick-type!
What an idiot.
Because of that, I've had no choice but to follow her the whole way, even to the point of school idol activities--- Jeez, can you just be a little bit grateful? I'm different from you, Ruby--- I really dislike this. Even my hairstyle is straight and black, to begin with. That's why, when I first saw Aqours's costumes, I was at a complete loss as to what to do. I seriously began to doubt the reality around me.
At that time, I didn't manage to say it out loud to everyone, though.
I was unable to comprehend it. I'm supposed to wear this? Really? Those were my thoughts.
Getting past the embarrassment--- I felt like I had seen something unbelievable in this world.
Well--- the meaning of that is, maybe I'm grateful to Ruby for showing me something I had never seen before, a strange and wondrous new world? Fufu♡
Aah, come on, this isn't good, this isn't the right time to be laughing.
Don't be mistaken. That just now was sarcasm, sar-ca-sm!
Jeez--- this Ruby, really...
Well, it's fine.
Anyway, I'll give you this, so just eat it. Take care not to let it drop this time while eating it, okay? Finish eating it quickly so we can start practicing, come on quickly now, hurry up, hurry up---.

Aqours After School Talk - Dia[7]
Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Dia.png

Caption: No matter if it's a song or a dance, there's nothing that I cannot do♡ Look forward to it, okay?

How is it, I wonder?
The way I look as a school idol.
Fufu. Is your heart pounding?
Yes, of course, that would--- be good, I think.
That is the right answer♡
The perfect Yamato Nadeshiko that I am---
To think that I would end up being a school idol♪
Normally, I would always be dressed in uniforms and kimono, so, of course this would be the first time I've worn such a costume since I was born.
But if it's me--- I think it suits me somehow.
As expected, if the base model is good, it would shine through no matter what it is made to wear!
When Chika came to scout me at the beginning, I thought that there would be no way this could be possible but--- now that I've seen this, I understand♡ Just thinking about that, I realize that Chika really has some foresight. I've changed my opinion of her♪

Aqours 1st Center Election

Appealing For Votes[8]
Caption: If it's me--- It's alright even if you're always staring at me♡

Our first song as school idols, all the members were hyped up, overly excited--- Though, it seemed like a momentum that would make it through somehow, one way or another. I'm fine, I've long since settled down. After all, once you take the very first step, you definitely have to take the second--- Fufu. That is the very basic of basics in the art of war, right? I'm someone who's always moving in anticipation of what comes next♪ And to line up the troops, a high vantage point is necessary♡ Leaving the strategy from here onwards to me would be sufficient, alright? That's why--- Of course, you should leave the center to me♡

Results Comments: 7th Place[9]
Caption: From these rankings, I'll show you how the tables can be turned, alright?

Everyone who deigned to vote for this humble me, truly, thank you♡ Hmm, personally, I would've thought that I would be slightly higher though. Oh well, this is fine. From here onwards, turning the tables on the victors would truly be the greatest drama. Wouldn't that be great? Next time, I'll definitely be number 1♡

Aqours's Gallery (January 2016) [10]
Dengeki G's Magazine Jan 2016 Dia.jpg

Caption: This song that resonates with everyone's hearts--- May it stretch out from this town into the distance forever, and reach where you are.

Whenever I sing--- There are times when I get an odd feeling. I wonder why that could be?
It feels like--- Like there's something more I want to convey.
Within me, the things that I want to express accumulate in my heart, filling it up like the ocean tide, and then overflow–-- They are released.
It feels, something like that---
Before this, I never once thought that I wanted to sing songs, so of course, something like being a school idol–-- no matter however many times Chika-chan asked, I thought that something like that was impossible and continued rejecting her rigidly.
But now, why--–. I feel it. The feeling of wanting to send a message to somebody.
That’s how I feel right now---
I’ve been continually changing since joining Aqours, and surely, this new me is in the process of destroying something--– That's what I feel.
I'm still embarrassed to say it to anyone.
I'll tell it to only you here, secretly.
I'll tell you. The song inside my heart.
Here, in this town. This new me singing like this here, I love it.
It's nothing much but--- I love this town.
I love this school. I love my friends. I love my family.
The fact that I had these feelings within me--- I didn't know that.

Aqours's Gallery (March 2016)[11]
Dengeki G's Magazine Mar 2016 Dia Mari Hanamaru.jpg

Caption: Secret girls-only party--- No peeking allowed♡

The New Year has arrived, and the atmosphere of the festivities of New Year’s Week is refreshing.
Everyone spending time wearing kimonos like this is a good thing, just as I thought ♡
“Let’s try wearing kimonos on New Year’s Day!” The first one to propose this was Mari, who is the same age as I am---. I normally have a lot of opportunities to wear a kimono during things like harp practice and social events at my parents’ home, so when I heard this I wasn’t particularly interested in it. Rather, I guess I thought it was a little troublesome.
When I looked at Mari’s face, who let out a forced, exaggerated sigh like always and had apparently been living overseas around the age where she would have otherwise experienced the Shichi-Go-San festival, I somehow--- suddenly wanted to dress her up.
I wonder why?
Somehow, I--- also felt like I wanted to try and see.
Mari in Japanese clothing--- I thought she looked absolutely adorable.
So, if what I have is good, I will lend out things that I like in order to become like Ruby, who has already gotten away from our house’s practices. Because, I have a lot of old kimonos---.
When I said this, I was pretty surprised by Mari’s brilliantly shining face.
And at the same time, I was more amazed by how quickly all the Aqours members started to get into high spirits.
And as for that, we all wanted to put one on; everyone was together at the New Year’s Party and we were getting excited--- Everyone’s kimonos were unexpected and lovely.
So today, Aqours celebrated the New Year in a Japanese-style--- just a little bit more gracefully than usual.
I went around fitting everyone, and somehow I got the feeling that I had gained a lot of sisters in my heart♡
Everyone, shall we play cards after this? Or badminton?
It’s good to play with all your might, but in case we mess up the kimono’s hem--- No boys allowed.
Such appearances aren’t good to show everyone, right?
Even though we usually dance in miniskirts, this and that are two different stories.
At least for today, the first of the month, let’s become the Aqours who displays the feminine virtues of old Japan---.

