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Leah Kazuno is a supporting character in Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a second year student of Seisen Girls' Academy, initially being a first year prior to Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over The Rainbow. She was a co-founder of Saint Snow until its disbandment on the ninth episode of the anime's second season. Her image color is white.


In Season 2, it is revealed that Leah had always been shy and had a hard time talking to others. Much like Ruby Kurosawa, she initially kept herself at a distance from her classmates and kept to herself while she was at school. In a conversation with the first years, she mentions that she had always felt uncomfortable hanging out with people. However, upon realizing that her classmates were willing to accept her, Leah gains more confidence in herself and boldly declares that she would form a new idol group with them.

Physically, Leah appears to be extraordinarily adept at parkour or gymnastics, able to somersault over the members of Aqours with only a running start.

While singing, Leah is the rapper of Saint Snow.


Leah possesses a pronounced sense of competitiveness, apparent in her hostility towards the members of Aqours. Her competitive attitude leads to her subsequent disparagement of Aqours in the aftermath of the Tokyo idol event.

Outside of competition, Leah adopts a stoic front towards fellow school idols. She is generally silent in conversations between Saint Snow and Aqours, leaving the duty of displaying hospitality to Sarah. However, Leah is quick to react to comments she perceives as inane. This has led to her going as far as to call out Chika Takami for being an idiot when she questioned Saint Snow's desire to win the Love Live!.

Much like her sister, Leah displays a high level of conviction for Saint Snow's cause. Even as she maintains her stoic facade, she fights back tears upon knowledge of Saint Snow's failure to enter the winning group for the Tokyo idol event.

Leah seems to be extremely self-confident as well, performing a bold somersault over Aqours in their first meeting to assert her dominance over her competition. She flashes a smirk towards Aqours whenever she impresses them with her performances.

Despite her bold statue, she deeply cares about her sister, going as far as saying Sarah is better than Dia Kurosawa.


Leah has a slim figure with mauve hair that she has tied up into twintails with white ribbons and crimson eyes.


The songs featuring Leah are:

Saint Snow (Group)

As "Saint Aqours Snow"


Ep. Title
07 "TOKYO"
LLSS S1Ep7 137.png
In episode 7, Aqours were invited to perform at an event in Tokyo. At Kanda Shrine, Chika heard Sarah and Leah singing “SELF CONTROL!!”. Although the two girls were strangers to Chika and the rest of Aqours, Sarah recognized them from their PV and asked if they were in Tokyo for the upcoming event. The Saint Snow members then left, leaving Aqours impressed with their acrobatics and singing skills.

The next day at the event location, the Aqours members were surprised to find out the girls they had met at Kanda Shrine were school idols, too. Sarah introduced herself, and the episode ended just as Saint Snow were to take the stage.

08 "Isn't it Frustrating?"
(くやしくないの? "Kuyashikunai no?")
LLSS S1Ep8 008.png
In episode 8, Saint Snow performed “SELF CONTROL!!” on stage at a school idol event in Tokyo. While neither Aqours nor Saint Snow were announced as winners of the event, the results of the audience poll used to rank the groups showed Saint Snow was very close to being part of the winners' group. Approached by Saint Snow, Aqours was complimented on their performance but told they might be better off giving up competing in Love Live! by Sarah, and warned not to take Love Live! lightly by a crying Leah.
12 "It's Time to Fly"
(はばたきのとき "Habataki no Toki")
LLSS S1Ep12 109.png
In episode 12, Aqours went to Tokyo in order to find out what made μ's great. Chika had arranged for Aqours to meet up with Saint Snow, who told Chika and the others they didn’t know what made μ's and A-RISE different. To them, what mattered was winning and following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Together, both groups watched the announcement of the Love Live! finals being held at the Akiba Dome on the screen outside the UTX High School building.

Ep. Title
06 "Aqours WAVE"
(Aqours WAVE)
LLSS S2Ep6 060.png
In episode 6, Chika discussed the difference between school idols and regular idols over the phone with Sarah while Leah was in the background.
LLSS S2Ep8 172.png
In episode 8, Aqours were invited to Hakodate to attend the Hokkaido Love Live! preliminaries as guests. Before the competition, they visited Saint Snow in their dressing room. Chika accepted Sarah’s challenge to bring their best to the Love Live! finals, but Ruby noticed that something seemed to be the matter with Leah.

During Saint Snow’s performance, they made a mistake in the choreography and fell on stage, which ended up costing them their spot in the finals. When Aqours went back to their dressing room, they had already left.

The Uchiura girls went sightseeing in Hakodate, and ended up at the restaurant where Sarah and Leah worked. Ruby found Leah crying in her room, and later at dinner the sisters’ fight about Leah wanting to disband Saint Snow resurfaced.

Ruby invited Leah out for a walk with her, and tried to explain how their feelings were the same, how she had realized it would be okay. At first, Leah was hostile and suggested their sisters could not be compared to each other, but eventually opened up and shared how she felt she had let Sarah down for her last Love Live!. Ruby and Leah decided they would write a song dedicated to their sisters and sing together.

09 "Awaken the power"
(Awaken the power)
LLSS S2Ep9 260.png
In episode 9, Ruby recruited Yoshiko and Hanamaru to help out with the concert for Dia and Sarah. Leah felt uncomfortable around the other first years to begin with, but soon warmed up to them. The first years told the rest of Aqours they would be staying behind for a while, neglecting to mention the actual reason they were doing so.

Seeing Leah’s room for the first time, the first years found a snow globe with a snow crystal inside it, and Leah told the story of how it became the symbol of Saint Snow. Yoshiko’s surprising social tact and Ruby’s reasoning brought the four to a conclusion regarding the theme of the song they would be creating: unknown powers.

The next day, Ruby and Leah had to talk to the board of the christmas event they wanted to perform their song at. It went better than expected, and afterward Ruby sent an email to Mari asking if she could make sure Dia came to Hakodate to watch the performance.

After Leah, Ruby, Yoshiko and Hanamaru have made a radio announcement about their upcoming performance, Leah was confronted by two of her classmates. They told her how they used to think she did not like them, but how they were proud of Saint Snow despite what happened at the regionals. Upon hearing this, Leah is moved to tears.

Ruby and Leah finally revealed their secret to their sisters, and the rest of Aqours were acting mysteriously about also showing up in Hakodate. At the event, Saint Aqours Snow performed Awaken the power. Afterward, Leah told Sarah she would be disbanding Saint Snow but that she would start a new school idol group of her own.

10 "Finding a Way to Shine"
(シャイニーを探して "Shainii o Sagashite")
LLSS S2Ep10 130.png
In episode 10, Saint Snow visited Aqours to help them practice. After Aqours switched their kimono for more appropriate practice wear, they were pushed hard by Sarah and Leah.

The guests were surprised to find out the students of Uranohoshi had failed to save their school from the merger, but were quick to show their support. Mari recieved a phone call from her parents offering her the position as director at the new school. Due to already having plans for next year she turned the offer down. Later, the members of Aqours saw Sarah and Leah off.

12 "Sea of Light"
(光の海 "Hikari no Umi")
LLSS S2Ep12 065.png
In episode 12, the members of Aqours headed to Kanda Shrine, where they prayed for good fortune in the competition and realized many other school idols had done the same. Before leaving, they met Saint Snow, and Sarah asked Chika if they wanted to win the Love Live!.


  • The name Leah means "reason, logic" (理) (ri) and "rank, follow" (亞) (a).
  • Leah's surname Kazuno means "deer, venison" (鹿) (ka) and "corner, angle, horn" (角) (tsuno/zuno).


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