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Kanan Matsuura is a main character in Love Live! Sunshine!!. She was a third year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School until she graduated in the anime's series finale. She is a member of AZALEA, a sub-unit under the reformed Aqours and is the leader and co-founder of the the original group. Her image color is emerald green.[2]


Kanan is a third year student living on the offshore island of Awashima with her grandfather, who runs a diving shop there. In the anime, she had a hard time attending classes as she must take care of the shop while her father recovers from a fractured bone. She is able to attend classes from Season 1 Episode 9 onwards. Kanan is childhood friends with Chika Takami, You Watanabe, Dia Kurosawa and Mari Ohara.

In Season 1 Episodes 6, 8 and 9, it is revealed Kanan had actually formed a school idol group with Mari and Dia two years ago, having convinced the former to join. However, Mari had suffered an injury right before their performance, so she and Dia decided to step down and not perform. After Mari travels to study abroad, she becomes more distant to her peers. It is until Mari learns the truth when Kanan reconciles with her old friend, and decides to become a school idol once again.


Breezily mature, Kanan rarely sweats the details and usually maintains a calm, cool and even stoic demeanor. Though she may seem a bit bland at first, she loves sports and nature, claiming that she is happy every day just by being able to see the dazzling sun, the blue skies and the sea. She isn't as talkative as her fellow Third Years, speaking the least of them in the anime, but is nevertheless friendly and laid-back.

Kanan is a very kind, warm-hearted and altruistic individual. She deeply cares for her friends, being very supportive and often putting their needs above her own, going to great lengths to ensure they get what she thinks is best for them. However, due to this, Kanan can fail to realize the others' feelings the same way she does, and she will go to the same lengths to hide the truth if it will hurt the person. This particularly caused her friend, Mari, to accept the chance of studying abroad when in reality she didn't want to, as Mari was content with being with her friends.

After Mari goes to study abroad, this causes Kanan to live with the weight of her lie, acting much more distant and aloof to Mari when she returns a year and a half later to Uranohoshi. When Mari learns the truth in Season 1 Episode 9, confronting Kanan and expressing how much she cares for her, Kanan finally reconciles with her old friend, stops being distant, and becomes friendly once again.

Due to the fact the Second Years are considered "the heart" of Aqours, Kanan has some difficulty relating to the First Years', which is shared with Mari; this is due to her preference for the outdoors and for sports. Season 2 Episode 2 explores this, and after a rainy evening forces the girls to stay indoors, the First and Third Years' are able to relate to the others, with Kanan seemingly relating to Hanamaru Kunikida the most.

While athletic, mature and composed, Kanan has a sweet and soft personality. She is also afraid of strange, creaking sounds as seen in Season 2 Episode 2, and afraid of heights as seen in Season 2 Episode 8. She also likes hugs ever since her childhood, and will often hug her friends if given the opportunity, usually declaring her catchphrase "Hagu shiyo" (ハグしよ "Let's hug") before so.

Although Kanan is intelligent and level-headed, she doesn't get very good grades. This is due to her poor attendance at school due to the fact she must help her family with work; with that said, it's also seen she doesn't like reading and easily gets tired of it.

Clubs and Hobbies

She is talented in diving and ship handling, likely from being brought up in a diving-gear shop. She also loves astronomical observation and swimming.[1] She has incredible stamina as she often goes diving and jogs every morning, which causes the rest of Aqours to find it difficult to keep up with her. During practice, she leads the training of the group.


Kanan has an athletic figure. She has long, dark blue hair that she ties up into a high ponytail and purple eyes. She's often considered to be physically very attractive.

Other Data

Note: Dengeki G's Magazine is a monthly magazine that is part of the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! multimedia projects. As it is usually the first source of news for all major projects under these titles, its monthly sections will detail how the project has progressed over time. The issues are usually published a month ahead of time. For example, the July 2010 issue would've been released on 30th May 2010.
Official Introduction from Website[3]
Sunshine!! character intro - Matsuura Kanan.png

I, Matsuura Kanan, am a third year high-schooler helping out at her family's diving shop situated here in Uchiura. Uchiura's pride is in its green mountains and blue seas; the dazzling sun and white drifting clouds in the wide skies--- Just by looking at such a beautiful landscape, I feel content and happy every day. Ah, but there's also the presence of my childhood friends who understand me--- If I don't mention this I wonder if Chika will get angry? Hehe. My childhood friend Chika, is childish and a bit of a worrywart, but she's super energetic and always stands out with her quirky imagination--- Lately, she seems to have come up with something strange again. But, while swayed by the blue waves, thinking of nothing and swimming straight ahead, my mind somehow turned blank. 'Well for the time being, I've no choice but to help out with my cute childhood friend's plan', such an odd mood came over me.

Official Translation[4]

Sunshine!! translated character intro - Matsuura Kanan.png
Character Introduction (July 2015) [1]
Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 Matsuura Kanan Scan.jpg

Eeeh~ Me becoming a school idol!?
Geez, Chika's gone and said something weird yet again---
Reaaally, she's a girl who's always thinking about weird stuff.
I've known it ever since we were kids though--- Really, she's always putting on a cute face but her head's only full of wild ideas.
Like, ways to make star-sand on Uchiura's beach, or ways to raise a bridge all the way to the island where I live---
But well, the idea that if a bridge was raised on the beach, she would always be able to head over to Awashima to play with me--- It was cute enough that I was just a little bit happy about it.
At any rate, because there are very few children in this area, even though we're one year apart, I've had a lot of chances to be with Chika who loves sports as well as swimming in the sea. Our relationship is good--- Rather than that, it's more like we're almost inseparable? With something like that, we've always been together.
That's why, well, no matter what--- anything that one does, the other would be dragged into it. That's how we've been up until now.
Fufu. That's why, I've been dragged along to her beloved karaoke so many times even though I'm bad at it---
And now, this time it's school idols?
Well, 'such a rural, seaside village wouldn't have anything like idols' was something I thought but--- but, well, that girl said she wanted to try it, so for now I have no choice but to keep her company.
In such a place, if any high school student wants to try something--- we have to help each other out.
I have to help out at my family's diving school, and I live on an island, so even though I don't do any club activities, my time is limited.
Singing and dancing is--- something I never got a hold of.
If it's covering other bands, we might be able to do it... I think?
Something that intrigued me was Chika's revved up spirit, pumping a fist into the air and declaring that we would work hard and aim towards the μ's she aspired for.
In the first place, the Uranohoshi Girls' High School we go to is different from the Otonokizaka High School μ's attends, it's already been determined that it would be abolished.
Will we really be alright? Does that girl really understand---

Typical off-day schedule
Time Activity
6:00am: Wake up
6:30am: Breakfast
7:00am: Check weather forecast
8:00am: Shopping
9:00am: Check diving gear: Oxygen tanks, etc.
10:00am: Chika arrives!
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Diving
4:00pm: Bath
6:00pm: Dinner
9:00pm: Meet Chika at the beach
10:00pm: Go to bed
Aqours's Holiday (October 2015)[5]
Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Kanan.jpg

Caption: Won't you try--- taking a stroll with me in the middle of the blue sea?