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
Dengeki G's Magazine Apr 2016 KoiAqua Dia Mari Kanan.jpg

Costume Reveal[12]
Caption: I'll show you how I can slip and sneak into the crevices of your heart♡.

The new costume is slightly more mature than before, I find it surprisingly to my taste. It's almost as if I were the elegant youngest princess of the dragon palace, I feel that it suits me quite well, but what do you think? Ufufu--- If you praise me, I'll become yours and yours alone, and never ever return you to land♡ Being my captive is good enough for you♪

Dengeki G's Magazine May 2016 Kanan Mari Dia.jpg

Purchase Bonus Art[13]
Caption: If you fall in love with the heiress of this old family--- You better be prepared for it, okay?

Love is a thing for fools--- That's something I had always thought, but I'm surprised. It seems like a lot of idol songs are actually love songs. But according to Ruby's words, idols are forbidden from relationships, right? If that was the case, then there's no way they would be singing love songs but--- when I said that, I made her cry again. That's why for now, I'll leave it at that. Falling in love with me would definitely be terrible, fufu♡

Aqours Big Reveal: Member Introductions (Q&A) (June 2016)[14]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2016 Q&A Kanan Dia Mari.jpg

Caption: With these members, we'll conquer the entire nation someday! We need to have a strong will♪

What is the charm of being a school idol?
I thought that I didn't have any interest in idols but--- the tournament system of Love Live! is almost like the national baseball Koushien tournaments! What's tested here are the planning skills for songs, dances and looks, the presentation of communication ability, the publicity production--- and also the feminine ability to synthesize it all together, right? As a girl, I want to win such a match♡ Someone like me--- I would definitely dominate the world in such a battle.

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls' High School?
Though it's just a nondescript, small high school in the countryside--- The advantage I can think of is the unique homely feeling and traditions of that countryside♡ This is a school with over a hundred years of tradition since its founding, and it's a rare mission school in the countryside. Easter and Christmas are popular with the children in town, and the choir that has continued on for generations also participates in these events.

Aqours's Gallery (June 2016)[14]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2016 Hanamaru Dia Kanan.jpg

Caption: The huge wave we've awakened will definitely--- reach the place where everyone is!

Come on, that's no good, Maru-chan---
I know splashing about in the waves is ticklish but--- don't avert your eyes, smile properly, smile!
Today, the three of us have come to take some pictures for our unit AZALEA.
The always dignified and cool Kanan, the lovely and innocent Maru-chan, and I--- The unit made up of the three of us.
Though our individual colors are different, what is common for all of us is our seriousness--- We always work hard without being distracted from our goal, that's what I think♡
That's why today, for the sake of conveying these good points about us--- But wait, why are we even splashing about in the waves at the beach in the first place!?
Today, we came because of Kanan's suggestion at first but---.
It's true that this is Uchiura's most beautiful scenery, and that splashing about at the waterside is an idol-like situation; I think that's right but---.
Isn't this somehow different??
But, well--- Whatever.
After all, it's somehow quite fun♪
As expected, the sea feels great, huh---.
Oh yes, if it's like this, then wouldn't it be great if we wore swimsuits next time?
That's right, if it's idols at the beach, it's got to be swimsuits right!
I'm sure I saw that quite often on the posters in Ruby's room too♡
AZALEA, a serious unit that works hard without being distracted.
We'll seriously pursue our next time here at the beach with our swimsuits too!!

Aqours's Gallery (August 2016)[15]
Dengeki G's Mag Aug 2016 Dia.jpg

Caption: Izu's summer with its gentle breeze--- Do you like festivals?

Every week in Izu in midsummer---
There's always the sound of a festival somewhere.

The dancing lights atop the water's surface.
The pounding sounds of Taiko drums.
The faintly audible sounds of the Bon Odori dance,
The coordinating yells of the people hoisting the portable shrine.
The signal to begin the fireworks from a ship just floating offshore---

Whenever it gets to the latter half of a week, the kids would report to each other about where the festivals are on that coming weekend--- and decide on where to go.
Having a new yukata made yearly--- was a custom that started around the time when I started to steadily grow taller.
Even though now, I can still wear last year's yukata---.
But, as one would expect.
Summer just makes one want a new yukata♡
When I put my arms through these brand-new, tight, dark-blue sleeves---
I always feel a comforting warmth in my chest.
Even though I'm long past the age where I would get excited over winning the lottery at a goldfish-scooping stall.
As expected--- Even though it's been such an eventful year, festivals always make my heart dance with joy.
That's why, during times like these--- Next to me.
It would be great if there could be someone next to me.
Together--- with someone who could share this feeling with me.
Such a partner--- as expected, it would be boring if it was just my sister Ruby.
Maybe, if you happen to like festivals.
How about we enjoy Izu's festival together?
I'll even help you put on your yukata---♡

OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (September 2016)[16]
Dengeki G's Mag Sept 2016 Dia Kanan.jpg

Caption: Summer always makes people more daring. Won't you try coming over too---?

"It seems Dia-chan would be embarrassed when she's in her swimsuit---"

Though people often say that about me.
How unfortunate.
As you can see, I too--- am the daughter of a fishery management family raised in a seaside town.
It's not like I'm particularly resistant to wearing a swimsuit.
Unlike Ruby, it's not like I don't have confidence in my own style either--- Right♡
But I don't want to get sun-burnt and I'm bad with the heat, so I'm not like You or Chika who would just find any excuse to go jumping into the sea.

It really is a hot day.
On days like this, if there's a bit of cloud cover---.
Dressed in my swimsuit.
There are times when I go swimming too.
Just for a bit, before I continue my stroll.
I remember my childhood--- I would occasionally try swimming then too.

Dipping my body into the cold water, then slowly--- My goal was the small buoy floating offshore.
With the floating white buoy as a marker--- Making one or two round trips.
Taking my time without rushing.
While slowly chatting aimlessly with Kanan who happened to be at the beach by chance---.

The sound of the waves relaxes my body.
Hey. Once in a while, something like this is fine too, right?
It would be good if we could swim together someday.
The gentle and slow sea breeze--- will calm your heart for you.

