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Nico Yazawa is a main character in Love Live!. She was a third year student of Otonokizaka High School (despite her childlike stature) until she graduated in the anime's series finale, but still retained her status in Love Live! The School Idol Movie. She is a member of BiBi, a sub-unit under μ's. Her image color is pink.


In Season 1 Episode 5, it is discovered that during her first year of high school she started an idol group. However, one by one the members gave up because Nico's standard for idols was too high for them and they couldn't keep up.

In Season 2 Episode 4, it is revealed she has two younger sisters named Cocoro and Cocoa, and a younger brother Cotaro. Nico's father has been out of the picture, and so her mother is constantly out of the house in order to work and financially provide needs for her four children. Due to being in a single-parent household, money is tight and their living space is compact. Because Nico's mother is nearly never home, Nico has long since assumed the role of their household's head (or possibly sole) caretaker. Nico is the eldest by the largest age gap, with her three siblings being all much younger than her and closest to age with each other. Because of this, Nico is accustomed to and skilled in cooking and housekeeping. Most importantly, however, she seems to care very much for her younger siblings, and will do anything to make them smile. She will go as far as to lie in order to make them happy. This is discovered when Nico's siblings express their belief that the other members are Nico's backup dancers, which was a lie that Nico told them and substantiated with altered μ's posters in which she was the center (switched with Honoka). Unaware of the truth, Cocoro, Cocoa, and Cotaro act happy, proud and inspired by the idea of their oldest sister's unparalleled success.

All of this information comes as a surprise to the other members, as it runs contrary to her often self-centered behavior at school and during idol work. However, the revelation of Nico's home life provides insight as to why Nico's specific personality traits and values developed and how they inform her behavior within μ's. Her brazen desire for the spotlight and to be doted on is a product of not being afforded such attention due to her home situation. Nico's obsession with making others smile with her catchphrase ("Nico Nico Nii!" or にっこにっこにー) is related to when Nico would try her hardest to cheer up her family members during hardships.


Nico's famous "Nico Nico Nii" catchphrase.

Normally, Nico has quite an abrasive personality, but when she takes on her alternate personality, she becomes a happy, upbeat character who is always smiling, often saying her catchphrase, "Nico Nico Nii!" (にっこにっこにー), accompanied with a pose. She usually thinks a bit highly of herself but, despite that, she is also caring.

It is later revealed in Season 2 Episode 4 that her obsession with performative, over-the-top happiness and cuteness is because of the difficulty of her home situation. Her family circumstances and the role she plays in it have led her to fixate on both making sure as many people as possible are smiling and also seeking and receiving attention and praise. This manifests in her idol obsession and subsequent persona.

A common joke in the series is that she's often ignored by the other members of μ's when she claims that she is the better idol. An example of her trying to make the others believe she is the better idol is in Season 1 Episode 10 when Nico claims that she has a personal chef like Maki and has never cooked before. Kotori falls for the lie unknowingly. However, she accidentally forgot about her lie when it was dinner time, and ended up cooking for everyone to reveal the truth.

Sometimes, her determination to become the best idol causes her to be a little bit cold, calculating, and somewhat ill-intentioned. An example of this is in Season 1 Episode 6 where she is seen suggesting that the girls hold a karaoke and dancing competition, hoping to outshine the others, so that everyone will accept that she is the better idol and to be able to claim centre position.

Nico often gets annoyed with the former student council president, Eli Ayase, for taking away the spotlight from her with her beauty and maturity.

She also argues a lot with Maki, since their personalities often clash together. However, they have a good friendship and they actually care about each other.

Clubs and Hobbies

Nico was the Idol Research Club's president (before she passed on the role to Hanayo) and is interested in fashion. Therefore, she designs the group's outfits with Kotori. Her special skill is hair arrangement.

In Season 1 Episode 10, Nico is shown to be a very skilled cook despite saying she has never cooked before.


Nico has a petite figure. She has long black hair that she ties into twintails and crimson eyes.

Other Data

Nico's Diary (January 2011)[3]
Nico Dengeki G's Mag Jan 2011.jpg

If you keep--- looking at me like that--- I'll, I'll be troubled---
What should Nico do? This is embarrassing---.
As I thought, Nico looks weird somewhere, doesn't she?
Like, maybe my chest is too small?
Maybe my butt is--- too flat?
Yan~, if that is the case, what should Nico do.
If it was something like this, Nico should have put more effort into dieting and exercising---.
Yesterday too, I received cupcakes with colorful chocolate toppings, and they were so terribly cute that I couldn't resist and ate two of them---
Caramel and marshmallows and candy, I really love all of them, so, everyone can always count on me to have a few ready in my bag.
Ah, after all, you see--- Nico is an idol, so as expected, it's better to be prepared with a supply of lozenges for the throat, and sweet things to replenish calories during prolonged recordings---.
Aah, God!
Please--- don't tempt Nico with the temptations of all maidens any more than this!
Also, I'll definitely, definitely stick to my diet from tomorrow onward, so please just for today--- Please take away the calories from yesterday!!
At least I came here without having breakfast this morning but--- is my stomach fine?
But--- the truth is, it wouldn't be good if people didn't look at me a lot either. I know that much.
After all--- Nico is an idol!
A swimsuit photoshoot, of course that's a first for me too. Wearing such a small bikini is also a first, so Nico is extremely embarrassed as expected, but!
If there were people who would look at such a Nico, Nico would--- do her best with the world's greatest Nico Nii Smile!
Nico Nii, Nico Nii, Nico Nico Nii♡
A Nico Nico Nii for your happiness~♡♡♡