Today's maximum depth is 22 meters, the visibility of the sea is good, the air and water temperatures are suitable, the waves are calm and the skies are clear--- it's really the best weather for diving! On days like these--- I think I'm really blessed to have been born here in Uchiura. Did you know? Here, where we live, the sea next to Uchiura is Suruga Bay--- a place famous for being the deepest bay in Japan. The depth is actually 2500 meters! If by some chance, you fell into such an ocean pocket while diving, you wouldn't last very long but--- Well, that should give you a sense of how deep it is. Here, there are also some strange sea creatures that can't be found elsewhere, and an extremely beautiful underwater scenery that just spreads out in front of you--- Aah, I want to show everyone♡ Ah, that's it, if you ever come, I'll be your buddy and give you a tour of everything! It'll be fine, there's nothing to be afraid of♡ I'll hold on to you tightly the whole time. Will you feel safe if I hold your hand as we dive? Let's take a walk together just the two of us, in the most beautiful, soundless, underwater world!

Aqours After School Talk - Kanan[6]
Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Kanan.png

Caption: Trying out dancing--- and finding that it was surprisingly fun is a new discovery! Come on, why don't you try dancing as well♡

When I first saw this costume, I really couldn't describe how I felt---
Could I really wear a costume this girly and fluttery? I thought of that but---
Just by trying it on once, even while thinking that, I became unexpectedly used to it♡
Right now, I'm mostly used to it, it seems as if dancing like an idol is also something that I've become used to.
After being invited by Chika, I started school idol activities without really thinking about it but--- it seems that I may unexpectedly have the aptitude for it.
And so, I put the costume on just like that, did things like dance practice with everyone else and--- somehow, I noticed that I was enjoying myself without realizing it.
Most especially, the times when we practice on the small beach in Uchiura are the greatest!! An energetic song and dance that resounds brightly across the blue skies and sea. I definitely wish--- that you would come see this at least once. I'm sure, that you'll feel like dancing together♡

OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (November 2015)[7]
Dengeki G's Magazine Nov 2015 Mari Kanan You.jpg

Matsuura Kanan
Caption: The fact that we would become idols just like this, somehow has a strangely wondrous feeling---

When Mari first moved onto the island--- I remember being rather surprised.
It was just, seeing a blonde girl in the countryside that is Uchiura was surprising enough, but to think that she was living on the island.
I was only mildly convinced when I heard that there was a girl from a resort hotel living on the island but--- if it was such a rich family, the fact that they would stay on such an island where it's impossible to get anywhere without taking a ferry was surprising.
Everyone's been gossiping about Mari being rich and beautiful, saying this and that but--- I don't pay heed to any of that.
It was just, when I saw the figure of Mari on one of her occasional horse-riding sessions on the island--- Somehow I felt she looked a bit good.
Just a bit--- cool♡
My hobby is diving, and Mari's is horse-riding, and in truth--- I'm certain these have absolutely no relation to being idols, but right now, that's what the two of us are and that really gives me a mysterious feeling. Even now, I still don't really understand how it came to be like this, but--- we're third-years. From here onward, we'll be taking care of everyone while doing our best!

Aqours 1st Center Election

Appealing For Votes[7]
Caption: I would be extremely happy if everyone could dance along with us!

Though even now I still don't understand school idols very well--- Just like this, we've sung our own song and tried dancing for the first time--- Thinking about that, I realized that it's a song which naturally just makes one smile! Hey, don't you feel that way too? Up until now, the most blissful times in life were always when I was alone looking out over the blue ocean but--- From here onwards, it looks like we'll be spending a lot more time together♪ That's why, I would be happy if you could dance together with us! With smiles that sparkle just like the sun glittering on the ocean♡ The center of our hearts, is you!!

Results Comments: 9th Place[8]
Caption: Once the season of the sea arrives, I want to do more activities!

Everyone who supported me, thank you! This round was unfavorable to the third-years--- Sorry, we'll work harder next time! Until it's the season of the sea which I love so much, I'll have no choice but to raise my rankings so I can do more gravure features♪

BACK STAGE PIN UP: School Idol's Offstage♡ (March 2016)[9]
Dengeki G's Magazine Mar 2016 Kanan Dia Hanamaru.jpg

Caption: Hey, we’re still doing 30 laps♡ Let’s aim for our dream, and say fight-oh!!!

Now come on, Dia, pretending you’re tired isn’t going to work on me♡
I’m not falling for it~♪
We haven’t run enough to even deserve the T in “tired,” anyway!
I might be a simple person, but if you act so out of breath after just 3 laps, I’m telling you I’ll know!
We’re just getting on our feet as school idols, and we’re inexperienced in all sorts of ways, so we have to have the stamina for at least 100 rounds of practice!
It’ll be okay, you’re the always-spirited Dia♡
Whatever you’ve decided to do once, you absolutely keep going until the end, and you succeed in whatever you do, and that willpower and spirit is there, despite what an amazing lady you are– I’ve always thought you were pretty great, you know?
So I believe you can do it, Dia!!
So, let’s go, okay?
We’ll shout enthusiastically, and train our abs at the same time!
Say, fight-oh! Fight-oh! Fight…
So that us third years can lead when everyone’s having a tough time– with sparkling smiles, we’re running straight through 30 laps♡

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
Dengeki G's Magazine Apr 2016 KoiAqua Dia Mari Kanan.jpg

Costume Reveal[10]
Caption: Just like the wind atop the spring sea, I wish our song could reach your heart.

When the new costume is caught in the wind and flutters about, the beautiful colors it makes are amazingly great! As always, the skirt length is terribly short--- Normally, I wear pants, and I'm a rather rough person so there are places that make me feel shy but--- Ahaha♡ It would be great if everyone could hear our new song soon. If you could sense the scent of the spring sea in Uchiura and sing along, that would be the greatest♡

Dengeki G's Magazine May 2016 Kanan Mari Dia.jpg

Purchase Bonus Art[11]
Caption: I haven't done anything like a date before so I don't know, but just this--- Being together is great, isn't it?