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (January 2017)[17]
Dengeki G's Mag Jan 2017 Dia.jpg

Caption: Good morning, Uranohoshi Girls' High School--- Let's spend today smiling with the radiance of lily flowers too---

Waking up early in the morning--- Being the first to arrive in the student council room before everyone arrives at school is part of my daily routine.
The morning school broadcast is the duty of the student council president--- That's the reason why.
Though that sounds like a good enough reason---.
The truth is I don't feel like I'm only directing the work at all.
I mean--- School broadcasts are normally the work of the broadcast committee in other schools, right?
It's because Ura Girls has few students, but even so, how did it become the duty of the student council---.
But well, it can't be helped.
I can do nothing but accept the fate that has befallen me---.
After all, just like how humans cannot choose the parents they were born to, they also cannot choose the land they were born in. No matter where they end up---.
Just like how flowers must bloom where they are placed, people who can't make the best of what they have--- will not be able to find what is truly important to them.
Though when it comes to that--- Of course, my sister might rebut angrily that I'm too much of a perfect student, and that not everyone can be like me--- hehe♡

But, oh well.
Surprisingly--- I like this duty of making the school broadcast♡
Putting in an effort to speak in a calm voice--- and reading off a manuscript is to my liking too.
Being of use to the members of the school before me directly like this, that doesn't feel bad at all.
Fufu--- Maybe rather than being an idol, I should aim to become an announcer instead?

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (March 2017)[18]
Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2017 Dia.jpg

Caption: Uh, um―
It’s, not like.
You, you’ve got it wrong, I’m not here to give you chocolate―

Oh, I can’t take this.
I don’t know what to say.

Th- there isn’t really a deep meaning to this.
So, so of course it’s not like I’m seriously―
Um, don’t misunderstand and accept it in that way.

I just―.

As thanks.

For always supporting me.

That’s all.

Oh, no― don’t look at me.
You can’t look.

……I’m embarrassed…….

As long as you don’t look at me― I can be calm.
So, don’t look― please.

Next time we meet,
please don’t speak of today, okay?
It’s our little secret.

If you’ll keep it, then next year…
I’ll come again.
To make my offering to you.

Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2017 HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Bonus Art 2.jpg

Travel Comments[19]

The place I would want to go to is a city with a big art museum. I think I want to spend time leisurely there, feeling the flow of history and the exquisite exhibits around me. I’m certain I’ll even lose track of time passing by. Learning through the past - as always, good things stand the test of time. Would you like to join me?

Places I would like to travel to: Paris, Madrid and London.

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (October 2017)[20]
Dengeki G's Mag Oct 2017 Dia.jpg


Aqours's Gallery (November 2017)[21]
Dengeki G's Mag Nov 2017 You Dia Riko.jpg


OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (February 2018)[22]
Dengeki G's Mag Feb 2018 Dia Yoshiko.jpg


Aqours's Gallery (March 2018)[23]
Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2018 Dia.jpg


OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (April 2018)[24]
Dengeki G's Mag Apr 2018 Chika Dia.jpg


Question & Answer Corner
Do you take any lessons outside?[1]

Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter

I've had them since childhood. My lessons started on June 6th when I was 6 years old--- I remember waiting impatiently for that day, and being brought to meet my koto teacher. Aside from that, I've had tea ceremony and flower-arrangement lessons too, of course. Piano, ballet, official document writing, and English. I loved English lessons the most. Everyone would gather and do things like sing songs or play games, it's very normal but even so--- it was fun.

If you were to create a mascot character for yourself, what sort of design would you use?[1]
Asked by 彩狐さん @Twitter

A rabbit. A white rabbit would be nice. And then--- because I like kimonos--- I think a design like the Japanese Ichimatsu doll would be good. And it should be made with a material that has a fluffy feeling. The costume's image color would be red, gold, and black. How about that? It's gorgeous but it would be fine if it properly conveys the chic and neat aura that I exude. I would definitely hate a loose character, okay?

Is everyone in the Kurosawa clan named after gemstones from generation to generation?[25]
Asked by kdkrhawksさん @Twitter

No, that's not quite the case. Our female relatives, their names are all comparatively more old-fashioned and Japanese-style. The reason we're named Dia and Ruby is just a mere preference of our father. I wonder what would've happened if our parents had given birth to another girl? Though I feel that Emerald sounds quite impossible---

What are the pros and cons of having your birthday on January 1st?[26]
Asked by よぎさん @Twitter

Let's see, I don't really pay special attention to my birthday but--- it almost feels as if the entire nation is celebrating my birthday, the congratulatory atmosphere is something I rather like. The disadvantage is--- maybe the fact that being close to Christmas and New Year, the entire present-giving season is clumped together. Even though there are things I want in summer too, this troubles me.

Dia-san looks beautiful with long hair, but have you always kept it long since you were young?[15]
Asked by 転ぶアシスタントさん @Twitter

Ever since I was young, I've always followed my family's wishes for me to learn things such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and traditional dance--- So I've never had my hair cut short before, not even once. The truth is that Ruby was supposed to have it that way as well, but just before she entered middle school, she willfully quit everything and cut her hair in that style. Though her current hairstyle suits her too, it's a pity.

Normally, what do you talk about with Ruby-chan?[27]
Asked by ラーくんさん

Ruby and I don't really talk about the same things--- so I don't really talk to her that much. Things like "Good morning" or "Welcome back"--- Just on the level of greetings? Fufu--- Ah, and I also just point out to her when she's forgotten something, or when she needs to adjust her uniform's skirt--- things like that♡ I don't really know much about the idols that girl loves.

What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?[27]
Asked by 鈴生昴さん

The princess of a family presiding over a castle---♡ Rather than a dream--- I was absolutely certain it would become true, but it seems like it's the wrong time period for that. Hehe--- That's right, I have a cute side to me that you wouldn't expect from how I look too♪ Aside from that, perhaps I also slightly aspired to becoming a school teacher.

Were there any times when the perfectionist Dia-san messed up?[27]
Asked by ともちさん

"Such a thing couldn't possibly happen to me, you know?" is what I would like to say but--- Of course, it's a given that there were times like that. I'm not so foolish as to be unable to recognize my own mistakes. The biggest mistake I made recently was when Ruby asked me to help her do her book report as part of her summer vacation homework. It seems that she got found out as I did it way too well. Even though I thought I had dropped the standard enough as it was--- That girl really makes me feel anxious about her all the time!