Nico's Holiday (June 2012)[4]
Time: Task Description
8:00am: Wake up I love holidays in which I can sleep all I want in the morning! Since it's just 8 am--- time to go back to sleep♪ And with that said, back to bed.
10:00am: Wake up again The room had become unbearably bright, I can't stand it anymore~!
10:30am: Brunch♡ Breakfast/Lunch aka brunch's menu is the trendy Acai bowl♪ I'll have some honey pancakes heaped with fresh cream for a snack later since I can't make it by myself♡
11:30am: Step out♪ Since I'm full and energetic from that brunch, time to dress up fashionably and head out♡ Lately, my favorite spot is Omotesando! If I cross that giant traffic crossing in front of Laforet and wander aimlessly many, many times--- I'll soon find someone who's scouting for Nico's cuteness, right?
1:00pm: It's here♡ Rendezvous in front of Omotesando Hills. Ah~ it's here, it's here! Elichika's glasses super suits her, Nico♪ From now, the three of us including Kotorin are gonna do lots of shopping♡
3:30pm: Snacking time♡ I've been looking forward to it since morning, time to head to the pancake shop! A big pancake heaped with fresh cream and ice cream♪ I'll fully enjoy this utter bliss Nico~!!
4:00pm: Continue shopping
5:30pm: Split! It's sad how fun things always end so quickly. Today's trophy is a cute lacy vest♡
6:00pm: Bath With the bubbles and my rubber ducky♪
7:00pm: Dinner Dinner while watching comedy shows on TV♪ Nico quite likes rhythm-based comedy♡
8:00pm: Secret Activity♡ Tweet about today's events on my smartphone♡ And then check other idols' photo collections, practice dance--- Research time, I guess? It's a secret from everyone else in μ's okay?
10:00pm: Go to bed The fact that this good girl Nico goes to bed early is a given! Sleeping lets Nico grow♡ It'll be great if it was good weather tomorrow too~ And so everyone, good night Nico♡♡
Secret Short Cuts Cut 1: Nico & Maki (July 2013)[5]
Secret Short Cuts Cut 1 (Scanlated).jpg
Secret Short Cuts Cut 10: Nico & Honoka (May 2014)[6]
Secret Short Cuts Cut 10 (Scanlated).jpg
Vital Statistics[2]
Studies: ★★★
Reflexes: ★★★
Aggressiveness: ★★★
Conformity: ★
Nico-nii♪: Unmeasurable
~μ's Member Q&A~

You spend a lot of time together with Maki-chan, but which parts of her do you love?[7]
Asked by きよ9オさん from Tokyo

Maki-chan's good points are--- her cleverness and her honesty♡ Maki-chan's smart, so whenever we're together, she does even my portion of the thinking, see? So it becomes easy for me, and on top of that, she's reaaally honest and kind. She doesn't lie, and all her thoughts show up clear as day on her face, that cute personality of hers is what Nico likes best♡

What's your signature dish at home?[8]
Asked by レイアンさん from Hyogo Prefecture

Fried rice, maybe? It's my specialty~♡ Shaking the wok with a clatter, cooking crunchy fried rice♪ Because my younger sisters are still kids, I often cook fried rice with small fish and fish sausage as ingredients, Nico. I'll definitely garnish it with a vegetable salad too, Nico~♡

Do you have any ambitions or things that you want to try after becoming top idol in the future?[8]
Asked by まーりゃんさん from Hokkaido

Even though you ask that, geez, I'm already a top idol~♡ Well, that aside, I guess in the end--- The Tokyo Dome live I aspire for is definitely on my list♪ And then surprisingly, what I long for is to be like a celebrity overseas, and be welcomed by lots of fans at the airport. I want to be introduced on the evening news, Nico~♡♡♡

If you could swap bodies with any of the other members for a day, who would you want to be and what would you want to do?[8]
Asked by 越後いなほさん from Niigata Prefecture

There's only one obvious choice! I'll swap with Eli-chan and have her take the test in Nico's place!!! And during that time, Nico will laze around at home watching idol DVDs and do idol research diligently, Nico~♪

Please teach me tips to keep a smile on always!...... Lately, work has been really busy (sobs)[8]
Asked by はやぽんさん from Hyogo Prefecture

Aww, that seems so pitiful, Nico! For such a sad Hayapon-san, Nico will cast a magic spell for you to smile♡ First, place your right hand's index finger on your right cheek, then your left hand's index finger on your left cheek♪ If you then pull upwards, see, you're smiling!! Ehehe♪ When you come upon hard times, even if you have to force it, once you try smiling in front of a mirror, you'll feel energetic♡ Nico will be cheering for you too, Nico~!!!

What kind of sweets does Nico-chan like?[9]
Asked by まみこさん from Shizuoka Prefecture

I'm a girl after all, so I love all sorts of sweets! Although, what I've been into lately has to be candy, maybe? I feel at ease by always carrying a tiny candy pack around with sweets-chan inside♡ During times of exhausting practice in the hot summers, I give everyone salt-lemon candies as a countermeasure against heatstroke--- Kya~, to think that Nico Nii is actually this wonderful!♪ And also, everyone gives me all sorts of sweets in exchange, so it's actually a strategy that kills two birds with one stone, using a small bait to fish up great rewards♡ When it turns to winter, my target changes to Tirol-Choco instead, Nico~♪

How many types of dishes do you have in your repertoire of specialties?[9]
Asked by だいすさん from Tokyo

Hmm, I never really counted so I'm not sure--- Nico Nii's cooking isn't done by firmly deciding on a menu and then getting the required ingredients, but rather by cooking a suitable dish based on what's within the refrigerator, because it's a cost-saving style of cooking, ehehe♪ But you know--- Lately, it's been weighing on my mind that delicious food doesn't really have to be expensive Nico. Everyday, I'm able to make delicious dishes from simple ingredients like beansprouts and minced meat too! My latest hit that's popular with my family is Nico's special soft and fluffy tofu hamburger♪ Its fluffiness is so amazing you wouldn't be able to believe it! I definitely want everyone to eat it too~♡

