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Nico Attacks (にこ襲来 Niko Shuurai) is the fifth episode of the Love Live! School idol project anime series. It was aired on February 3, 2013.


Honoka and Kotori are training when they are confronted by a girl named Nico Yazawa, who tells them that μ's should break up before running away. Meanwhile, the rainy season causes the club to think about where they can practice.

At a fast-food restaurant, Honoka realizes that they could try and form an official club now that they have more than enough members. Just then, they catch Nico trying to steal their food and she insults their lack of professionalism.

The girls learn from Eli that they can't form their idol club as there is already an Idol Research Club, whose sole member turns out to be Nico. After Nico rejects their offer of merging the groups, presumably based on their lack of personas, student vice-president Nozomi explains how Nico had previously attempted to become a school idol but set the bar too high for the group, leading it to fall apart. After some thinking, Honoka comes up with the idea that they should all join the Idol Research Club to learn how to improve μ's, and invite Nico to join the group as their coach. Happily, Nico accepts the offer.



Members of μ's

Debut member(s) is/are highlighted in bold.

  1. Honoka Kosaka
  2. Kotori Minami
  3. Umi Sonoda
  4. Rin Hoshizora
  5. Maki Nishikino
  6. Hanayo Koizumi
  7. Nico Yazawa


  • The park shown in Honoka's flashback about her childhood with Umi and Kotori was based on Hourin Park, which is located in Akihabara.[1]

Errors & Goofs

NOTE: The errors will be remained in this section if they're not amended in the BD/DVD releases.

  • When Rin strikes a pose under the rain, she was shown being soaked. In the next scene, Rin (and Honoka) was seen as being dry despite standing under the rainfall. As they enter the door half-way, they're shown being soaked.


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