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Mia Taylor is a main character in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a third year student of Nijigasaki High School. She recently transferred from New York and is fluent in both English and Japanese. She is a member of R3BIRTH, a unit under the reformed Nijigaku. Her image color is platinum silver.

In All Stars, she was a co-founder of the Association.


She was brought to Nijigasaki (more specifically "dragged") by her friend Lanzhu Zhong. She was first introduced in Chapter 19 of Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS. Despite coming from a family of esteemed musicians, Mia would much rather prefer the life of a homebody and eat nothing but burgers. Mia is considered a 'music prodigy' by Lanzhu; she was an American college student before immediately transferring into Nijigasaki as a third year due to her skills, despite only being 14 years old.

In Chapter 29 of the main story, Mia officially joins the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club as its 12th member and 11th school idol alongside Lanzhu.


Mia has a slim figure with boycut-styled platinum silver hair and has grey eyes. She also has a visible silver rectangular earring on her left ear.


Mia is a very straightforward and competitive girl, to the point of declaring war on the player as a songwriter out of the blue. However, her confidence is a façade and she actually tends to feel insecure about her songs' quality compared to the player's. At some point, she tried to determine why she felt this way despite being convinced that her own songs were better than the player's and went to discuss the other girl's songwriting skills with Rina, who suggested she get closer to the player in order to better understand her.


The songs featuring Mia are:


Nijigasaki High School Idol Club (Group)

R3BIRTH (Sub-unit)


Notes and Trivia


  • Mia fulfills the cool attribute of the Nijigaku third years, sharing both an attribute and year with Karin Asaka. In All Stars, she fulfills the pure attribute instead.
  • She has an older sister.[1]
  • She is the first main character in the franchise to have not be born in Asia or Europe.
  • Canonically to the franchise, she is the youngest school idol as of 2021.
  • Her songs are greatly reminiscent to the English pop-songs in the 2000s.
  • In the international release version of the game, Mia's profanity ("shit") has been inconsistently translated as "Dammit" despite being spoken out loud from the original dialogue.
  • The 26th chapter of the story shows that Mia isn't actually skilled on cooking (such as not knowing how to make hot chocolate and using a washing machine to wash vegetables) due to her lifestyle.
  • Prior to the confirmation of her potential appearance in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club anime's second season, a leaked listing of the 6th Capsule Rubber Mascot line indirectly supported this hypothesis, as Mia was drawn wearing the anime-styled bowtie.
  • Mia is one of the seven girls to join a group after they debuted, following Shioriko and joining with Lanzhu.
  • She is one of the first characters in Love Live! to speak English and use cuss words.
  • Mia is the only character in the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club anime to have her male parents shown on-screen.[2]


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