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Koremade no Love Live! ~Musical Ver.~ (これまでのラブライブ! ~ミュージカルver.~) is one of the insert songs for the Love Live! School idol project Season 2. This song is used as an insert song in episode 1.

The version released in the Love Live! TV Anime 2 original soundtrack: "Notes of School idol days ~Glory~" was sung by Honoka Kosaka, while "Koremade no Love Live! ~Musical Ver.~", the version used in the anime, was sung by µ's plus Hideko, Fumiko and Mika.

The song is written by the director Kyougoku Takahiko, composed and arranged by Fujisawa Yoshiaki, who was in charge of the anime's BGMs.



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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Koremade no Love Live! 0:57
02 Koremade no Love Live! (Off Vocal) 0:57

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Nanto watashi ga seitou kaichou ni
Minna no susume de nacchatta

Okaasan mo kayotteta
Otonokizaka ga suki dakedo

Kore made wa taihen de
Haikou ni narikaketa

Minna to deai μ’s to deai
Watashitachi wa koko made yatte kita
Mirai ni mukai kyou mo utau yo
Sukoshi zutsu sekai ga mawaridasu


なんと私が 生徒会長に

お母さんも 通ってた

これまでは 大変で

みんなと出会い μ’sと出会い

未来に向かい 今日も歌うよ


Everyone advised me to do it, so I did it
I became student council president!

My mom also went to Otonokizaka High,
And I share love for it

Things got serious for a while
And our school was nearly closed down!

I met everyone here, I met µ's here
And working together, we've managed to make it this far
We sing for today, facing the future
And we watch as the world slowly starts to spin around!



  • This is the only song by µ's that was not written by Aki Hata.