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It's Time to Fly (はばたきのとき Habataki no Toki) is the twelfth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series. It was aired on September 17, 2016.


Aqours manages to pass the Love Live qualifiers while Riko wins a trophy in her recital. Despite the popularity of the group, there are no additions to the applicants for the school. Feeling that there is still a large difference between them and μ's, the girls return to Tokyo to meet up with Riko and find out what made μ's so great. There, they meet up with Sarah and Leah, who have also qualified for Love Live and state their determination to win. Afterwards, the girls visit Otonokizaka High School, where one of the students tells them that μ's chose to leave no records of their activities at the school. Thinking about these words, Chika comes to realize that μ's was great not because they aimed to be the best, but because they acted freely, feeling that Aqours should aim to do the same instead of just chasing after them.

Appearance List


Members of Aqours

Since the end of season 1 episode 9, Young DREAMER, all nine members of Aqours had fully assembled. The following is the list of members of Aqours by order of admission.

  1. Chika Takami
  2. You Watanabe
  3. Riko Sakurauchi
  4. Ruby Kurosawa
  5. Hanamaru Kunikida
  6. Yoshiko Tsushima
  7. Mari Ohara
  8. Kanan Matsuura
  9. Dia Kurosawa

Notes & Trivia

  • Ruby revealed to Chika that Dia got lost in Tokyo when she was little.
  • The child and the unnamed Otonokizaka third year student strikingly resembles Honoka Kosaka and Hanayo Koizumi.
  • It is revealed that You own's an Ucchichi pillow.

Continuity Notes

  • This episode marks Riko's first temporal return to Otonokizaka High School since her transfer.
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