Do you have any new recipes that's been popular with your family lately?[9]
Asked by わらいあんこさん from Ibaraki Prefecture

Ah, just as I was saying, Nico's special soft and fluffy tofu hamburger! The refreshing yet full-bodied flavor of my secret soy-sauce demi-glace is delicious~! It's definitely Nico's recommendation♡ I wonder if there's any family restaurant willing to serve it as part of an idol collaboration menu... Hehe♪

If μ's members were to be a family, what would Nico-chan be?[9]
Asked by マッサキさん from Aichi Prefecture

Definitely, definitely, the youngest sister!! The cutest and most spoiled, that everyone is kind towards--- The absolute cutest!!!!! That's decided, Nico♡

Other than being an idol, is there any other occupation you wanted to become?[9]
Asked by レイ from Hyogo Prefecture

Nothing right now Nico~ After all, Nico's already become an idol♪ Ehehe--- As for from here onwards, whether it's being an idol/newscaster, idol/weather reporter, idol/actress, I will work hard at a value-added career, I think? But in the end, Nico Nii likes idols the most of all in this world, so Nico will work hard for the sake of continuing to sparkle as an idol until the end of time♡

Previously Maki-chan compared Nico-chan and tomatoes and declared that she likes tomatoes more, but what do you think?[9]
Asked by スイッチさん from Aichi Prefecture

Eeeh, something like that would definitely be a LIE, so I won't pay it any heed Nico~♪ Jeez, that Maki-chan, it's all because she's such a shy person! The truth is she loves Nico~♪ And of course, Nico loves Maki-chan more than tomatoes♡ Hey, Maki-chan, did you hear that~? It's alright, because Nico understands Maki-chan's feelings very well! It's OK for you to confess your love to me any time, Nico~♡♡♡

Everyday I keep thinking about Nico-chan, I can't focus on anything else. What should I do?[9]
Asked by 満塁男さん from Gunma Prefecture

Aah~, Nico is so sorry. That's a disease that even Nico Nii can't save you from~! Aah, this Nico Nii is so cute it's truly sinful♡ But it'll be fine. That is actually a very common and expected phenomenon, evidence that you have eyes that are capable of seeing--- So there's no need to worry Nico. From here onwards too, I want you to continue caring about Nico Nii until you feel like dying, Nico♡♡♪


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Hajimemashite -Yazawa Nico[10] 2:09
02 Anata to Kurisumasu -Nico Yazawa-[11] 0:55


The songs featuring Nico are:


μ's (Group)

BiBi (Sub-unit)

Duo & Trio


Ep. Title
01 "Come True! Our Dreams!"
(叶え!私たちの夢―― "Kanae! Watashitachi no Yume")
093 S1Ep1.png
Nico Yazawa first appears in Episode 1 in a noticeable disguise that consists of a scarf, heavy jacket, face mask, and sunglasses. Nico was at UTX when Honoka Kosaka appears, watching A-RISE perform on a screen. Because of Nico's first attempt at becoming an idol failed, Nico showed resentment towards A-RISE. Not knowing who they were, Honoka asked Nico who the group on the screen were. Shocked, Nico explains to her that they're a school idol group, and that UTX was getting a lot of students because of their fame.
02 "Let's Start Becoming Idols!"
(アイドルを始めよう! "Aidoru wo Hajimeyou!")
089 S1Ep2.png
In Episode 2, Nico appeared behind Hanayo, who was looking at the µ's poster, asking what it was with an obviously displeased tone.
03 "First Live"
(ファーストライブ "Faasuto Raibu" )
284 S1Ep3.png
In Episode 3, Nico was secretly watching Honoka, Umi, and Kotori performing "START:DASH!!" in their concert.
04 "MakiRinPana"
(まきりんぱな "MakiRinPana")
339 S1Ep4.png
In Episode 4, Nico, who was in the Idol Research Club's club room, browses through photos of the new µ's members. She then comments on how inexperienced they are through the internet.
05 "Nico Attacks"
(にこ襲来 "Niko Shuurai" )
358 S1Ep5.png
Nico confronts Honoka and Kotori to tell them, µ's, to break up. Later on, Nico meets the rest of μ's who ask her to end her Idol Research Club so they can create a School Idol Club, since they have enough members to form a club. Nico flat out refuses and tries to run away, but fails when Rin Hoshizora catches her, thanks to her lack of stamina. Still remaining stubborn and her belief in μ's being inexperienced idols based on their lack of personas, Nico says no again and locks them out of the club room.

The school's vice-president, Nozomi Tojo, explains to μ's that Nico once attempted to become a school idol, but failed because she set the bar too high for her group, causing them to quit one by one. After some thinking, Honoka comes up with the idea to join Nico's Idol Research Club to ask Nico to teach them how to improve μ's. Nico was reluctant to accept at first, but became willing after hearing their determination to continue even though it was going to be hard.

