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Kanako Takatsuki was born on September 25, 1993 in Kobe, Hyougo Prefecture. She lives in Shinjuku City, Tokyo. Her nicknames are "Takatsuking", "Kyanako", and "Kaako". However, the other voice actresses of Aqours often call her "King".[1] As of September 2017, her nickname is now Kinchan by her request. She voices Hanamaru Kunikida, one of the main characters in Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Her call-and-response during concerts starts with "Ohana", after which everyone says "Maru" together while putting their arms over their head in a circle. Her image color during concerts is yellow.


She has two sisters, and she is the middle child.[2]

She lived in Kansai for 15 years but claims that she can't speak in Kansai dialect. She has lived in Ibaraki, Osaka as well.[3]

Since elementary, she has liked J-POP and idols, such as Matsuura Aya and Morning Musume.[2]

Since she liked idols, she started her own idol group with some of her friends and colleagues. However, due to various problems she encountered and her being chosen to voice Hanamaru, she eventually disbanded the group.

After junior high school, she entered Himawari Theatre Group and studied acting.[2]

Kanako used to work in Music Cafe&Bar 441 and AkihabaraFUN, a singing idol bar in Akihabara. She also worked as a part-time maid in Anison Cafe, a shop where maids sing anime songs. She was also part of an Anisong cover band named "Ranchipakku MURDERS" (ランチパックMURDERS lit. Lunchpack MURDERS). She's also a vocalist of the band "Mimi".

Every Thursday, she plays PS4 for Dengeki PlayStation in their NicoNico Live Community.

Her current agency is Amuse, and she publishes singles under Victor Entertainment. She received a major debut in 2012 with a single entitled "Bonjou Cinderella No Shiruke No Aru Onegai".

Personality & Hobbies

Her interests are games (especially zombie-themed games), Anime, guitar and foreign drama.[4] Her talent is singing.[5]

She is an utaite, a person who does fan covers of songs and releases them onto the popular Japanese video sharing website Nico Nico. She cosplays and joins other cosplayers in Tokyo. Judging by her cosplay (one being Nico Yazawa in her Bokura wa Ima no Naka de outfit [6]) and the tapestries she has hanging in her home, it is likely that she was a fan of both Love Live! and The iDOLM@STER before being cast for Love Live! Sunshine!!.

She is a fan of LiSA. She has sung covers of LiSA's songs, and has performed them on live events. She is a big fan of AKB48, and had also thought of entering AKB48. She is also a fan of Kojima Haruna and has gone to a handshake meeting.[2]

She listens to K-Pop songs and is a fan of the girl group TWICE.[7] Her favorite member is Dahyun.[8]

Her favorite food is chicken cartilage,[9] she also appears to like curry a lot, to the point that she eats curry four days a week.[10] She likes Indian, and Thai curry.[11] Her disliked foods are carrots and shiitake mushrooms.[12]

Other Data

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Health Issues

In December 2020, Kanako couldn't perform during the Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~WHITE ISLAND~ due to personal health concerns. In August 5, 2021, it was revealed that she had also been diagnosed with adjustment disorder, which had prevented her from performing in AZALEA 1st LoveLive! ~In The Dark /*Himitsu no Story*/~ on August 14 and 15, 2021.

In November 2021, Kanako returned from her medical hiatus, though her continued recovery prevented her from performing in the AZALEA 2nd LoveLive! ~Amazing Travel DNA Reboot~ concert.


  • She has a recorded live show in a Karaoke. She sang with her friend and ex-coworker in AkihabaraFUN.
  • Her original Twitter, Weblog, and Facebook accounts were removed shortly after the information about her role in Love Live! Sunshine!! was leaked.
  • The season she likes the most is Autumn.[13]
  • She can handle the heat better than the cold.[14]
  • She is the tallest of all of the Aqours seiyuus, at 164.5 cm (or 5'4.8"),[15] which is ironic since Hanamaru is the shortest of Aqours.
  • Fans were suprised that the fact that before her career as Hanamaru's seiyuu she participated in a band cover as a vocalist. That band cover was for the Love Live's 2nd Season ending song, Donna Toki mo Zutto.
  • She runs an Instagram account for her dog, Ten, which can be found here.


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