Ugh, this is troubling... Even if you tell me it's a date, I have never done anything like that before. Ah, that's right, how about having someone else come with us at first? For example--- Chika. That girl is energetic, so I think it'll definitely be more fun than being with just me--- But I guess that wouldn't be a date anymore huh. Ah, I'm somehow so nervous--- Won't you hold my hand? If you did that, I would feel a bit more at ease♡

Aqours Big Reveal: Member Introductions (Q&A) (June 2016)[12]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2016 Q&A Kanan Dia Mari.jpg

Caption: There are all sorts of girls here but I'll treat them all nicely---♡

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Up until now, I've always helped out at my family's diving shop business after school--- So all of a sudden, my life has changed towards dancing and singing. It's somehow still a bit embarrassing--- But the fun times I spend with everyone suddenly makes me feel like I've become a normal high schooler. Though I don't know where we can make it to--- Since it has come to this, we'll just have to follow Chika's words, aim for First Place and run straight ahead!

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls' High School?
Maybe because a lot of us are locals who have lived here for a long time, everyone knows each other well--- So regardless of differences in hobbies or personalities, I think it's a good school with an easygoing atmosphere. Maybe it's because we're surrounded by the vast ocean--- It feels like the details don't really matter? Hehe♡ Being able to dive into the sea anytime is great too, but maybe such things are more fitting for Chika and You?

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (July 2016)[13]
Dengeki G's Mag July 2016 Kanan.jpg

Caption: Being in the sea makes me feel free--- It makes me feel like I can go anywhere

Since childhood, I've been diving.
Without a doubt, the world within the sea has always been by my side.
The wide world beneath the waters is different from when you look at it from above--- If you enter and see it, it's a different space from what you imagine.
Blue as far as you can see, swaying back and forth--- Being wrapped up in a universe with neither gravity nor sound, I almost feel as though I've become a different existence from myself.
Izu's ocean is dark and blue.
Though, it's nothing like the bright seas of the southern islands, but there's all sorts of fish and sea creatures, and the rays of sunlight that quietly plunge into the waters. Almost silently--- it's always filled with the distant calming sounds of the waves.
On such a bright early summer day--- it feels as though I have become one of the creatures living within the sea too.
With this mermaid I have become--- I would be happy if someone would take a stroll with me within the sea someday---.

OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (August 2016)[14]
Dengeki G's Mag Aug 2016 Kanan Ruby.jpg

Matsuura Kanan
Caption: Come on, stretch your leg out--- It'll be alright. You tried your best to be stylish, right?

Come on, it's going to be alright now!
I've already put a plaster on, so you should be able to walk a little bit now♡
As a diver, I always have a first aid kit in preparation for all the little scrapes and injuries I get, so it's perfect for disinfecting wounds at times like these♪ I'm sure the pain will go away soon!
But even so, the prized sandals you bought in advance for this year's summer--- Huh.
Since I always wear sneakers and sandals bought from discount shops, it's not really my place to say--- Plus, I wear nothing but small beach sandals once it comes to summer!
It's really admirable that Ruby-chan always tries her best to be fashionable♡
Come on, cheer up?
It's alright. This happens to everyone when they wear brand-new shoes! Don't cry anymore♡
That's right, if you can't walk, how about I carry you on my back?
---Hehe♡ I guess that's indeed embarrassing♪
Then try your best for just a little bit more.
Everyone's waiting at the gathering point.
That's right, I'll cast a charm on you---.
Let Ruby-chan's pain fly away~! Fly away into the distant skies--- Bring Ruby's smile back~♪♪
Ah, you laughed--- But that's great, you finally smiled♡

Aqours's Gallery (November 2016)[15]
Dengeki G's Mag Nov 2016 Mari Dia Kanan 2.jpg

Caption: Our wish is for everyone--- to always have a smile on their face♡

When Chika first told me to become a school idol, I was nothing but surprised---.
At that time, I had absolutely no idea what was the right thing to do.
Thinking about it, at the start of it all, the three of us third years, Dia, Mari and myself, had no interest in school idols at all---.
We started out not having any interest, and not even knowing much about school idols.
Dia was the most ladylike in our town, a honor student who was also the student council president.
Mari was a free-wheeling girl of mixed-descent, who moved at her own pace and hated being part of any organizations.
And as for myself--- though I was just a simple local third year student, my daily life consisted of helping out with the family diving business--- so I was unexpectedly busy for a mere Ura Girls' student---.
The three of us, who were the furthest from the cuteness of idols no matter how you look at it, when we finally noticed it we were already like this--- standing in front of the camera wearing such cute costumes---.

"Jeez~ Come on, Kanan--- wipe that complex expression off your face--- Hey, when taking the photo, put on your cutest self, and show your self-confidence--- Ready? Let's smile~!"

Before I had noticed it, I was smiling widely enough to match Mari's positive voice for the photo.
To think that I would be able to make such a smile now---.
School idols are really amazing.
Chika mentioned this earlier too.
The power of an idol is a wonderous one, giving everyone smiles, courage and energy. That's why they always put on the greatest smiles they can.
Maybe--- I might have been the first one to receive that power from Chika.
That's why, I too--- am somehow able to convey that power to everyone today.
"Ah jeez, if it's come to this, I'll just have to toss my embarrassment aside and look directly at the camera--- Ready? Okay, cheese!!"
After yelling that, I pushed myself closer to Dia.
"Kanan-chan, isn't saying 'cheese' a bit old-fashioned?"
From here onwards, I'll work hard to become more and more like a cute school idol---.

Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2017 HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Bonus Art 1.jpg

Travel Comments[16]

When spring comes and it’s getting warmer, doesn’t it just make you want to go somewhere far away?♡ Even when you can’t travel, you embark on something new - to me, spring is definitely the season of new beginnings. Soon, before I get busy with diving again, I want to travel with you♡

Places I would like to travel to: Maldives, Palau and the Great Barrier Reef.