What kind of movies do you like?[27]
Asked by るなまじっく

I often watch war movies. Ah, though I said that--- Of course I didn't mean the kind with planes and bombs flying about, but rather social commentary movies that show the tragedies of war, the Holocaust and the like. When I watch them--- it feels like something pierces my chest and stays there. It makes me want to live each day with all my might and to the best of my abilities.

For what reason did you become student council president?[27]
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Because aside from me--- there was no one else to do it. And the teacher asked me to run for presidency--- How to put it, that's just the way it's always been. Whenever it comes to roles like class representative, for some reason I can feel everyone's gazes telling me "It's gotta be Dia-san, right?"--- There's no way around it, right. But well, roles like the student council president, it's the same no matter who does it right? I've been doing my duties flawlessly every day♡

I've heard that your father named you, but could you tell us the origin of your name?[27]
Asked by きりんさん

It is a custom handed down for generations in the Kurosawa family for girls born in the family to be named after precious gemstones. It holds the meaning of the girls being the treasures of the family, but--- that has changed slightly. It's now written in Katakana, but it seems like in the past it was Japanese names. If that was the case, then Ruby would be named Kougyoku, and I would be---. At least let me retain my name as Dia.

Note: If Dia was given the Japanese name for a diamond, she would've been named Kongou instead.

Since you like reading, do you talk about books with your fellow book-lover Hanamaru-chan?[17]
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Maru-chan and I actually have rather different taste in books--- As one can tell, she prefers comparatively serious literary fiction, while I like books written by female authors. Things written from a female perspective. But--- At the very least I talk about books with her more than I do with my little sister Ruby, so occasionally it feels almost as though Maru-chan is my real sister instead--- Well if I say that, Ruby would certainly get mad♡

Is there a certain fashion trend you've been meaning to try out?[28]

I just love the chic and sophisticated clothes Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie, Roman Holiday. The style is certainly not very flashy and would probably be considered a bit boring, but I think it would definitely suit me regardless. I also have an interest in traditional-style clothing from other countries besides Japan. Things like áo dàis and kaftans are just so very unique and beautiful in my opinion.



LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 4 Kurosawa Dia】


ENG SUB Love Live! Sunshine!! New Years Greeting - Dia Kurosawa


ENG SUB Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Special Reading Video - Kurosawa Dia


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Greetings from Kurosawa Dia[29] 2:44


The songs featuring Dia are:




Duo & Trio



Ep. Title
01 "I Want to Shine!!"
(輝きたい!! "Kagayakitai!!")
LLSS S1Ep1 137.png
In Episode 1, Uranohoshi Girls' High School student Chika Takami discovered the school idol group μ's while trying to catch a runaway flyer. Having had looked for something to devote her all to for a long time, she was inspired and decided to form her own school idol group.

After third year student and student council president Dia Kurosawa denied Chika permission to form a school idol club, Chika and You Watanabe took the ferry to meet up with Kanan Matsuura. You mentioned Dia's traditional family as a possible reason for her opposing the creation of a school idol club.

You told Chika she would join the school idol club, saying she had always wanted to be passionate about something together with Chika. Together they confronted Dia once again, who rejected them once more, questioning how they were planning to compose songs.

02 "Catch the Transfer Student!"
(転校生をつかまえろ! "Tenkousei o Tsukamaero!")
LLSS S1Ep2 068.png
In Episode 2, Chika and You yet again faced Dia with their club application, although they still only had two members and no one to compose their songs. Chika’s mention of μ's and how they must have struggled only having three members initially upset Dia, who corrected Chika on her pronunciation of the group name and started quizzing her on μ's trivia. The conversation was unknowingly broadcasted to the entire school.
03 "First Step"
(ファーストステップ "Faasuto Suteppu")
LLSS S1Ep3 254.png
In Episode 3, Dia, who knew Mari back from their first year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School, pointed out how unbelievable it was for a third year to be the new chairwoman. Mari showed her proof and stated that she came to support Chika, You, and Riko Sakurauchi.

Before their concert, Aqours worried about people not attending due to the rain. They laughed it off and stood behind the stage's curtain, hand in hand. However, when the curtains raised, they only had a small group of audience. Included in the audience were Mari Ohara, Ruby Kurosawa, Hanamaru Kunikida, and a disguised Yoshiko Tsushima. Despite this, they continued their concert and performed "Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!" while Kanan and Dia listened from outside the gym.

A power outage occurred halfway through the song, halting their performance. Chika continued to sing, followed by You and Riko, until she started to cry. Right before they lost hope, Chika's sister Mito arrived and said that Chika told her the wrong start time. Meanwhile, Dia secretly hooked up a backup generator and the power returned, which illuminated the gym that was filled with audience. Aqours then resumed their performance.

After Aqours's concert, Dia went in front of them then said that their success was only due to the efforts of previous school idols and the town's good will. Chika answered she knew it but that it was their only chance to shine.

04 "Two Girls' Feelings"
(ふたりのキモチ "Futari no Kimochi")
LLSS S1Ep4 214.png
In episode 4, Dia was seen lovingly looking at Ruby as she was reading about idols, Ruby herself reminiscing about the times they both liked idols.

While Ruby and the school idol club were celebrating having reached the top, Hanamaru met with Dia and told her to pay more attention to what Ruby had to say about her feelings. After Hanamaru's leaving, a gloomy Dia said to herself she already knew.

05 "Yohane Descends"
(ヨハネ堕天 "Yohane Daten")
LLSS S1Ep5 229.png
In episode 5, the school idol club uploaded a fallen angel themed video online using their new costumes. This upset Dia, but in contrast Mari expressed liking the video. Dia showed the Aqours members that the initial boost in rankings the video had gotten them was already declining and their rank was dropping.

In the last scene of the episode, Dia confronted Mari about an email she had received. Mari stated it meant exactly what it said and the flustered Dia asked if she was kidding. However, it was not revealed what was written in the email.

06 "Let's Make a PV"
(PVを作ろう "PV o Tsukurou")
LLSS S1Ep6 171.png
In episode 6, Mari told Dia that Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy might be closing due to a declining number of applicants and merging with a high school in Numazu. Mari expressed how important the school was to her, and how she thought school idols could save it, with which Dia disagreed.