06 "Who'll Be the Center?"
(センターは誰だ? "Sentaa wa Dare da?" )
316 S1Ep6.png
In Episode 6, Nozomi records interviews with μ's, but stops to ask Honoka why she is the leader when she does nothing for the group. Nico then suggests to have a karaoke and dance contest to determine the leader (although secretly trying to outshine everyone else). However, her plan backfires when everyone gets similar scores. Honoka then suggests that μ's doesn't need a leader and everyone agrees, despite believing that Honoka was the most worthy of becoming the leader. μ's performed the song "Korekara no Someday".
07 "Elichika"
(エリーチカ "Erichika" )
116 S1Ep7.png
In Episode 7, Hanayo tells μ's about the Love Live! tournament, a contest where the top 20 school idol groups compete in. Needing permission to enter, the girls then go over to the chairwoman for permission. The chairwoman tells them that they can enter, but only if they all pass the upcoming exams. Nico gets paired up with Nozomi to study, even though she says that she doesn't need any help. Once the exams are done and everyone passes, everyone goes to the chairwoman's office, but overhear her telling Eli that the school would be shutting down next year.
08 "What I Want To Do Is..."
(やりたいことは "Yaritai Koto wa" )
322 S1Ep8.png
In Episode 8, following the events of the previous episode, the chairwoman clarifies to μ's that the school will shut down if the upcoming open day is received negatively. Umi Sonoda suggests to the group to get Eli to teach them how to dance. Eli agrees to their offer and puts the group into intense training, but is surprised by their willingness to continue. Nozomi tells μ's that Eli wants to join, but believes she can't because of how she treated them in the past. μ's go to Eli and formally invite her to join. Eli becomes honest with her feelings and joins, along with Nozomi who reveals that she came up with the group's name: μ's, which refers to the nine goddesses of music. Coincidentally, there are nine members in μ's. The now complete group performs "Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE" at the open day to a pleased crowd, making the open day a success.
09 "Wonder Zone"
(ワンダーゾーン "Wandā Zōn" )
263 S1Ep9.png
In Episode 9, the group goes to Akihabara and discover that they're being featured as merchandise. Nico, not being able to find any items of her, freaks out and begins looking through the rest of the members' merchandise. Nico soon comes across merchandise of her and happily takes pictures of it. They also discover that Kotori has been secretly working at a maid café after school to build confidence. Finding Akiba a good place for a concert, Eli assigns Kotori the job of writing lyrics for μ's next song. Kotori struggles with this, however, but after receiving help from Honoka and Umi, she is able to successfully write "Wonder zone" by recalling the feelings she gets whenever she works in Akihabara.
10 "No Upperclassmen Allowed!"
(先輩禁止 "Senpai Kinshi!" )
215 S1Ep10.png
In Episode 10, μ's decide to go to Maki's beach house after getting permission from her parents. Eli creates a rule that no one is allowed to use the honorifics "senpai" for the duration of the trip, so they can break down the barrier between upper and underclassmen. The girls spend the whole day at the beach playing, but Nozomi and Eli are quick to notice Maki not participating. At night, Nozomi initiates a pillow fight and all of them join in except for Umi, who is already fast asleep. However, two pillows hit Umi while she was sleeping, causing her to get cranky and begin throwing "supersonic pillows" at everyone, hitting Nico, Honoka, and Eli. At the end of the episode, all of μ's go out to the beach and watch the sunrise while holding hands.
11 "The Greatest Live Performance"
(最高のライブ "Saikō no Raibu" )
305 S1Ep11.png
In Episode 11, μ's has reached rank #19 on the school idol website, meaning they are eligible to perform in the Love Live! tournament. However, things don't go their way when they are unable to secure a spot on the auditorium for the upcoming school festival, thanks to Nico failing a lottery spin. Honoka suggests that they instead hold their performance on the school rooftop where they train, but the other members are slightly hesitant to this idea but eventually agree. For the whole episode, Kotori is preoccupied about a letter she received in episode 9. Umi notices her distress and calls her later that day, discovering that Kotori had been wanting to tell Honoka something. Honoka, meanwhile, had overworked herself for the whole episode that she wakes up with a fever the day of the festival, but goes to school, anyway. At the concert, μ's perform "No brand girls," but after it finishes, Honoka faints.
12 "Friends"
(ともだち "Tomodachi" )
Ep12 00163.png
In Episode 12, following the events of the previous episode, Eli tells the audience that one of the members had an accident. The next day, μ's go to Honoka's house to check on her. They discover that she's still recovering and has a sprained leg. They sadly tell Honoka that they dropped out of the Love Live! tournament, meaning their ranking was removed from the school idol ranking site. Honoka blames herself for the incident, but μ's tell her that it's everyone's fault, instead. Everyone gets depressed from this event, but Honoka the most. At the rooftop, Maki, Hanayo, and Rin all announce that the school has been saved, thus the group decides to have a celebration. At the party, however, Umi and Kotori are noticed to not be in jolly spirits. Umi then reveals to μ's that Kotori is moving to a fashion boarding school for the rest of her high school career. Everyone is surprised by the announcement, but Honoka gets angry at Kotori for not telling her earlier. Kotori explains to her that she wanted to tell them but couldn't, and runs away.

The next day, on the rooftop, μ's reveal to Honoka that they're planning to do a final live before Kotori leaves. However, Honoka tells them that it was her fault and that none of this would've happened if it wasn't for the accident. The members tell her to stop saying that, but Honoka then says that the school is saved, therefore there's no reason to keep on performing and that it's impossible to go against a group like A-RISE. Honoka tells them that she quits, but before she leaves, Umi slaps her cheek, saying that she didn't think that she's that kind of person and that she's the worst there is.

13 "μ's Music Start!"
(μ'sミュージックスタート! "Myūzu Myūjikku Sutāto!")
Ep13 00149.png
In Episode 13, Eli decides to put μ's on a hiatus. Despite this, Nico tells Hanayo and Rin to continue practicing. Later, while on her way home, Honoka comes across Nico, Hanayo, and Rin training. Nico tells Honoka that she loves being an idol and that everything that has happened is because Honoka quit being an idol. Rin and Hanayo tell Nico that she's being too harsh on her, but Honoka tells them that Nico is right.

After Honoka brings back Kotori from the airport, later on in the episode, μ's performs "START:DASH!!" in the auditorium, despite wearing their school uniforms, and this time with the auditorium filled with people. Afterwards, Honoka tells the crowd to say "μ's Music Start!" and μ's are in the school idol ratings again.