 Aqours's Gallery (June 2017)[17]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2017 Kanan.jpg

Caption: Wow-- don't look so much..! If you don't stop, I'll have to splash you~♪

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (August 2017)[18]
Dengeki G's Mag Aug 2017 Kanan.jpg


Aqours's Gallery (October 2017)[19]
Dengeki G's Mag Oct 2017 Kanan.jpg


Aqours's Gallery (February 2018)[20]
Dengeki G's Mag Feb 2018 Kanan Ruby Riko.jpg


OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We'll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (March 2018)[21]
Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2018 Kanan You.jpg

Matsuura Kanan

Question & Answer Corner
Tell us the 3 spots you like best in Uchiura![1]

The small but beautiful white sandy beach, Awashima, the school pool where you can see Mt. Fuji, and the small dam next to the bus-stop beneath the school's Mt. Mikan. Ah, it became four places by accident. Also, the open-air bath at Chika's family ryokan which has a great view of Mt. Fuji!.. This is--- kinda like advertising? But it's true--- It's a great time whenever all of us members enter that bath after practice ♡

When you enter the bath, where do you begin washing first?[1]

Eeeh~ You're asking this!? Since I run this diving shop with my grandfather, as well as live with him, I've had a lot of experience going into the sea since I was young. And so, I've gotten used to washing my hair first, I guess? And then continue in order from the top! Geez, such a thing--- shouldn't be asked right ♪

You live alone with your grandfather, but are you on good terms with him?[22]
Asked by 紫鮫さん @Twitter

Yep, we're good friends~! My grandfather is a bit of an oddball, but he's extremely knowledgeable about things like the sea and the weather, and he's unexpectedly small so he's quite popular. Ah, and, he's well-liked by Mari and You too (lol). Anyway, he likes the sea--- He likes sea creatures, he's wrinkled by sunburn and is a man of a few words, but he's quite a carefree person. He's good at making seafood meals♡

When I'm diving, I'm afraid of getting sun-burnt, do you have any tips to prevent sunburn?[13]
Asked by ともちさん @Twitter

Actually, whenever I dive, I always wear wet-suits, so I end up being sun-burnt less often than normal girls who swim in their swimsuits♡ That's why if you actually look, my skin's unexpectedly light--- Fufufu♡ Want to take a look? However, my face is still prone to sunburn as expected, so I apply lots of sunscreen♪

Do you do full-fledged astronomical observations with a telescope?[14]
Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter

Yes♪ Though it's nothing that fancy--- I have a Vixen telescope that I bought in my middle-school years with all the money I pooled together from working part-time at my family's diving shop. It even has the name "Hainan 1" given by Chika-chan but--- Hehe. You can see the stars pretty well in Izu's night sky, so I hope you could come see it someday♡

Please walk us through a typical day at your marine (diving) shop.[15]
Asked by トウメイキンギョさん

I get up early in the morning, and I check the weather and wind speed out at sea. After that I make sure all the air tanks I use for diving are working properly, before preparing and checking on the other equipment. In the mornings I keep an eye on the boat during diving training, and I serve as a guide and instructor for customers who take up our diving tours in the afternoon. ♡

Please tell us about the thrill of diving![15]
Asked by Razuさん

How should I put it - it’s a liberating and buoyant feeling you get from being able to swim freely anywhere in the sea, and you get to admire the absolute beauty of the ocean, really. ♡ I definitely think you should give it a try~♪ Being immersed in a quiet world of blue water - it kinda makes you feel like you’ve become another creature altogether!

Which part of the day is Kanan the most relaxed?[15]
Asked by りんくさん

I guess it would be after a day’s worth of diving and resurfacing for the last time of the day, finally being able to take off the tank and the BC (buoyancy control) jacket and taking a rest on an inflatable boat, the best moment is when I finally get that wet suit off my upper body! Ufufu - did I go into too much detail? Sorry about that ♡ But really, it’s pretty much the same as swimming in an ordinary pool - the relief you get from finally being able to relax after tiring yourself out in the water is the ab-so-lute best, right? ♪

I would like to see the stars - how would you recommend I best see them?[15]
Asked by ゆーろさん

The most important thing when seeing the stars is to consider the season and location, after all. I would recommend places with rural lit streets like Uchiura, and specifically the dark places with few light sources in the city - for example, like on top of a clear breezy mountain. Even though the stars are best seen with a telescope, it’s also fun to see the stars with the naked eye. ♡ Specifically, I like the starry night skies in the winter.

Please tell us more about the delicious seafood in Uchiura and Numazu![15]
Asked by かっちゃんさん

I’d recommend the kinmedai from Izu! It’s a red-scaled golden-eyed snapper with a fairly big head, which is often prepared by boiling in soy sauce. It’s a classic dish on the menu at the inn at Chika’s place. As for our usual dried seafood, I’d recommend the Sakura shrimp. I’d recommend having the Sakura shrimp in a rice bowl with plenty of soy sauce. It’s full of calcium. ♪

Other than the seas of Numazu, are there any other places you would like to go diving?[15]
Asked by ともちさん

I want to dive in the seas of Okinawa the most! The islands of Ishigaki and Iriomote are very beautiful, and I’ve heard good things about them from our customers, so I’d like to spend an entire month there and dive everyday. ♡ Also I’d like to go to Palau and the Maldives~ Even though it’s expensive to travel there, I really want to go to those two places one day.

Are there any stars or constellations you like?[23]
Asked by 燃え上がれ、俺の小宇宙よ!さん

I like the winter constellations, because the sky is clear and you can see the stars quite well--- And though it might be overly common, I like the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations♡ Back in elementary school--- When I first found them during the early moths of the winter constellation, I was moved by how those two were easy to find--- and came to like stars because of that. It tells us the position of the North Star even when out at sea, isn't that role romantic?



LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 3 Matsuura Kanan】


ENG SUB Love Live! Sunshine!! New Years Greeting - Kanan Matsuura


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Greetings from Matsuura Kanan[24] 2:34


The songs featuring Kanan are:


Aqours (Group)

AZALEA (Sub-unit)

Duo & Trio



Ep. Title
01 "I Want to Shine!!"
(輝きたい!! "Kagayakitai!!")
LLSS S1Ep1 157.png
In Episode 1, Uranohoshi Girls' High School student Chika Takami discovered the school idol group μ's while trying to catch a runaway flyer. Having had looked for something to devote her all to for a long time, she was inspired and decided to form her own school idol group.

After third year student and student council president Dia Kurosawa denied Chika permission to form a school idol club, Chika and You took the ferry to meet up with Kanan Matsuura. Due to her help still being needed at home, Kanan told them she would not be re-entering school for a while longer. Chika was disappointed as she wanted Kanan to join the school idol club. The three of them saw a helicopter flying past, in which Mari Ohara was sitting.