On her way to the clubroom Chika spotted Dia on stage in the empty auditorium. While she did decline Chika’s offer of joining the school idol club, Dia stated she was happy that they wanted to save the school. As Dia was leaving the room, Ruby stopped Chika from calling out to her, and a flashback showed the third years seemingly right before a school idol performance. Mari showed up and told Dia you can’t run away, only move forward, but Dia denied she had been trying to run away.

In accordance with Uchiura tradition, all the town members gathered early in the morning of the first day of beach season to make and release floating lanterns. Riko, for whom it was the first time experiencing the tradition, talked about how she did not realize there were so many people living in the town and suggested that maybe that was the special thing about Uchiura and Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Hearing this, Chika gathered everyone’s attention and introduced Aqours, saying they needed the help of everyone in town to save their school. "Yume de Yozora o Terashitai" was performed as an insert song by the currently six Aqours members, thus concluding the episode.

07 "TOKYO"
LLSS S1Ep7 039.png
In episode 7, Aqours were invited to perform at an event in Tokyo. When Ruby sought permission for the trip from her sister, Dia hesitated at first but eventually agreed, encouraging Ruby not to care what someone else thought. Dia confronted Mari, worried that Aqours would not succeed in Tokyo. To this Mari responded that Dia could try to stop them if she wanted, but questioned if Dia did not have hope that Aqours could succeed where she, Mari and Kanan had previously failed.
08 "Isn't it Frustrating?"
(くやしくないの? "Kuyashikunai no?")
LLSS S1Ep8 156.png
In episode eight, the members of Aqours came home after having ranked last at the school idol event in Tokyo. When Dia arrived at the scene, Ruby ran into her arms, crying.

Dia talked to Aqours about their placing last, saying she was afraid it would happen, considering how tough the school idol scene had gotten. She explained how she, Mari and Kanan formed a school idol group two years back, but were unable to sing at the very same event, overwhelmed by the other groups’ performances and the atmosphere.

09 "Young DREAMER"
LLSS S1Ep9 229.png
In episode 9, a flashback showed Kanan quitting the third years’ school idol group after their return from Tokyo. She mentioned Mari’s turning down an opportunity to study abroad and also said Dia agreed with her there was no point in them continuing.

At school, Kanan and Mari got into a heated argument, which made Chika burst into the room and yell at them to break it up, and to come to the club room of the school idol club after school. There, Kanan continued to claim that the fact she could not sing in Tokyo was the reason she had quit being a school idol. Once she had left the room, the other girls pushed Dia into revealing that Kanan did not sing at the event to prevent Mari from performing with an injury, and that she quit being a school idol because she did not want Mari turning down other opportunities.

Aqours convinced Dia to join them, Chika saying they’d all help out if juggling school idol duties and student council president duties got too much, and Ruby handing her a stage costume. All nine girls performed “Mijuku DREAMER” as an insert song, and Dia turned out to be the one who wrote “Aqours” in the sand, it being the same name the third years’ previous idol group had.

10 "We've Got Stewshine"
(シャイ煮はじめました "Shai-ni Hajimemashita")
LLSS S1Ep10 161.png
In episode 10, summer vacation began for the now nine members of Aqours. Summer is the season of the Love Live! competition, and Dia had somehow managed to get her hands on the training schedule μ's used when they were active. Since Kanan and Chika had been asked to help run a snack bar on the beach, the members decided to camp at the Takami family inn in order to make time for practice.

Initially intimidated by a competing snack bar on the beach, Dia quickly took charge and assigned tasks once she received encouragement from Mari. Riko, Chika and Kanan begun advertising in order to draw in customers, seemingly somewhat unwillingly. Meanwhile, You, Yoshiko and Mari started cooking the food.

With everyone exhausted after attempting to train the way μ's did, they all sat down to eat Mari’s Stewshine and Yoshiko’s Tears of a Fallen Angel takoyaki that had not sold during the day.

Aqours's second day of managing the snack bar wasn’t all too successful either, but everyone enjoyed the curry You made using both Mari’s and Yoshiko’s culinary creations. Dia tried to hold a lesson on Love Live! history, but it was cut short due to Chika’s sister Mito thinking they were being too loud.

11 "Aye-aye, My Friend"
(友情ヨーソロー "Yuujou Yousoro")
LLSS S1Ep11 220.png
In episode 11, all the members of Aqours saw Riko off as she left for Tokyo to compete in a piano competition that would take place the same day as the regional Love Live! qualifiers. They made the promise to sing together on the same stage next time.

As “special practice”, Dia got the eight of them to help clean up the school’s pool, and once they finished they decided to practice their dance in the empty pool. With Riko missing, Aqours needed to adjust their formation, and opted for You to fill in Riko’s spot.

The night of the Love Live! qualifiers and Riko’s piano competition, everyone wore the matching scrunchies Riko had sent as bracelets. Riko played her piece at the competition, and the remaining eight Aqours members performed “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare” on stage.

12 "It's Time to Fly"
(はばたきのとき "Habataki no Toki")
LLSS S1Ep12 191.png
In episode 12, the members of Aqours were happy and relieved to find out they made it through the regional qualifiers of the Love Live! after a nervous wait. While the video of their performance had gotten a lot of views and comments, the number of applicants for the school’s open house was still zero.

Chika couldn’t help but compare Aqours to μ's, and wondered if the school idols she looked up to weren’t regular people after all. Calling the other Aqours members, she suggested they’d all go to Tokyo before Riko went back home, and try to figure out what made μ's great.

In Tokyo, Chika had arranged for Aqours to meet up with Saint Snow, who told Chika and the others they did not know what made μ's and A-RISE different. To them, what mattered was winning and following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Together, both groups watched the announcement of the Love Live! finals being held at the Akiba Dome on the screen outside the UTX High School building.

At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School. They learned that μ's had not left anything from their school idol days at Otonokizaka, saying their hearts would be connected even without those things. Chika and Riko said the visit had brought them closer to the answer of their question.

On the train back to Numazu, the nine of them took a stop to look at the sea. Chika said that they couldn’t compare themselves to μ's, and all of the members started realizing that they had to run freely, stand on their own feet and not chase after someone else in order to become great. They decided that what they were running towards was turning the zero into a one.