Ep. Title
01 "Love Live! Once Again"
(もう一度ラブライブ! "Mōichido Rabu Raibu!")
S2Ep01 00081.png
In Episode 1, Principal Minami announces that Otonokizaka will still accept student applications for next year. After the announcement, the podium is then passed on to the succeeding student council president, Honoka Kosaka, to deliver her speech. Honoka managed to introduce herself but had forgotten the contents of her speech.

At the student council room, Umi scolds Honoka for forgetting her speech that they wrote together then places a large amount of student council work in front of her. Eli arrives at the student council room together with Nozomi to check on the trio.

On the rooftop, Nico shows Rin, Hanayo, and Maki the results of her "special training". Maki tells her that it was disgusting and Nico accidentally told them her true motive for trying to help them. Just then, Hanayo receives a notification on her phone. Hanayo quickly ran to their club room's computer to confirm the news. After confirming, the four of them ran and looked for Honoka. They eventually found her eating bread while sitting under a tree. They told her that it's going to be held once again.

μ's talked about the news about Love Live! being held once more. They were hesitant at first because of the thought that they have to compete against A-RISE for the preliminaries, but after Umi stated that it was too early to give up, they all agreed to give it a shot, except for Honoka who told them that it's okay for them not to enter Love Live!. All of them were shocked at Honoka's statement and asked her if there was anything wrong with her but she said that she was happy just being able to sing and dance with everyone. Honoka then suggests that they all hang out together after school for a change of pace.

That night, the members of μ's, except for Honoka, talked about Honoka's weird behavior. Nozomi told them that the regular dance practices and sessions may be enough for Honoka.

The next day, Nico challenges Honoka to a race to decide whether the group enters Love Live! or not. During the race, Honoka finally understood the meaning of Yukiho's words, as at that time, Eli, Nozomi, and Nico will graduate and no longer be school idols, making this year's Love Live! the last opportunity for μ's to perform together as a group of nine.

Everyone told Honoka their feelings about entering Love Live! making Honoka state her true desire to enter Love Live! as well. They all sang "Susume→Tomorrow" and Honoka told them that they will aim for victory.

02 "Aim for Victory"
(優勝をめざして "Yūshō o Mezashite")
231 S2Ep2.png
In Episode 2, Hanayo tells everyone that only unreleased songs are allowed to be performed at Love Live!, meaning they can't use any of their existing songs. Eli tells them that they have no choice but to make a new song and decides to go on a camping trip.

They were amazed that Maki's family had a vacation house even at the mountains. When they were about to leave the train station and head for the bus, Rin told them that they might be forgetting something. They forgot about Honoka who was still sleeping on the train.

Everyone was amazed yet again when they saw the house and the things inside. They found out that Maki still believed in Santa when they were talking about the fireplace. Nico was about to laugh and mock her for it but the others prevented her from doing so, claiming that it was a serious crime to say it. After settling down, Maki, Umi, and Kotori proceeded to doing their jobs upstairs while the others proceeded to doing some basic drills outside.

While in the living room, Honoka noticed that Maki wasn't anywhere near the piano and decides to take the tea that Hanayo made to the girls upstairs. Honoka opens the door to where Umi was staying but found no one inside, finding a note on the table stating "Please don't look for me" instead. Panicked, Honoka proceeded to Kotori's room and found no one inside as well, finding a picture on the wall with the words "Help me" instead. Honoka soon noticed that there was cloth tied by the window that leads outside. She looks outside and finds the three sighing.

The others found out that the three were in a slump because of the pressure and decides to split the work to all of them. They decided on forming three groups, with the first group consisting of Kotori, Hanayo and Honoka to work on the costumes, the second group consisting of Umi, Rin and Nozomi to work on the lyrics, and the third group consisting of Maki, Nico, and Eli to work on the music. There was no progress for the first few hours but after hearing some encouraging words from their group mates, the three who're originally assigned for the tasks met on the house and was able to finish everything that night. The others found the three of them sleeping in the living room with their finish products and decided to let them sleep for a while. They immediately started practicing as soon as the three woke up and continued to practice hard even after returning from their trip, aiming to win Love Live!.

03 "The Door to Our Dreams"
(ユメのトビラ "Yume no Tobira")
S2Ep03 00335.jpg
In Episode 3, Honoka, Hanayo, and Eli were browsing the Love Live! site. They saw the different stages prepared for the preliminaries. Hanayo told them that because of the number of groups that will enter the preliminaries, they are allowed to perform anywhere other than the concert halls. After practice, μ's talked about the mechanics of the contest. Four groups will be able to move on to the final round of the preliminaries. They also concluded that there will only be three spots to compete for, knowing that A-RISE will get a place for sure. Honoka suggests that they use their school as their stage so that they can perform comfortably. Nico and Hanayo told Honoka that she was naive and that they only have one shot at it. They needed something original to stand out and catch everyone's attention. But before they can decide the place, they still needed to practice being on air so they asked the broadcasting club for help. Honoka, Umi, and Hanayo were the ones who tried out the mic. The results wasn't what they really wanted but at least it was very μ's-like.

After that, μ's decided to look for a place to hold their live but it turns out that they're out of new stages. They looked elsewhere and ended up in front of the UTX building. The group saw A-RISE's promotion and Honoka says that they won't lose. Just then, A-RISE's Tsubasa Kira appeared in front of the second year trio. Tsubasa hushed Honoka before others could see her then she grabbed Honoka's arm and ran, dragging her inside the building. Hanayo and Nico noticed that Tsubasa was there, running with Honoka and chased after them.

A-RISE revealed to μ's that they've been watching and keeping an eye on the group for quite a while. They thought that μ's was going to be their biggest rivals during the last Love Live!. Tsubasa, Erena, and Anju then revealed each of μ's members' good points. Tsubasa tried to comment on Nico's good points, but she could not think of anything, so she thanked her for always sending flowers to A-RISE. Nico was not satisfied with that answer, so Tsubasa called her a cute devil who's integral to the group. Eli asked them why they knew so much and Tsubasa answers that it was because it was rare to see a group with a caliber like μ's and that they didn't want to lose to μ's. Honoka also states that they won't lose either and says thank you to them. Tsubasa then offers to perform with μ's on the same stage, which is their school's rooftop, to which Honoka immediately agrees, surprising the rest of μ's members.