02 "Catch the Transfer Student!"
(転校生をつかまえろ! "Tenkousei o Tsukamaero!")
LLSS S1Ep2 163.png
In Episode 2, Kanan took You, Chika and Riko Sakurauchi out diving. Riko at first had troubles using her imagination to hear the sound of the ocean as per Kanan’s advice. Diving down again, Chika and You pointed to a spot where the sunlight hit the water, and the three of them managed to experience the sound of the ocean.
03 "First Step"
(ファーストステップ "Faasuto Suteppu")
LLSS S1Ep3 242.png
In Episode 3, before their concert, Aqours worried about people not attending due to the rain. They laughed it off and stood behind the stage's curtain, hand in hand. However, when the curtains raised, they only had a small group of audience. Included in the audience were Mari, Ruby, Hanamaru, and a disguised Yoshiko Tsushima. Despite this, they continued their concert and performed "Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!" while Kanan and Dia listened from outside the gym.
04 "Two Girls' Feelings"
(ふたりのキモチ "Futari no Kimochi")
LLSS S1Ep4 085.png
In episode 4, a surprised Kanan got a visit from Mari, who explained she had come to scout Kanan as a school idol. The two were revealed to already know each other, and the scene concluded with Mari sighing at Kanan’s stubbornness.

Kanan impressed the second years with her stamina, running past them as they were trying to raise their own stamina by running up stairs like μ's.

06 "Let's Make a PV"
(PVを作ろう "PV o Tsukurou")
LLSS S1Ep6 138.png
In episode 6, Kanan payed Mari a visit to ask about the school shutting down, to which Mari replied that it was something they would have to fight for, and that she wanted Kanan to fight again.

On her way to the clubroom Chika spotted Dia on stage in the empty auditorium. While she did decline Chika’s offer of joining the school idol club, Dia stated she was happy that they wanted to save the school. As Dia was leaving the room, Ruby stopped Chika from calling out to her, and a flashback showed the third years seemingly right before a school idol performance. Mari showed up and told Dia "you can’t run away, only move forward", but Dia denied she had been trying to run away.

In accordance with Uchiura tradition, all the town members gathered early in the morning of the first day of beach season to make and release floating lanterns. Riko, for whom it was the first time experiencing the tradition, talked about how she did not realize there were so many people living in the town and suggested that maybe that was the special thing about Uchiura and Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Hearing this, Chika gathered everyone’s attention and introduced Aqours, saying they needed the help of everyone in town to save their school. "Yume de Yozora o Terashitai" was performed as an insert song by the currently six Aqours members, thus concluding the episode.

08 "Isn't it Frustrating?"
(くやしくないの? "Kuyashikunai no?")
LLSS S1Ep8 137.png
In episode 8, Kanan met up with Mari after hearing that Aqours had come in last place at the event. She asked Mari what she was going to do, and said saving the school by winning Love Live! was impossible. Mari asked if giving up was a better option, and Kanan walked off the scene saying it was indeed better to do so before someone got hurt, ignoring Mari’s open arms. A crying Mari was left behind, set on regaining the feeling she had had with Kanan and Dia in their school idol group two years prior.
09 "Young DREAMER"
LLSS S1Ep9 202.png
In episode 9, a flashback showed Kanan quitting the third years’ school idol group after their return from Tokyo. She mentioned Mari’s turning down an opportunity to study abroad and also said Dia agreed with her there was no point in them continuing.

After the six members of Aqours tried to figure out what to do for the upcoming summer festival, Chika wondered what made Kanan (who had been evasive when Chika asked her about it) quit being a school idol since she did not think it was like Kanan to quit just because of one failure. Ruby revealed she had heard Dia speaking to Mari back then, saying neither Dia nor Kanan were running away.

On one of her early morning walks Kanan was followed by the school idol club, who overheard Kanan and Mari talking about Kanan’s returning to school. However, Kanan said she was not going to become a school idol again and that she did not want to talk to Mari any more.

At school, Kanan and Mari got into a heated argument, which made Chika burst into the room and yell at them to break it up, and to come to the club room of the school idol club after school. There, Kanan continued to claim that the fact she could not sing in Tokyo was the reason she had quit being a school idol. Once she had left the room, the other girls pushed Dia into revealing that Kanan did not sing at the event to prevent Mari from performing with an injury, and that she quit being a school idol because she did not want Mari turning down other opportunities.

Crying, Mari sprinted out into the rain, and ended up at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Kanan joined her there and Mari said they needed to talk. She shared her feelings, and slapped Kanan, saying she shouldn’t take it lightly that Mari cared about her. Kanan answered she should tell her straight if that was the way she felt, and the two of them hugged.

Aqours convinced Dia to join them, Chika saying they’d all help out if juggling school idol duties and student council president duties got too much, and Ruby handing her a stage costume. All nine girls performed “Mijuku DREAMER” as an insert song, and Dia turned out to be the one who wrote “Aqours” in the sand, it being the same name the third years’ previous idol group had.

10 "We've Got Stewshine"
(シャイ煮はじめました "Shai-ni Hajimemashita")
LLSS S1Ep10 082.png
In episode 10, summer vacation began for the now nine members of Aqours. Summer is the season of the Love Live! competition, and Dia had somehow managed to get her hands on the training schedule μ's used when they were active. Since Kanan and Chika had been asked to help run a snack bar on the beach, the members decided to camp at the Takami family inn in order to make time for practice.

Initially intimidated by a competing snack bar on the beach, Dia quickly took charge and assigned tasks once she received encouragement from Mari. Riko, Chika and Kanan begun advertising in order to draw in customers, seemingly somewhat unwillingly. Meanwhile, You, Yoshiko and Mari started cooking the food.

With everyone exhausted after attempting to train the way μ's did, they all sat down to eat Mari’s Stewshine and Yoshiko’s Tears of a Fallen Angel takoyaki that had not sold during the day.

Aqours's second day of managing the snack bar wasn’t all too successful either, but everyone enjoyed the curry You made using both Mari’s and Yoshiko’s culinary creations. Dia tried to hold a lesson on Love Live! history, but it was cut short due to Chika’s sister Mito thinking they were being too loud.

11 "Aye-aye, My Friend"
(友情ヨーソロー "Yuujou Yousoro")
LLSS S1Ep11 219.png
In episode 11, all the members of Aqours saw Riko off as she left for Tokyo to compete in a piano competition that would take place the same day as the regional Love Live! qualifiers. They made the promise to sing together on the same stage next time.

