Kasumi Nakasu is one of the eleven main characters of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a first year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is pastel yellow. She is a member of QU4RTZ, a unit under the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.


Kasumi has always dreamed of becoming an idol, however, due to self-doubt, she never made it very far. She wants to become a school idol so that she can participate in activities with a senpai she adores. Along with Karin Asaka and Setsuna Yuki, she works with Dengeki Online.


Kasumi loves all things cute, and her love for idols is unrivaled in strength and inspiration. Kasumi wants to be number one in any competition she's in, and often resorts to cheating or even sabotage to achieve that goal. As a consequence, she is a sore loser whenever she achieves anything other than first place.

She hates the nickname Kasukasu (かすかす) which roughly translates to "just barely" or "not quite", and gets in a bad mood when referred to with it.

Kasumi spends a lot of her time scheming or thinking up new ways to ensure her own victory; however, these plans often fail or aren't as devious as she thinks.

Kasumi can also be considerate of her fellow idols and is seen doing things to cheer them up or to be nice to them. For example, she tries to rile up the group when Ayumu Uehara is nervous before their live, and exchanges genuine Christmas gifts with the Dengeki Online group.

Clubs and Hobbies

She enjoys making bread and watching idol videos. Her favorite school subjects are science and home economics, but she dislikes classical literature and history.

Other Data

Official Introduction from Website[1]
PDP Character Intro - Kasumi Nakasu
Hello—! It’s everyone’s idol, Kasumin!

I’m aiming to become Japan’s top idol, so I’m working hard every day at my singing and dance lessons!
  Of course, I’m also secretly working to become cuter—.
  I also send rivals scandalous information about them, and stealthily put coppepan [bread rolls] into their shoes: they’re perfect crim—wait, hold on, that’s a secret!
  C-cough! A-anyway, this is Kasumin signing off; please support me!

Official Introduction from Dengeki Online Website[2]

Aaaaa! You discovered me, senpai!

Jeez, you were taking photos here, right? For those videos? [TL note: referring to the PDP members’ self-introduction comments. It seems that in-world, they’re actually videos.]

Eh? Where did I hear that? From someone in your class—.

I pretended to cry a little—well, actually, I said, "It feels like senpai is keeping a secret from me—would you know anything about that?". Once I was practically bawling, their answer sure came quickly.

It was super easy, kufufu~

Huh? I really shouldn’t be making fun of people for being simple-minded?

Never mind that, senpai, you’re terrible! Terrible!! Ter・ri・ble~!

If you were looking for people to be school idols, you should have asked me first~!

I’d become a school idol for your sake any time! To be honest, I’ve always wanted to become one! Well, I kept that a secret from everyone, though.

So, please shoot my introductory comment video! Because if we work together, I’ll work really really hard on it!

"OK”? Yay—! While we’re at it, I have another question for you—if you have me, then you don’t need anyone else, right~?

Right? It’s not too late, you know? Let’s do this school idol thing, with just the two of us—

Aw, you won't—? But why—?

Ah, I see. It’s hard to reject people, yeah? Uh-huh, I get it. After all, you’re a nice person!

If that’s so, hmm... yes, I’ve come up with a great plan! Fuffufu~

First, I’ll lay out a ton of snacks in the classroom! People will surely be scrambling for them, right~. I know I would be.

Once they’ve filled their bellies, there’s no way they’ll be in any shape to be a school idol. Kufufu, this is a magnificent plan. I’ll name it “Snack Seduction: A Saga of Stuffed Suckers”! [TL note: the original says “rivals” rather than “suckers”, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration~]

Now that we’ve figured that out, I’m gonna head out to buy the snac…… what? “Once I’m done taking photos, I’ll give you croquette bread, so calm down”? Come on, there’s no way the devious tactician Kasumin is going to fall for—wait, croquette bread—!?

W-well, hurry up, then!

I want to eat with you on the rooftop once you’re done! Come on!

Question & Answer Corner[3]

Why did you decide to work with Dengeki Online?

When I think of school idols, Dengeki is the first to come to mind, so from the start, I decided that it’d be best to work with Dengeki—!

Someone who I absolutely don’t want to lose to, my personal rival, is actually working with Famitsu. So I look forward to having the editorial department work for—I mean, work with me!

  Please describe your appeal point(s).

I don’t really know myself, but my friends often say that I’m cute.

I personally don’t agree at all, but I guess it does make me happy that they say so.

But really, I don’t think that’s true~ I’ll try my best so that more and more people will think that I’m cute!

  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ehehe, when I think about it, one of my hobbies is bread-making. Bread is useful in a lot of ways, after all.