The day of the preliminaries came, A-RISE's Tsubasa and μ's Honoka agreed to give it their all and shook hands. Alisa and Yukiho are shown watching with a laptop at the Kosaka residence. Alisa was worried but Yukiho assured her that they will be fine. A-RISE performed their new song, "Shocking Party". Seeing A-RISE perform, most of μ's members were starting to feel that they can't win. Honoka immediately disagreed and cheered everyone up. Some of there schoolmates came and cheered them on as well. μ's found a new hope and was ready to perform. μ's performed their new song, "Yume no Tobira" and received good responses from their audience.

04 "No. 1 Idol in the Universe"
(宇宙No.1アイドル "Uchuu Nanbā 1 Aidoru")
S2Ep04 00303.png
In Episode 4, Hanayo checks the site for the results of the preliminaries. When the results came out, µ's was delighted to discover that they have qualified for the next round. Everybody ran out of the room to spread the good news, except for Umi who was left covering her ears.

The rest of the girls caught up and called out to Nico who was about to go home. Nico said that she's going to have to skip practice because she has other things to do and left. The others decided to follow Nico secretly because she was acting suspicious, but Nico spotted them and was able to escape.

While the others were wondering why Nico was desperate to escape, Hanayo saw a little girl who looks a lot like Nico. They then learned that she was Nico's little sister, Cocoro. While Cocoro was leading them to their home, they learned that Nico told her siblings that she was the center of µ's and the others were her backup dancers. After arriving at the Yazawa residence, they met Cotaro, Nico's little brother who also believed that they were backup dancers. There, they saw the posters of µ's that were edited to make it look like Nico was the center in all of them.

After some time, Nico arrived and they chased after her once again. Nico wasn't able to escape this time because her other little sister, Cocoa, met her in front of the elevator. Nico apologized and explained that she was skipping practice to look after her siblings and that she's been telling them that she was a super idol from the beginning.

On the way home, Nozomi tells the others that Nico was telling her siblings all that even after she failed to become a super idol in her first year because she didn't want their vision of her to be destroyed. After hearing this, the girls arrange for Nico to give a special performance for her siblings, claiming it to be her last performance as a 'solo idol' before joining her fellow idols as equals in μ's.

05 "A New Me"
(新しいわたし "Atarashī Watashi")
S2Ep05 00218.png
In Episode 5, µ's prepares for a performance in a fashion event on the weekend, however, the second years are on their school trip in Okinawa and both Eli and Nozomi are busy taking care of student council work, leaving the other four to practice with themselves. Rin thought that the second years must be having a blast with their trip, but in reality, they weren't enjoying much because of the storm.

When Eli told Rin that she's going to be the temporary leader, Rin isn't confident in herself and ends up struggling with the responsibilities.

After Eli told the others that the second years wouldn't make it back in time for the performance, it was decided that Rin would take the center for their performance. Rin feels she isn't cute enough for the fancy dress given to the center and passes on the role to Hanayo, though the others can tell she is bothered about it.

On the day of the event, the group arranges for Rin to wear the dress whilst everyone else wears groom outfits, feeling it fits her the most. Rin was still in denial at first but Hanayo and Maki encouraged her with their feelings. Rin finally accepted and wore the dress, receiving some compliments from the audience. The six members then performed the song "Love wing bell" and the event turns out to be a huge success. Rin then decides to be more confident with expressing her femininity and decides to wear a skirt for practice making everyone happy for her.

06 "Happy Halloween"
(ハッピーハロウィーン "Happī Harouīn")
S2Ep06 00359.png
In Episode 6, Eli told the other members about µ's and A-RISE being invited to the Halloween event. Nico then declared that they should make a stronger impact than A-RISE.

While using mascots, Honoka, Kotori, Nico, and Maki talked about how the impact from the Halloween performance would give them advantages for the final round of the preliminaries. Eli then reminded them that A-RISE won the last contest and that they are much known than them.

Honoka, Rin, and Nico went to the opening of the Halloween event. A-RISE made an amazing impact even though they were not present on the opening itself. The three talked about what happened earlier at Honoka's room. Nico stated that they have to conquer that Halloween event or else they would have a hard time at the final round of the preliminaries.

µ's tried changing their outfits in search for the impact they're looking for but it didn't work out. They tried impersonating each other next but it didn't work out as well. Eli then suggested that they try not to present themselves as idols, resulting to µ's sporting a rock look, which didn't work out as well. Principal Minami even called them to her office because of it.

While making the costumes, Hanayo made a mistake. Nico then asked Kotori why they were the ones that are making the costumes. Hanayo answered that everybody else is preparing the other things. Nico was not happy about it, saying they've been wasting time on pointless things. On the other hand, Kotori did not thought it was pointless at all. She said that she had fun and that it gave her hints on new designs.

On the day of their performance, Honoka thinks that they don't need to change themselves, as they already have quite varied members themselves, and they perform together with their natural abilities. µ's performs the song "Dancing stars on me!" and aims to win Love Live!.

07 "We Have to Do Something!"
(なんとかしなきゃ! "Nantoka Shinakya!")
S2Ep07 00286.png
In Episode 7, after finding out about Honoka and Hanayo's weight, Umi made a diet plan for the two of them. Both were consoling each other when a group of three first years appeared and asked them for autographs. A first year complimented Umi's figure, the other complimented Kotori's, while the last one complimented Honoka's energy instead.