As “special practice”, Dia got the eight of them to help clean up the school’s pool, and once they finished they decided to practice their dance in the empty pool. With Riko missing, Aqours needed to adjust their formation, and opted for You to fill in Riko’s spot.

The night of the Love Live! qualifiers and Riko’s piano competition, everyone wore the matching scrunchies Riko had sent as bracelets. Riko played her piece at the competition, and the remaining eight Aqours members performed “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare” on stage.

12 "It's Time to Fly"
(はばたきのとき "Habataki no Toki")
LLSS S1Ep12 189.png
In episode 12, the members of Aqours were happy and relieved to find out they made it through the regional qualifiers of the Love Live! after a nervous wait. While the video of their performance had gotten a lot of views and comments, the number of applicants for the school’s open house was still zero.

Chika couldn’t help but compare Aqours to μ's, and wondered if the school idols she looked up to weren’t regular people after all. Calling the other Aqours members, she suggested they’d all go to Tokyo before Riko went back home, and try to figure out what made μ's great.

In Tokyo, Chika had arranged for Aqours to meet up with Saint Snow, who told Chika and the others they did not know what made μ's and A-RISE different. To them, what mattered was winning and following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Together, both groups watched the announcement of the Love Live! finals being held at the Akiba Dome on the screen outside the UTX High School building.

At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School. They learned that μ's had not left anything from their school idol days at Otonokizaka, saying their hearts would be connected even without those things. Chika and Riko said the visit had brought them closer to the answer of their question.

On the train back to Numazu, the nine of them took a stop to look at the sea. Chika said that they couldn’t compare themselves to μ's, and all of the members started realizing that they had to run freely, stand on their own feet and not chase after someone else in order to become great. They decided that what they were running towards was turning the zero into a one.

13 "Sunshine!!"
(サンシャイン!! "Sanshain!!")
LLSS S1Ep13 241.png
In episode 13, Aqours were practicing for the Love Live! regionals during the hot days of summer vacation. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for Uranohoshi Girls’ High School was still zero. At the end of the day, Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi showed up to tell Chika that they, along with other people in the school, were also interested in saving the school and had thought about becoming school idols. Chika invited them to sing with Aqours at the Love Live!.

The nine members of Aqours met up with Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi, who brought with them an abundance of other Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students. However, everyone’s excitement was restrained when Riko announced that the rules said only the people who had applied initially would be allowed on stage. In the end, although only Aqours would be on stage, all the other girls decided to cheer them on from the audience.

Before their performance, the school idol club members reflected on their time together. Ruby and Hanamaru were embraced by Yoshiko, while Mari, Kanan and Dia thanked each other for getting this far, and Chika told You and Riko she wanted to enjoy everything the future had in store together. Proclaiming there weren’t just nine of them, Chika opened the door to the stage.

Prior to performing their song, Aqours introduced themselves by telling the audience their story and their goal. When they counted to nine, part of the audience yelled “ten”, pronouncing their being the tenth member of the group.

Halfway through the performance of “MIRAI TICKET”, Chika called out for everyone to shine together with them. The Aqours supporters of the audience ran down to stand next to the stage, creating a circle of blue light sticks around it. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for the school flipped from zero to one.

Ep. Title
01 "Next Step"
(ネクストステップ "Nekusuto Suteppu")
LLSS S2Ep1 182.png
In episode 1, Mari and Dia were motivating the student body, including the rest of Aqours, to work hard at attracting students to the school this term, too. Chika showed up just when the upcoming Love Live! was mentioned, and they all decided Aqours was going to participate.

During their regular afternoon practice session on the roof, the girls started discussing holding a concert at the open house. Realizing they would not be able to stay as long at school with the buses’ fall timetable, they set out to find a place to practice in Numazu. Kanan seemed to take note of Mari not acting like her usual self.

Mari was confronted by Kanan who wondered what had been bothering her. Mari initially lied and tried to evade the question, but eventually opened up to Kanan.

The next day at school, Aqours revisited the issue of a new practice space. Without anyone noticing the third years suddenly disappeared. Dia overheard Mari and Kanan talking and realized the truth they were trying to protect her from.

In a locale made available to the group thanks to You’s father, the third years revealed that the open house had been cancelled, and the decision about the school merger made final. Chika reacted strongly, saying she would personally seek Mari’s father out and convince him to change his mind, but let it go when the others explained to her how there was nothing to be done. Disheartened, the girls went home.

When Chika showed up at school early to tell the universe she was not going to give up yet, she was surprised to find the rest of Aqours followed a similar impulse and were there, too. Together, they decided to keep working toward their goal no matter how impossible it may seem. They were going to aim for a miracle.

02 "The Sound of Rain"
(雨の音 "Ame no Oto")
LLSS S2Ep2 178.png
In episode 2, Aqours got the news that the school would stay open for another year if the number of prospective students was raised to at least one hundred. Although this initially sounded like to much for them to handle, Chika motivated them by saying they should not worry about whether it was possible, but rather simply make it happen.

With the Love Live! coming up sooner than expected, the second years found the workload of having to create two songs at once difficult to handle. To make it easier on them, everyone decided to split the workload and had the second years create a song for the open house while the third and first years created one to perform at the Love Live!.

While Chika, Riko and You headed for Chika’s house to work on their song, the rest of the girls initially tried Mari’s home as a work space, but found the extravagance there too distracting. Having moved somewhere more understated, they discovered that the differing tastes of the third contra the first years made it difficult to agree on lyrics and music for the song.

Ruby sent a text to Chika, Riko and You, who so far had not come up with anything either, asking them to come at once. In order to better work together, the first and third years decided to spend some time together try to get to know each other better.

Having tried a couple of activities together, it was clear that the two groups did not find the same things fun. Needing to seek shelter from a sudden rainstorm, the girls headed to a temple nearby as per Hanamaru’s suggestion.

Revisiting the idea of creating a song together, it still seemed hopeless until the ceiling started leaking. Together, they all helped place plates and pots on the floor to catch the water, and found that although the tones and tempo of the different raindrops were out of tune, they all came together to create music.

When all nine girls regrouped, celebrating the two completed songs, Mari received a phone call.

03 "Rainbow"
( "Niji")
LLSS S2Ep3 125.png
In Episode 3, a new problem arose. The school open house was postponed by a week, putting both the Love Live! qualifiers and the open house on the same Sunday.