Oh, that’s right. Next time, I’ll make bread for everyone in the editorial department! Of course everyone will eat Kasumin’s homemade bread, right? Right? What am I bad at...?

Things like intimate girls’ talk? What’s with that joke—? Umm, I’m not good with exercise, especially long-distance running.

I don’t have a lot of physical strength, you see. But I think you need good physical strength to be a school idol, so Kasumin will try her best to improve!

  What impressions do you have of Karin-chan and Setsuna-chan?

I’ve been very curious about Karin-senpai ever since we met!

She gives off a very adult-like and sexy feel. Those proportions are unfair—

I don’t have that kind of body, so I’m quite annoye... jealous of that!

Setsuna-senpai shines so brightly, while being charming and good at both singing and dancing, so she’s someone I look up to.

It’s like “She’s a model school idol!”. Setsuna-senpai’s leg... uh, stature is what I want to be able to reach someday!

  How do you spend your days off?

When I don’t have plans with my friends, I make bread, and watch popular videos—.

Time flies when you’re watching videos, you know?

When I start watching right after I wake up, it feels like it suddenly becomes nighttime. Huh? What do I do with my friends? I-I’ll leave that to your imagination ♪

  Please tell us which subjects you like and dislike.

I like science and home economics.

I really enjoy doing experiments and mixing things—. Stirring stuff around is really fun.

What I’m not good at... classical literature and history, I guess? Kasumin always has her eyes on the future, so she doesn’t really like looking back at the past ♪

  Why did you decide to become a school idol?

There’s a senpai I adore, and I wanted to participate in school idol activities together with them!

I’ve always wanted to become a school idol, but I worried about whether I’d be able to pull it off… so I never really got very far.

But I can do it if I work together with my senpai! With them, I thought, “I want to do this!”. In the end, Kasumin is well-suited to being a school idol, right?

  What animal would you compare yourself to?

Kasumin loves cats—! So I’d say a cat, I guess—. Do you think that fits me? ...sorry, could I start over with this answer?

Kasumin is a kitty, nyan ♪

  What genre of music do you like?

I love idol songs, of course—. I watch a lot of popular idol music videos—ones that have a ton of likes on them.

No matter which one I watch, everyone’s so cute, and I get really excited. So much that after I’m done, I get kind of gloomy.

Like “But I really don’t want to lose to them~”. Well, actually, I’ll work hard so that I don’t lose ♪

  Kasuka... (We restrained ourselves to avoid making her angry.) Please tell us about the origin of your usual nickname. If you want to, also tell us why you get angry about it.

Umm, Kasumin doesn’t really understand what this question means~. What nickname could you be referring to~?

By the way—not that it means much to me—but who came up with this question? Ufu ☆

  What do you use to help with writing scandalous notes? (Perhaps crime dramas or mystery novels, for example.)

What could you be talking about~? Kasumin doesn’t understand. I only write super cute letters, you know?

By the way, would it be possible to get the address of the person who submitted this question afterwards? Aha ☆

  Please tell us how excited you are for your upcoming activities.

Though I’m with Karin-senpai and Setsuna-senpai, I want to work my hardest here to get everyone excited, so that I don’t lose to them!

With those two lending their strength to me, one day I’ll feast upon all the delicious... *cough* fight fair and square to reach the top!

Please support Kasumin, everyone ♪

Monthly Rankings (July 2017)[4]
PDP 1st Popularity Poll - 3rd Kasumi Nakasu

Huh? I placed 3rd? What? I see, that’s strange...
  But even though having not placed 1st is unfortunate, it’s pretty great to have placed 3rd, right?
  To everyone who voted for me, thank you~! For everyone who voted for Kasumin in this first poll, in commemoration, I’ll remember your names well, all right? When the next poll comes around, I’ll be happy to be able to see everyone’s names then too ♪
  I’ll try even harder so that I can place 1st in the next poll. To do that, I’ll have to think up some new strategies...
  Oh, I know. First off, I’ll prepare congratulatory letters to Rina and Setsuna-senpai ♪


Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club Member Introduction Video - Kasumi Nakasu

Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club Member Introduction Video - Kasumi Nakasu


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  • Kasumi fulfills the pure attribute of the NijiGaku first years.
  • Kasumi claims to hate the nickname "Kasu" because it was overused in the past, particularly by people she had falling outs with. She adamantly suggests her own nicknames instead, usually asking people to either call her by her full name or Kasumin.
    • Kasumi had matching nicknames for Shizuku Osaka (Shizuko) and Rina Tennoji (Rinako) because they're all first years. When Rina suggested calling Kasumi 'Kasuko' so they could truly match, Kasumi got upset.


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