Emi Nitta was born on December 10, 1985 in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Her common voice actress nickname is "Emitsun", which was a nickname given to her by her friend. She voices Honoka Kosaka in Love Live!.

Her call-and-response during concerts is a simultaneous "Faito da yo!" ( lit. Fight on!) with the audience.


Emi Nitta graduated from Nagano Prefecture Shinonoi High School, where she was engaged in band activities with her friends. She was then admitted into a College of Music outside of Nagano Prefecture.

In March 2009, she began her voice actress career after passing a voice acting audition held by S Agency.
On September 10, 2014, she started her major debut as a singer with the release of her first single, "Egao to egao de hajimaru yo!" (笑顔と笑顔で始まるよ! lit. It Begins With A Smile And A Smile!).
In January, 2015, she joined the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes media franchise as a new main member, placing her alongside other Love Live! voice actresses Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui and Yoshino Nanjo.
On February 18, 2015, her next two singles "Tankyuu Dreaming" (探求Dreaming lit. Quest Dreaming) and "NEXT PHASE" were released simultaneously.

Despite being diagnosed with vocal cord polyps (a condition that causes a pain in her throat whenever she sings) during December 2014, she continued making appearances and performed during 5th live, as well as the television show R no Housoku on February 16, 2015 where her vocal strain seemed evident during some of the performances. Her agency had cancelled all her further appearances until the end of March, 2015 for her to recover. She expressed her regrets and asked her fans not to worry on Twitter, stating that she'll be back after going to get her "power-up".[1][2][3]
After taking a 2 week break from both her work and Twitter for the operation and recovery between March 21 to April 3, 2015, she has since made a full recovery.

On October 21, 2015, her first album EMUSIC was released.

On December 2, 2017, she attended Pile's live show "Pile Live at Budokan~ Pile featuring Love Live" as a guest performer.

Personality & Hobbies

According to her official profile on her music website, Emi Nitta's hobbies are visiting different cafes, karaoke, and researching about dinosaurs. She currently holds a level 3 certification for the Japan Dinosaur Test (全日本恐竜検定 Zennihon kyouryuu kentei).

When stressed by work, she does laundry to relieve stress. [4]

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine November 2010 - Character Interview [5]
About Honoka

She's a really straightforward child but, oh well, that's what I think. She is comparatively dreamier than other people? Her monologue is also full of words about ideals but... She never gives off a casual feeling though. Even though it's definitely a reckless dream, she'll achieve it with her seriousness, she'll believe it can be realized and work towards it with all her might. That's why I think she has that ability to pull everyone else along.

Honoka's Appeal
Honoka is a girl with tons of positive energy. 'When she's really focused on something, she can be stifling!' is something I felt too (lol). But watching Honoka chase her dreams earnestly, I felt like I wanted to support them while performing my role. I think there's no easy way to realise one's dreams but because Honoka loves everyone's smiles, she'll continue working hard and become a superb idol in order to enjoy her fun times with everyone.

A word for the readers
I'm the same as Honoka, we've only just started taking our first steps towards our dream. While we reside in different worlds, we're comrades aiming for the same dream. And also, rivals. I definitely won't let myself lose to Honoka's efforts! In order for my smile to reach lots of people, I will work hard. We're still immature and have a long way to go but please support us!

Dengeki G's Magazine Interview Before Final Live[6]
Q1: Please tell us what is something that can't be missing when doing a μ's concert!

On the morning of the concert day, I definitely have to listen to "Yume Naki Yume wa Yume ja nai", and get energy from Honoka♪ And I tell myself "Fight-o dayo!" (lol). And then, I definitely have to wear a μ's (Honoka) T-shirt! Whenever I wear it at rehearsals, it really boosts my emotions!

Q2: Tell us what you feel about the final solo concert, as well as a message for the readers!
Looking back at the 1st Live, when we were still uncertain about everything, makes me feel extremely nostalgic. Now that it's finally time for our Final Live, I want to make a stage befitting all of μ's work to this point. With everyone supporting us, and on the dream stage that is Tokyo Dome, I want to realize this greatest story together. For the sake of conveying our gratitude... I'll push onwards with all my might!

Dengeki G's Magazine Arigatou Project (Part 3)[7]
Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 02

Message from Nitta Emi

Ever since the day we met, Honoka has supported me more than anyone else.

Both our similarities and our differences, her charm points and, of course, her failings too, all of them are dear to me.
Like a childhood friend, a family member, or even another me... There was a mysterious distance between us.
While being closer than anyone else, it was your brilliance I aspired towards and continued chasing.

My love for you goes without speaking, those words can't even begin to describe my feelings.
But even if I don't express them in any special way, my feelings will still definitely reach you, right?

Even though our involvement with each other might change a little, the two of us will be together even from here onwards.

Until the day we meet again, please remain as everyone's shining sun.

I'll always, always be counting on you! Honoka♪

Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 05

Thank you for creating miracles together with us☆

Love Live! started in Dengeki G's Magazine. At that time I didn't know left from right, and just like everyone else I didn't know how Love Live! would turn out. But I thought to myself, that if I put my heart into dancing, something amazing might happen, right? Up until today, it's been a chain of really unbelievable events... They were all things that happened because of Love Live!, because of all the people who were supporting me. Thank you for always watching over the trajectory of us and μ's, and for creating miracles together with us☆ Whenever you hit an obstacle, or whenever you're feeling happy, I would like you to keep remembering us from here on out. No matter when, μ's will always be by everyone's side. Thank you for the greatest youth of my life!!


  • Despite being known for her arm strength, she is forbidden by her agency to be video-recorded in any form of arm-wrestling matches, having been told that she looks "too imposing" while being engaged in such matches.[8][9]
  • She appears to be close friends with Aya Uchida and Aina Kusuda; probably because they are all voice actresses who had their first major debut in the voice acting industry with Love Live!.
  • Her father is, of course, a fan of hers, but his favorite is Sora Tokui.[10]
  • Despite being the eldest of four siblings, she is shorter than her two younger sisters and younger brother.[11]
  • She always makes sure to wear μ's T-shirts whenever she attends rehearsals for lives, both as a sort of protective charm as well as a way of supporting the work herself.[12]
  • Songs that she sing well on the karaoke: "Magic Number (マジックナンバー)" by Sakamoto Maaya and "Romansu no Kamisama (ロマンスの神様)" by Hirose Kohmi.[13]


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