While climbing the stairs to the shrine, Honoka and Hanayo found it harder to reach the top than before. Nico told them that it was because of the extra weight. Later, Umi found out that Honoka and Hanayo were sneaking off during their runs to eat rice. After letting them explain themselves, Hanayo was told that she regained her past weight while Honoka's weight did not change at all.

Honoka and the others soon found out that the Art Club's budget request was approved before the budget meeting. They tried to talk to the girl from the Art Club but it did not work. Eli and Nozomi offered to help but Honoka said that it was their mistake and that they should fix it themselves.

After working hard to fix everything and making a budget plan for all the clubs, Honoka, Kotori, and Umi managed to end the budget meeting well. During the process of fixing everything, Honoka told everyone that she forgot to eat and managed to regain her old weight. Nozomi and Eli are then left assured that the student council is in good hands.

08 "My Wish"
(私の望み "Watashi no Nozomi")
341 S2Ep08.png
In Episode 8, Honoka announces during an interview that µ's will definitely win Love Live!. Everyone was amazed and surprised at the sudden declaration of victory.

Nico asked Honoka why she said that all of a sudden. Maki told her that since they're really aiming to win Love Live!, it shouldn't be a problem. Umi agreed and said that A-RISE did say that the last round of the preliminaries would be as competitive as the Love Live! itself. Eli then told everyone to decide on which song they want to perform with. Nico suggested that they go for a new song . Nozomi then suggested that they make it a love song which surprised everyone. Hanayo told them that love songs are necessary for idol groups but µ's has yet to sing one. They asked Umi why there haven't been any love songs for µ's and Nozomi answered that it's because Umi has no romantic experience yet. Maki told them that it's too late to make a new song anyway but Eli disagreed and said that she thinks it's too early to give up. Though everyone wonders how they'd write a love song, Nozomi thought of an idea. They tried practicing giving gifts but the idea didn't help.

On the way home, Maki told them that she still thinks it's better if they don't take the risk. Umi agrees and believes that they should focus on perfecting what they already have instead. Most of the members agreed as well but Eli said that she still thinks that a love song would be powerful and that Nozomi's predictions are usually spot on. Honoka then said that they think about a little more.

While at Honoka's house, everyone tried to come up with ideas once again. Kotori suggested that they watch a romance movie for reference, however Maki says that these halfhearted efforts to write a new song will lower the quality of their performance. After finally deciding on using the songs they already have, they decided on calling it a day and go home.

Maki and Eli decided to call over the others to Nozomi's house, and deciding to go ahead with writing the song. Hanayo saw a picture frame with a picture of their "START:DASH!!" performance. Nozomi grabbed it immediately, feeling embarrassed. It soon began to snow, and the girls ran outside. Each and every one of them caught a snowflake and became lyrically inspired.

09 "Melody of the Heart"
(心のメロディ "Kokoro no Merodi")
295 S2Ep09.png
In Episode 9, the day of the final preliminaries arrives. At Nico's house, Cocoro and Cocoa practiced doing Nico's signature move, "Nico Nico Nii". Nico felt happy and told her two sisters that they'll definitely pass the preliminaries. Cotaro suddenly opened the door, surprising Nico, before saying the he completed something. Cotaro showed them his µ's snow art. Nico thanked Cotaro and told her siblings that she'll sing her heart out as center, after all, everyone in µ's is the center.

Nozomi and Eli went to Nico's house to fetch her. Nico asked them why they showed up and tried to close the door on them, but Nozomi was able to stop her. Eli said that Nozomi told her that the three of them should go together. Nozomi denied that and said that it was the cards who told her that they might regret it if the three of them won't go together at least once.

At school, the teacher said that they'll be starting the open house an hour later that scheduled because of the weather. Honoka called Eli to tell them the situation. Eli said that she'll explain the situation to the staff and they'll rehearse with six members.

While accommodating the guests, Honoka received a call from Eli. Eli apologized and said that they arrived at the venue. Nozomi said that with a venue that big, they'll need all 9 members of µ's. Eli told Honoka to come immediately after they're done.

Rin and Hanayo looked at the stage, amazed that they would be able sing there. Maki asked Eli if anyone would even watch them since it's still snowing. A-RISE suddenly arrived and told them that the place would be full of people later. Erena noticed that µ's was missing some members. Eli told them that Honoka and the others would be late because of a school event but they'll be there by the time they perform. Tsubasa then asked Eli to tell Honoka and the others that both µ's and them should give it their best, and that they won't lose.

With Honoka, Kotori, and Umi rejoining the others just in time, the girls of μ's take on the feelings of all of their supporters and perform the song that they all wrote together. They performed the song "Snow halation".

10 "µ's"
(µ's "Myūzu")
71 S2Ep10.png
In Episode 10, Nozomi, Nico and Eli, who are helping out at the shrine, were greeted by the rest of the µ's members. After leaving, the third years worried about the time they'll graduate and thought that they should talk about it with the others.

With μ's needing to make an impression to give them an advantage during Love Live!, Hanayo suggests they come up with a group catchphrase for the official website that best represents the group.

The next day, the girls get together at Honoka's store to make mochi for all of their supporters, thinking that it would help them come up with their catchphrase, though they still weren't able to come up with one.

Later, upon encountering people's ema at the shrine giving their support for μ's, Honoka comes to understand the group's driving force came from everyone's support and decides on the catchphrase, "The story we all realize."

11 "That Which We Decided"
(私たちが決めたこと "Watashi-tachi ga Kimeta Koto")
233 S2Ep11.png
In Episode 11, at the club room, with one month left until Love Live!, Umi explains their training schedule. Everyone noticed that it was not strict like usual. Umi answered that she followed A-RISE's advice and left some free days. Umi noticed that Honoka was quiet and asked if she was paying attention. Maki then brought up the topic about Alisa and Yukiho passing and that led to talking about the third years' graduation. Everyone got depressed, but Eli told them that they agreed not to talk about it until after Love Live! and started practice.

