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Fumiko is a second year student of Otonokizaka High School and a supporting character in Love Live!.


Fumiko is usually seen hanging out with Mika and Hideko, and like them, supports μ's in their dreams to become school idols since the time the group was first formed.


Ep. Title
01 "Come True! Our Dreams!"
(叶え!私たちの夢―― "Kanae! Watashitachi no Yume")
014 S1Ep1
In Episode 1, Fumiko first appeared with her friends Hideko and Mika, seeing Honoka initially acting so cheerful at school.
02 "Let's Start Becoming Idols!"
(アイドルを始めよう! "Aidoru wo Hajimeyou!")
195 S1Ep2
In Episode 2, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, approached Honoka and Umi at the school yard, stating that they saw the notice about the new school idol group and how they were surprised because Umi agreed to it, which wasn't the case at all.
03 "First Live"
(ファーストライブ "Faasuto Raibu" )
163 S1Ep3
In Episode 3, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, offered to help Honoka, Umi and Kotori prepare for their first performance. Hideko and Fumiko tested and prepared the necessary equipment in the auditorium for the upcoming concert.

As the three idols stood in front of an empty auditorium, Fumiko walked up to them and said that they tried their best to get people to watch the concert.

Right after Honoka, Umi and Kotori performed "START:DASH!!", Fumiko applauded, along with the others who were watching.

09 "Wonder Zone"
(ワンダーゾーン "Wandā Zōn" )
284 S1Ep9
In Episode 9, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, gave words of encouragement to µ's for their practice on the school rooftop.

As the second years in µ's worked with Kotori, Fumiko and her two friends went to visit the cafe.

As µ's performs "Wonder Zone", Fumiko and her friends are shown to be part of the audience.

11 "The Greatest Live Performance"
(最高のライブ "Saikō no Raibu" )
019 S1Ep11
In Episode 11, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, congratulated Honoka for having reached so far with µ's, which is qualified to participate in Love Live!.

Eli greets Honoka, who returned the greeting without using a proper honorific for a senior, and Mika pointed this out. After Honoka explains, Mika comments that µ's seemed like celebrities, which leads her to requesting for Honoka's autograph.

Fumika and her two friends are shown to be part of the audience before µ's began performing "No brand girls".

12 "Friends"
(ともだち "Tomodachi" )
Ep12 00145
In Episode 12, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, approached a gloomy Honoka and told her that they knew Kotori was going to study abroad, through Umi.
13 "μ's Music Start!"
(μ'sミュージックスタート! "Myūzu Myūjikku Sutāto!")
Ep13 00004
In Episode 13, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, discuss about the current situation between Honoka and her childhood friends and decided to cheer her up by hanging out with her after school.

Fumiko and her two friends are shown to be part of the audience as µ's performs "START:DASH!!".

Ep. Title
01 "Love Live! Once Again"
(もう一度ラブライブ! "Mōichido Rabu Raibu!")
S2Ep01 00008
In Episode 1, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, were the MC's of the general assembly held to introduce the new student council president, Honoka. She had a cameo appearance on Honoka’s introductory song.

Later in the episode, she directed Nico Yazawa and the first year µ's members to where Honoka said she was headed to.

03 "The Door to Our Dreams"
(ユメのトビラ "Yume no Tobira")
S2Ep03 00298
In Episode 3, Fumiko, together with the students of Otonokizaka, came to the rooftop of UTX High School to show their support for μ's who was about to perform for Love Live!.
06 "Happy Halloween"
(ハッピーハロウィーン "Happī Harouīn")
S2Ep06 00194
In Episode 6, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, were surprised when μ's came out of the bushes with costumes of punk and anarchy. As a result, they ran screaming.
07 "We Have to Do Something!"
(なんとかしなきゃ! "Nantoka Shinakya!")
S2Ep07 00225
In Episode 7, Fumiko, together with Mika and Hideko, notified the student council regarding the approval of the art club budget even before the council meeting.
09 "Melody of the Heart"
(心のメロディ "Kokoro no Merodi")
219 S2Ep09
In Episode 9, Fumiko was one of the students who helped out in clearing a pathway in order for Honoka, Umi and Kotori to rejoin with the other members of µ's.
10 "µ's"
(µ's "Myūzu")
248 S2Ep10
In Episode 10, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, met with Honoka in the Student Council Room, informing her of their work progress. Honoka apologized for having them do work during winter break and Mika reassured her then wished her good luck for Love Live!.

Fumiko was one of the students that Honoka invited and gave mochi to, as a sign of gratitude for supporting µ's.

12 "Last Live"
(ラストライブ "Rasuto Raibu")
439 S2Ep12
In Episode 12, Fumiko and her friends, Mika and Hideko, were shown to be watching something on a laptop, which is most probably a µ's performance.

Fumiko and her two friends arrived at Love Live!'s final stage location and worried about µ's, only to end up rushing towards their designated seats due to lack of time.

After µ's performed "KiRa-KiRa Sensation!", Fumiko was one of the people in the audience who called for an encore.

During the performance of "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de", Fumiko and her two friends were shown to have brought µ's' costumes for the encore.

13 "Come True! Everyone's Dream"
(叶え!みんなの夢―― "Kanae! Minna no Yume")
339 S2Ep13
In Episode 13, after the graduation ceremony, Fumiko and her two friends bid goodbye to µ's as they separated ways.

During the song "Happy maker!", Fumiko, along with Mika and Hideko, shortly appeared with pompoms similar to what the µ's members used.


  • The "Fu" in her name is an alternate reading of the Japanese character for two, which combines together with Hideko and Mika to be a pun for one, two and three.
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