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Honoka Kosaka's Father is a supporting character in Love Live!.


He is a Wagashi chef who owns and runs a Japanese sweets shop named Homura, with his wife and two daughters, Honoka Kosaka and Yukiho Kosaka.

In the Love Live! School idol diary manga adaptation, it is implied that both he and his wife are actively involved with the neighborhood association.


His facial appearance is mostly unknown due to the top half of his face always being off-screen. Only his chin and nose can be seen, along with his close-cut dark hair. He is always seen wearing his work uniform.


In the anime, he has no dialogue but he shows his full support for Honoka during and outside of lives. Occasionally, he is also shown to be crying when watching µ's lives, most likely because he is proud of his daughter.


  • He was seen speaking in Love Live! School idol diary, albeit mentioned by Honoka.
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