13 "Sunshine!!"
(サンシャイン!! "Sanshain!!")
LLSS S1Ep13 239.png
In episode 13, Aqours were practicing for the Love Live! regionals during the hot days of summer vacation. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for Uranohoshi Girls’ High School was still zero. At the end of the day, Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi showed up to tell Chika that they, along with other people in the school, were also interested in saving the school and had thought about becoming school idols. Chika invited them to sing with Aqours at the Love Live!.

The nine members of Aqours met up with Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi, who brought with them an abundance of other Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students. However, everyone’s excitement was restrained when Riko announced that the rules said only the people who had applied initially would be allowed on stage. In the end, although only Aqours would be on stage, all the other girls decided to cheer them on from the audience.

Before their performance, the school idol club members reflected on their time together. Ruby and Hanamaru were embraced by Yoshiko, while Mari, Kanan and Dia thanked each other for getting this far, and Chika told You and Riko she wanted to enjoy everything the future had in store together. Proclaiming there weren’t just nine of them, Chika opened the door to the stage.

Prior to performing their song, Aqours introduced themselves by telling the audience their story and their goal. When they counted to nine, part of the audience yelled “ten”, pronouncing their being the tenth member of the group.

Halfway through the performance of “MIRAI TICKET”, Chika called out for everyone to shine together with them. The Aqours supporters of the audience ran down to stand next to the stage, creating a circle of blue light sticks around it. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for the school flipped from zero to one.

Ep. Title
01 "Next Step"
(ネクストステップ "Nekusuto Suteppu")
LLSS S2Ep1 178.png
In episode 1, Mari and Dia were motivating the student body, including the rest of Aqours, to work hard at attracting students to the school this term, too. Chika showed up just when the upcoming Love Live! was mentioned, and they all decided Aqours was going to participate.

During their regular afternoon practice session on the roof, the girls started discussing holding a concert at the open house. Realizing they would not be able to stay as long at school with the buses’ fall timetable, they set out to find a place to practice in Numazu.

The next day at school, Aqours revisited the issue of a new practice space. Without anyone noticing the third years suddenly disappeared. Dia overheard Mari and Kanan talking and realized the truth they were trying to protect her from.

In a locale made available to the group thanks to You’s father, the third years revealed that the open house had been cancelled, and the decision about the school merger made final. Chika reacted strongly, saying she would personally seek Mari’s father out and convince him to change his mind, but let it go when the others explained to her how there was nothing to be done. Disheartened, the girls went home.

When Chika showed up at school early to tell the universe she was not going to give up yet, she was surprised to find the rest of Aqours followed a similar impulse and were there, too. Together, they decided to keep working toward their goal no matter how impossible it may seem. They were going to aim for a miracle.

02 "The Sound of Rain"
(雨の音 "Ame no Oto")
LLSS S2Ep2 180.png
In episode 2, Aqours got the news that the school would stay open for another year if the number of prospective students was raised to at least one hundred. Although this initially sounded like to much for them to handle, Chika motivated them by saying they should not worry about whether it was possible, but rather simply make it happen.

With the Love Live! coming up sooner than expected, the second years found the workload of having to create two songs at once difficult to handle. To make it easier on them, everyone decided to split the workload and had the second years create a song for the open house while the third and first years created one to perform at the Love Live!.

While Chika, Riko and You headed for Chika’s house to work on their song, the rest of the girls initially tried Mari’s home as a work space, but found the extravagance there too distracting. Having moved somewhere more understated, they discovered that the differing tastes of the third contra the first years made it difficult to agree on lyrics and music for the song.

Ruby sent a text to Chika, Riko and You, who so far had not come up with anything either, asking them to come at once. In order to better work together, the first and third years decided to spend some time together try to get to know each other better.

Having tried a couple of activities together, it was clear that the two groups did not find the same things fun. Needing to seek shelter from a sudden rainstorm, the girls headed to a temple nearby as per Hanamaru’s suggestion.

Revisiting the idea of creating a song together, it still seemed hopeless until the ceiling started leaking. Together, they all helped place plates and pots on the floor to catch the water, and found that although the tones and tempo of the different raindrops were out of tune, they all came together to create music.

When all nine girls regrouped, celebrating the two completed songs, Mari received a phone call.

03 "Rainbow"
( "Niji")
LLSS S2Ep3 137.png
In Episode 3, a new problem arose. The school open house was postponed by a week, putting both the Love Live! qualifiers and the open house on the same Sunday.

Aqours tried to find a way to travel between the two venues in time to perform at both events, without luck. With going by boat and by helicopter both out of the question, it seemed the only possible way to make it in time would be to perform as the first group and catch a bus.

As the order of the performances would be decided by lottery, the group decided to let Yoshiko do the honors. Much to everyone’s disappointment, they ended up as the 24th group to perform. The group thought the only option left was to choose just one event, but could not decide on one. The next day Chika and Riko suggested they split the group and perform at both events, to which the group reluctantly agreed.

When Sunday finally came, Chika, Riko, You, Dia and Ruby were overjoyed to be joined by the other four onstage for the performance of MY Mai☆TONIGHT. Confused when the second years immediately ran off after the song ended, the group found out Chika had arranged for them to use a monorail for mikan transport to travel back to school. With this and help of their school mates, they made it back in time to perform Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? at the open house.

04 "Don't Call Me Dia-san"
(ダイヤさんと呼ばないで "Dia-san to Yobanaide")
LLSS S2Ep4 153.png
In episode 4, Chika woke up in an unusually happy mood. In reply to the other girls’ queries about why she was not nervous to see whether or not they had passed the Love Live! qualifiers, she stated she was sure they would pass, something that proved true moments later. In celebrating their success, Dia noticed how her fellow third years seemed to be getting along well with the younger students, while she still felt a disconnect.

Chika’s mood fell with the realization that Aqours was out of funds after the recent performances. As they turned both to the gods and Mari’s family in a futile effort to get more money, Dia felt left out when Mari and Kanan both were adressed more informally than she was.

After they had parted with the others, Dia tried to tell Mari and Kanan how she felt. When they got too close to the truth however, she became defensive and made it sound like she thought it was inappropriate for them to be too close with the first and second year girls. They were not fooled by this, and hoped Dia would come along soon.

The next day, Dia tried to discuss the idea of part time jobs with the second years as a means of getting closer to them. Her unusual behaviour weirded out Chika, You, and Riko, and she was set back where she started when she could not help herself from reverting back to her usual harsh words and tone.