Aqours tried to find a way to travel between the two venues in time to perform at both events, without luck. With going by boat and by helicopter both out of the question, it seemed the only possible way to make it in time would be to perform as the first group and catch a bus.

As the order of the performances would be decided by lottery, the group decided to let Yoshiko do the honors. Much to everyone’s disappointment, they ended up as the 24th group to perform. The group thought the only option left was to choose just one event, but could not decide on one. The next day Chika and Riko suggested they split the group and perform at both events, to which the group reluctantly agreed.

When Sunday finally came, Chika, Riko, You, Dia and Ruby were overjoyed to be joined by the other four onstage for the performance of MY Mai☆TONIGHT. Confused when the second years immediately ran off after the song ended, the group found out Chika had arranged for them to use a monorail for mikan transport to travel back to school. With this and help of their school mates, they made it back in time to perform Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? at the open house.

04 "Don't Call Me Dia-san"
(ダイヤさんと呼ばないで "Dia-san to Yobanaide")
LLSS S2Ep4 084.png
In episode 4, Chika woke up in an unusually happy mood. In reply to the other girls’ queries about why she was not nervous to see whether or not they had passed the Love Live! qualifiers, she stated she was sure they would pass, something that proved true moments later. In celebrating their success, Dia noticed how her fellow third years seemed to be getting along well with the younger students, while she still felt a disconnect.

Chika’s mood fell with the realization that Aqours was out of funds after the recent performances. As they turned both to the gods and Mari’s family in a futile effort to get more money, Dia felt left out when Mari and Kanan both were adressed more informally than she was.

After they had parted with the others, Dia tried to tell Mari and Kanan how she felt. When they got too close to the truth however, she became defensive and made it sound like she thought it was inappropriate for them to be too close with the first and second year girls. They were not fooled by this, and hoped Dia would come along soon.

Forced to come up with an idea to replace the one she shot down, Dia led the group into setting up a stand at a flea market. Once again, her expectations of getting close to the others and being addressed informally fell short as she became upset with the rest of the girls not handling the task in the same way she would.

Afterwards, Chika noticed how there seemed to be something wrong with Dia and spoke of her concerns to Kanan, who said she and Mari would take care of it. As the two confronted Dia, she finally admitted that she would like to be adressed more informally in order to feel closer to the others. The other two teased her about this, but when they met up at Izu Mito Sea Paradise the next day they suggested she use the time they would spend working together to show her less formal side to the others.

Dia tried her best to make small-talk and play around, becoming increasingly frustrated as the others took this to mean she was angry or upset with something. Finally, Mari and Kanan told the others what was going on, explaining how Dia, despite her cold exterior, gets lonely easily. When a class of kindergartners at the aquarium ran amok, Dia took control of the situation by being authoritative but not as harsh as usual.

At the end of the day, Aqours gathered. Chika told Dia that it was best if she acted like herself, and how they all appreciate her for who she is. Dia accepted this, and was delighted to finally be addressed with the preferred honorific.

05 "Taking in A Dog"
(犬を拾う。 "Inu o Hirou.")
LLSS S2Ep5 071.png
In episode 5, Aqours had to cut their practice short due to the rain. Yoshiko was offered a ride with the others but said no as she lived nearby.

The group gathered at Chika’s house to decide on a theme for their performance in the Love Live! regionals. While the girls were discussing trying new things for this performance, they noticed Yoshiko had gone home early without warning.

A few days later, the members of Aqours became concerned with Yoshiko and Riko's weird behavior.

06 "Aqours WAVE"
(Aqours WAVE)
LLSS S2Ep6 132.png
In episode 6, the venue for the Love Live! regional preliminaries was revealed to be the same as during the last Love Live!. Meanwhile, the third years worried that their deadline for raising the number of prospective students was drawing close.

During practice, everyone was happy to discover Aquors on a list of groups most likely to make the national competition. Before they had time to finish celebrating, the less good news that success in the regionals would rely heavily on the number of students in the school hit them.

Later at night, Dia and Mari discovered that Kanan had been thinking about the move that cost the first Aqours its place in the Love Live! finals. Kanan thought their idea of trying it again was nothing but harmful. After she tried to throw the notebook containing the move into the sea, Mari dove in to retrieve it.

Chika brought the question of what made Aqours special up at practice, prompting Mari to introduce the move to the rest of the group, much to Kanan’s dismay. Despite Kanan’s warnings that it would be the most difficult for the center, Chika said she would be able to do it.

As Chika was struggling to learn the move, everyone became increasingly more worried that she was pushing herself too far. After almost a week of endless trying and failing, she agreed to Kanan’s demand that she give up if she could not do it come next morning.

Determined to make it work, Chika spent the night on the beach practicing. Despite Riko, You and the first years coming to cheer her on, she failed and felt that she had not accomplished anything. Riko and You reminded her that she had forgotten to thank herself for how far they had come already. As Chika was getting ready to try the move one last time the third years showed up, and the episode concluded with Chika perfectly landing the move during the performance of MIRACLE WAVE at the Love Live! regional preliminaries.

07 "The Time Left"
(残された時間 "Nokosareta Jikan")
LLSS S2Ep7 161.png
In episode 7, Aqours was announced to be one of the groups in the Love Live! finals. The video of their performance had been doing well, the only problem was that the number of applicants for the school was not rising as hoped.

Calling in another favor from Mari’s father, the girls managed to get an extension until 5 AM the next morning. Chika initially was eager to do anything she could to help make the number rise, but was talked out of it by the rest of the girls.

By 1 AM, there still were only 87 applications. Becoming more and more desperate and restless, they sent out the first years to buy something to eat. They were still six applicants short by the final hour, and Riko, Chika, You and Kanan screamed out their frustration outside. Everyone was on edge waiting for the last two applications to drop in during the last minute. Finally, the application page shut down.

The next day, Mari announced the news to the rest of the school. Aqours initially tried to ignore what had happened and commence practice as usual, but stopped when Chika started crying. They decided to call it a day and take some time to think about whether they still wanted to partake in the Love Live!.

Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara was performed as an insert song while everyone took to their respective houses to consider what to do next. Meeting up the next morning, the nine girls agreed that they would never manage to shine as school idols when they had not succeeded in saving their school. At this moment, the rest of the student body showed up saying that they would like for their school to be remembered through Aqours, and convinced the girls not to end their journey yet.