Forced to come up with an idea to replace the one she shot down, Dia led the group into setting up a stand at a flea market. Once again, her expectations of getting close to the others and being addressed informally fell short as she became upset with the rest of the girls not handling the task in the same way she would.

Afterwards, Chika noticed how there seemed to be something wrong with Dia and spoke of her concerns to Kanan, who said she and Mari would take care of it. As the two confronted Dia, she finally admitted that she would like to be adressed more informally in order to feel closer to the others. The other two teased her about this, but when they met up at Izu Mito Sea Paradise the next day they suggested she use the time they would spend working together to show her less formal side to the others.

Dia tried her best to make small-talk and play around, becoming increasingly frustrated as the others took this to mean she was angry or upset with something. Finally, Mari and Kanan told the others what was going on, explaining how Dia, despite her cold exterior, gets lonely easily. When a class of kindergartners at the aquarium ran amok, Dia took control of the situation by being authoritative but not as harsh as usual.

At the end of the day, Aqours gathered. Chika told Dia that it was best if she acted like herself, and how they all appreciate her for who she is. Dia accepted this, and was delighted to finally be addressed with the preferred honorific.

05 "Taking in A Dog"
(犬を拾う。 "Inu o Hirou.")
LLSS S2Ep5 033.png
In episode 5, Aqours had to cut their practice short due to the rain. Yoshiko was offered a ride with the others but said no as she lived nearby.

The group gathered at Chika’s house to decide on a theme for their performance in the Love Live! regionals. While the girls were discussing trying new things for this performance, they noticed Yoshiko had gone home early without warning.

A few days later, the members of Aqours became concerned with Yoshiko and Riko's weird behavior.

06 "Aqours WAVE"
(Aqours WAVE)
LLSS S2Ep6 050.png
In episode 6, the venue for the Love Live! regional preliminaries was revealed to be the same as during the last Love Live!. Meanwhile, the third years worried that their deadline for raising the number of prospective students was drawing close.

During practice, everyone was happy to discover Aquors on a list of groups most likely to make the national competition. Before they had time to finish celebrating, the less good news that success in the regionals would rely heavily on the number of students in the school hit them.

Later at night, Dia and Mari discovered that Kanan had been thinking about the move that cost the first Aqours its place in the Love Live! finals. Kanan thought their idea of trying it again was nothing but harmful. After she tried to throw the notebook containing the move into the sea, Mari dove in to retrieve it.

Chika brought the question of what made Aqours special up at practice, prompting Mari to introduce the move to the rest of the group, much to Kanan’s dismay. Despite Kanan’s warnings that it would be the most difficult for the center, Chika said she would be able to do it.

As Chika was struggling to learn the move, everyone became increasingly more worried that she was pushing herself too far. After almost a week of endless trying and failing, she agreed to Kanan’s demand that she give up if she could not do it come next morning.

Determined to make it work, Chika spent the night on the beach practicing. Despite Riko, You and the first years coming to cheer her on, she failed and felt that she had not accomplished anything. Riko and You reminded her that she had forgotten to thank herself for how far they had come already. As Chika was getting ready to try the move one last time the third years showed up, and the episode concluded with Chika perfectly landing the move during the performance of MIRACLE WAVE at the Love Live! regional preliminaries.

07 "The Time Left"
(残された時間 "Nokosareta Jikan")
LLSS S2Ep7 153.png
In episode 7, Aqours was announced to be one of the groups in the Love Live! finals. The video of their performance had been doing well, the only problem was that the number of applicants for the school was not rising as hoped.

Calling in another favor from Mari’s father, the girls managed to get an extension until 5 AM the next morning. Chika initially was eager to do anything she could to help make the number rise, but was talked out of it by the rest of the girls.

By 1 AM, there still were only 87 applications. Becoming more and more desperate and restless, they sent out the first years to buy something to eat.

They were still six applicants short by the final hour. Everyone was on edge waiting for the last two applications to drop in during the last minute. Finally, the application page shut down.

The next day, Mari announced the news to the rest of the school. Aqours initially tried to ignore what had happened and commence practice as usual, but stopped when Chika started crying. They decided to call it a day and take some time to think about whether they still wanted to partake in the Love Live!.

Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara was performed as an insert song while everyone took to their respective houses to consider what to do next. Meeting up the next morning, the nine girls agreed that they would never manage to shine as school idols when they had not succeeded in saving their school. At this moment, the rest of the student body showed up saying that they would like for their school to be remembered through Aqours, and convinced the girls not to end their journey yet.

LLSS S2Ep8 155.png
In episode 8, Aqours were invited to Hakodate to attend the Hokkaido Love Live! preliminaries as guests. Before the competition, they visited Saint Snow in their dressing room. Chika accepted Sarah’s challenge to bring their best to the Love Live! finals, but Ruby noticed that something seemed to be the matter with Leah.

During Saint Snow’s performance, they made a mistake in the choreography and fell on stage, which ended up costing them their spot in the finals. When Aqours went back to their dressing room, they had already left.

The Uchiura girls went sightseeing in Hakodate, and ended up at the restaurant where Sarah and Leah worked. At dinner the sisters’ fight about Leah wanting to disband Saint Snow resurfaced.

In contrast to the other Aqours members, Ruby seemed to understand Leah’s feelings, saying she probably was afraid being a school idol would not be worth it without her sister. Talking to Dia about this, Ruby admitted that she felt the same way. Dia reassured her, saying she was happy with her own accomplishments and that anything Ruby accomplished on her own made her happy, too.

09 "Awaken the power"
(Awaken the power)
LLSS S2Ep9 274.png
In episode 9, the first years told the rest of Aqours they would be staying behind for a while, neglecting to mention the actual reason they were doing so. On the plane ride home, Dia was having trouble making her peace with the idea of not having Ruby with her.

Back in Uchiura, Chika told the others how she suspected the first years might be working on something of their own. The next day, Mari recieved an email from Ruby.

Ruby and Leah Kazuno finally revealed their secret to their sisters, and the rest of Aqours were acting mysteriously about also showing up in Hakodate. At the event, Saint Aqours Snow performed Awaken the power.

10 "Finding a Way to Shine"
(シャイニーを探して "Shainii o Sagashite")
LLSS S2Ep10 171.png
In episode 10, Mari remembered how she tried to wish on a shooting star with Kanan and Dia when they were little, but failed to do so beacause of the sudden rain.

On New Year’s Day, Aqours were paid a visit by Saint Snow to help them practice. After Aqours switched their kimono for more appropriate practice wear, they were pushed hard by Sarah and Leah.

The guests were surprised to find out the students of Uranohoshi had failed to save their school from the merger, but were quick to show their support. Mari recieved a phone call from her parents offering her the position as director at the new school. Due to already having plans for next year she turned the offer down, making everyone aware of their limited time left together.

Later that night, Mari, Dia and Kanan met up and shared a heartfelt moment of wishing they did not have to part ways after graduation. They reminisced on Mari sneaking out and threatening to disown her parents as an elementary school student, and while they were happy to realize they had taught each other a lot, their attempts to make a wish were once again hindered by downpour.

The third years gathered the rest of Aqours for a late night drive to find shooting stars. Arriving at a plateau, the rain still had not stopped. Just as the girls wished to be together forever in spite of this, promising to work on making the sky visible, the episode concluded with the clouds clearing up to reveal a night sky full of shooting stars.

11 "Uranohoshi Girls' High School"
(浦の星女学院 "Uranohoshi Jogakuin")
LLSS S2Ep11 231.png
In episode 11, Aqours and the rest of the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School were preparing for the School Closing Festival set for the next day. Chika, You and Riko set up an arch at the entrance, Mari set up a stand to serve an improved version of her Stewshine dish, and it turned out Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu were the ones to suggest holding the festival.

Preparations continued, with Hanamaru and Yoshiko working together, Ruby making costumes and Dia putting aside her student council duties to focus on the event. Everything was going smoothly until Shiitake turned up at school, setting everyone back by destroying some of the decorations. To give students more time to finish preparations, Mari arranged for transport home with the help of her family.

The next day at the festival, everyone’s hard work paid off. Chika walked around school seeing Kanan and You’s underwater showcase, Ruby and Dia’s Love Live! Quiz, Yoshiko, Hanamaru and Riko’s fortune telling stand, as well as her older sisters’ serving grilled mikan. At the end of the day, Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu showed an impressive balloon display.

After the festival, the students all gathered around a bonfire. Mari spoke about how much the school had meant to her, and ended up voicing her regret about not being able to save it through tears. The student body cheered her up by showing their support for Aqours through a chant, and finally they all sang together.

12 "Sea of Light"
(光の海 "Hikari no Umi")
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In episode 12, the members of Aqours met up at school, and set off toward the Love Live! Final in Tokyo. Arriving in Tokyo, the girls headed to Kanda Shrine, where they prayed for good fortune in the competition and realized many other school idols had done the same. Before leaving, they met Saint Snow, and Sarah asked Chika if they wanted to win the Love Live!.

Back at the inn, they started a pillow fight to take their thoughts off of the upcoming performance. Chika, You and Riko decided that come tomorrow they would all go their separate ways before meeting up at the venue.

In the morning, Chika asked the other members of Aqours if they wanted to win the Love Live!. After going on their respective excursions, the third years crossed paths and reminisced on their past, present and future. Finally, all nine girls ran toward the concert as a group, and did one final Aqours chant together before performing WATER BLUE NEW WORLD at the Love Live!.

13 "Our Own Radiance"
(私たちの輝き "Watashitachi no Kagayaki")
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In episode 13, the day had finally come for the combined graduation and school closing ceremony. Dia was surprised to find out Mari had arranged for the students to paint farewell messages on the school walls, and the student body arrived at the ceremony splattered with paint. Mari handed out diplomas to the graduating students, and Dia held a speech as student council president. To conclude the ceremony, Aqours announced their Love Live! victory, and Aozora Jumping Heart was used as an insert song.

Afterwards, Aqours and the other students went around the school to close doors and finish saying their goodbyes, to each other and to the school. You and Riko were in the music room, Yoshiko, Hanamaru and Ruby in their classroom, Kanan and Dia in Mari’s office giving her her diploma, and Chika closed the door to the club room. Finally, Chika was about to break down in tears as she was closing the school gates, but received help from her friends.

Some time later, Chika went to the school auditorium and found Aqours, including the third years who had come back to sing together one last time. For their last performance, Aqours sang WONDERFUL STORIES.


  • Dia fulfills the cool attribute of the Aqours third years.
  • Dia's surname Kurosawa means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "marsh" (澤) (sawa).
  • Dia's given name means "diamond" and, like her sister Ruby, is a gem.
    • In the early setting, only she and Ruby had the given name of a gem, but later changed it to the way that all women in the Kurosawa family were named. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Dia is a fan of µ's , and her favorite member is Eli Ayase.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are the Third Year Cool of their respective group.
    • Both Dia and Eli are Student Council Presidents.
      • Eli stepped down as Student Council President in Season 2, while Dia retains her position until her graduation.
    • In School Idol Festival All Stars Daily Theater episodes, Ruby tells Eli that Dia admires her because she believes Dia is too shy to, and Eli later brings it up to Dia and reveals that she admires her in return.[30]
  • She is the oldest school idol in SIFAS because she has the earliest birthday among senior three students.
  • In It's Time to Fly, it is revealed that Dia got lost in Tokyo as a child.
  • In the early stages of Aqours, Dia was originally a second-year student.
  • In real life, the Kurosawa mansion is based on the Okawa mansion, which has been designated a cultural heritage property of Numazu since the Edo period. The historical owner of the mansion was also a wealthy family involved in fishing management, similar to the Kurosawa family.
  • According to the November 2019 issue of Dengeki G's magazine, Dia has said "desu wa" (including variations such as "desu wa yo" and "desu wa ne") 129 times, and "Bubbuu!" only 13 times in the span of both anime seasons (26 episodes).
  • Incidentally, Arisa Komiya (Dia's voice actress) has a beauty mark under her mouth.
  • The 3rd volume for Aqours' Sea Side Diary novel reveals that Dia is chosen to whether inherit her family's business (while costing her freedom) or outright abandon it, and she plans to run away from arranged marriages (where she marries a man who she never met) set up by her parents.


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