LLSS S2Ep8 018.png
In episode 8, Aqours were invited to Hakodate to attend the Hokkaido Love Live! preliminaries as guests. Before the competition, they visited Saint Snow in their dressing room. Chika accepted Sarah Kazuno’s challenge to bring their best to the Love Live! finals, but Ruby noticed that something seemed to be the matter with Leah.

During Saint Snow’s performance, they made a mistake in the choreography and fell on stage, which ended up costing them their spot in the finals. When Aqours went back to their dressing room, they had already left.

The Uchiura girls went sightseeing in Hakodate, and ended up at the restaurant where Sarah and Leah Kazuno worked. At dinner the sisters’ fight about Leah wanting to disband Saint Snow resurfaced. In contrast to the other Aqours members, Ruby seemed to understand Leah’s feelings, saying she probably was afraid being a school idol would not be worth it without her sister.

09 "Awaken the power"
(Awaken the power)
LLSS S2Ep9 067.png
In episode 9, the first years told the rest of Aqours they would be staying behind for a while, neglecting to mention the actual reason they were doing so. On the plane ride home, Dia was having trouble making her peace with the idea of not having Ruby with her.

Back in Uchiura, Chika told the others how she suspected the first years might be working on something of their own. The next day, Mari recieved an email from Ruby.

Ruby and Leah finally revealed their secret to their sisters, and the rest of Aqours were acting mysteriously about also showing up in Hakodate. At the event, Saint Aqours Snow performed Awaken the power.

10 "Finding a Way to Shine"
(シャイニーを探して "Shainii o Sagashite")
LLSS S2Ep10 177.png
In episode 10, Mari remembered how she tried to wish on a shooting star with Kanan and Dia when they were little, but failed to do so beacause of the sudden rain.

On New Year’s Day, Aqours were paid a visit by Saint Snow to help them practice. After Aqours switched their kimono for more appropriate practice wear, they were pushed hard by Sarah and Leah.

The guests were surprised to find out the students of Uranohoshi had failed to save their school from the merger, but were quick to show their support. Mari recieved a phone call from her parents offering her the position as director at the new school. Due to already having plans for next year she turned the offer down, making everyone aware of their limited time left together.

Later that night, Mari, Dia and Kanan met up and shared a heartfelt moment of wishing they did not have to part ways after graduation. They reminisced on Mari sneaking out and threatening to disown her parents as an elementary school student, and while they were happy to realize they had taught each other a lot, their attempts to make a wish were once again hindered by downpour.

Interrupting Chika in her celebration of getting a New Year’s gift, albeit not the one she asked for, the third years gathered the rest of Aqours for a late night drive to find shooting stars. Arriving at a plateau, the rain still had not stopped. Just as the girls wished to be together forever in spite of this, promising to work on making the sky visible, the episode concluded with the clouds clearing up to reveal a night sky full of shooting stars.

11 "Uranohoshi Girls' High School"
(浦の星女学院 "Uranohoshi Jogakuin")
LLSS S2Ep11 250.png
In episode 11, Aqours and the rest of the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School were preparing for the School Closing Festival set for the next day. Chika, You and Riko set up an arch at the entrance, Mari set up a stand to serve an improved version of her Stewshine dish, and it turned out Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu were the ones to suggest holding the festival.

Preparations continued, with Hanamaru and Yoshiko working together, Ruby making costumes and Dia putting aside her student council duties to focus on the event. Everything was going smoothly until Shiitake turned up at school, setting everyone back by destroying some of the decorations. To give students more time to finish preparations, Mari arranged for transport home with the help of her family.

The next day at the festival, everyone’s hard work paid off. Chika walked around school seeing Kanan and You’s underwater showcase, Ruby and Dia’s Love Live! Quiz, Yoshiko, Hanamaru and Riko’s fortune telling stand, as well as her older sisters’ serving grilled mikan. At the end of the day, Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu showed an impressive balloon display.

After the festival, the students all gathered around a bonfire. Mari spoke about how much the school had meant to her, and ended up voicing her regret about not being able to save it through tears. The student body cheered her up by showing their support for Aqours through a chant, and finally they all sang together.

12 "Sea of Light"
(光の海 "Hikari no Umi")
LLSS S2Ep12 322.png
In episode 12, the members of Aqours met up at school, and set off toward the Love Live! Final in Tokyo. Arriving in Tokyo, the girls headed to Kanda Shrine, where they prayed for good fortune in the competition and realized many other school idols had done the same. Before leaving, they met Saint Snow, and Sarah asked Chika if they wanted to win the Love Live!.

Back at the inn, they started a pillow fight to take their thoughts off of the upcoming performance. Chika, You and Riko decided that come tomorrow they would all go their separate ways before meeting up at the venue.

In the morning, Chika asked the other members of Aqours if they wanted to win the Love Live!. After going on their respective excursions, the third years crossed paths and reminisced on their past, present and future. Finally, all nine girls ran toward the concert as a group, and did one final Aqours chant together before performing WATER BLUE NEW WORLD at the Love Live!.

13 "Our Own Radiance"
(私たちの輝き "Watashitachi no Kagayaki")
LLSS S2Ep13 341.png
In episode 13, the day had finally come for the combined graduation and school closing ceremony. At school, Kanan talked to Chika about keeping the memories of Aqours in her heart forever.

Dia was surprised to find out Mari had arranged for the students to paint farewell messages on the school walls, and the student body arrived at the ceremony splattered with paint. Mari handed out diplomas to the graduating students, and Dia held a speech as student council president. To conclude the ceremony, Aqours announced their Love Live! victory, and Aozora Jumping Heart was used as an insert song.

Afterwards, Aqours and the other students went around the school to close doors and finish saying their goodbyes, to each other and to the school. You and Riko were in the music room, Yoshiko, Hanamaru and Ruby in their classroom, Kanan and Dia in Mari’s office giving her her diploma, and Chika closed the door to the club room. Finally, Chika was about to break down in tears as she was closing the school gates, but received help from her friends.

Some time later, Chika went to the school auditorium and found Aqours, including the third years who had come back to sing together one last time. For their last performance, Aqours sang WONDERFUL STORIES.


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  • The name Kanan means "fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed" (果) (ka) and "south" (南) (nan).
  • Kanan's surname Matsuura means "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu) and "inlet, bay, gulf, creek, cove" (浦) (ura).


  • Kanan fulfills the pure attribute of the Aqours third years.
  • In real life, Kanan's diving shop is based on the frog museum in Awashima Marine Park.
  • Kanan is the second character to be slapped by her childhood friend, the first being Honoka Kosaka.


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