While training, Honoka was still thinking about what Yukiho said, making Umi and Kotori notice. Umi asked her what she wants to do and Honoka answered that she wants to continue being a school idol but she's not sure about staying as µ's. Nico told them to continue and that they have to keep the name. Nozomi then stopped the conversation and said that they agreed not to talk about it. Hanayo asked if it was really fine that way, saying that they have to give Yukiho and Alisa an honest answer. Hanayo thinks that µ's has to be the nine of them and that it will be different even with just one person missing. Maki agrees but understands what Nico's saying, so it might be best to just keep going. They then asked Eli for her opinion, but Eli told them that it was Honoka and the others' decision to make.

Honoka called the others on a Sunday to have fun. Since they couldn't decide on one place, they decided to go to all the places that each of them wants to go to. After having fun at many places, Honoka decided that she wants to go watch the sea with just the nine of them there.

After arriving at the beach, they had a little fun and held hands. Honoka decided to say their decision about what would happen to µ's once the third years graduate. She said that it turned out that all six of them had the same decision about it. They decided that after Love Live!, µ's will disband. Eli and Nozomi agreed with their decision but Nico thought that if they disband, what she worked hard for will all be for nothing. Maki then promised her that no matter what happens, they'll continue to be idols but they want µ's to be theirs alone and that they don't want a µ's without Nico and the others. Just then, Honoka shouted, surprising everyone, and saying that they'll miss the train if they don't hurry back.

Everyone ran at full speed but it turns out that there were still many trains left. Honoka said that it was because she was afraid that they would never stop crying if they stayed there and decides to take a picture with everyone.

At the train station, while laughing at the pictures, Hanayo started to cry. Everyone ended up crying a lot as well. Nico ended up crying the most, despite saying she wasn't going to cry.

With just one week left until their last performance, µ's decided to prepare and give it their best together.

12 "Last Live"
(ラストライブ "Rasuto Raibu")
294 S2Ep12.png
In Episode 12, Nico was able to draw the last number for the performance order, much to everyone's delight.

At the club room, Nico felt proud of her accomplishment, but nobody seems to appreciate it that much. Eli then said that they should start their practice. Before heading out to practice, Hanayo told Nico that it's alright and that everyone feels really grateful although they don't express it. Nico told her that she knows that and they were just trying to stay the way they've always been until the end.

After practice, Hanayo realized that it was their last practice, making everyone realize it and feel down as well. Nico then told them that they shouldn't feel sad and just focus on Love Live!.

µ's went to their local shrine and prayed together. After praying, the girls find it difficult to part ways. Honoka then suggested to have a sleepover at school.

At school, they set up their beds and found out that it fitted perfectly. Umi asked if it was really okay to have a sleepover at school. Kotori said that her mom approved of it. Afterwards, they ate the dinner that Nico and Hanayo prepared. Later on, Honoka and Rin wanted to do something exciting like test of courage. The girls then found out that Eli was afraid of the dark. Honoka noticed that the stars looked beautiful and suggested that they go to the rooftop to see. The girls were mesmerized by how the city looked like and shouted out their feelings.

The next day, the girls arrive at the venue for Love Live! finals. Wearing their new and cute costumes, µ's performed the song "KiRa-KiRa Sensation!". The audience loved it so much that they called for an encore. µ's then performed the song "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de", wearing the costume that their schoolmates prepared for them.

13 "Come True! Everyone's Dream"
(叶え!みんなの夢―― "Kanae! Minna no Yume")
442 S2Ep13.png
In Episode 13, at the school gates, Honoka met with Rin, Maki, and Hanayo. They then met Nico's mother along with Nico's siblings and even discovered Nico's unexpected side. Nico showed her family their trophy from winning Love Live!, earning her a "congratulations" from her mother. Maki then reminded Honoka the reason she had to go to school on time.

During the ceremony, after Principal Minami congratulated the graduates, it was now Honoka's turn to deliver her speech. Honoka stated that she wasn't really good at expressing herself with words but she loved singing, therefore, instead of a speech, she dedicated a song for the seniors instead. With Maki playing the piano, everyone joined Honoka and sang "Aishiteru Banzai!".

At the club room, Nico cleaned up her personal stuff, leaving the shelf completely empty. Hanayo said that with all the stuff gone, it feels a little empty and lonely. Nico then said that they should just have the next club president bring some stuff from home. Nico decided to make Hanayo the next club president because they all felt that she's the right person for the job. When Hanayo finally agreed to become the president, she assigned Maki to be the vice-president.

The girls decided to have a last look around the school. Arriving at the rooftop where everything began, Honoka gives a proper sendoff to the name of μ's.

At the school gates, before the girls can get a chance to part ways, Hanayo received some 'big news', prompting everyone to rush back to the club room.

Vol. Title
01 Love Live! School idol project 1
02 Love Live! School idol project 2
03 Love Live! School idol project 3
04 Love Live! School idol project 4


  • Nico fulfills the smile attribute of the µ's third years.
  • The name Nico is written in hiragana (にこ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (仁子, 仁湖, 仁胡, 二子, 二胡, 日子 or 日湖), it could possibly mean:
    • 仁子 - "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • 仁湖 - "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "lake" (湖) (ko).
    • 仁胡 - "compassionate" (仁) (ni) and "barbarian, foreign" (胡) (ko).
    • 二子 - "two" (二) (ni) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • 二胡 - "two" (二) (ni) and "barbarian, foreign" (胡) (ko).
    • 日子 - "sun, day" (日) (ni) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • 日湖 - "sun, day" (日) (ni) and "lake" (湖) (ko).
  • Nico's surname Yazawa means "arrow" (矢) (ya) and "marsh" (澤) (sawa/zawa).
  • Unlike the rest of μ's, Nico wears a pink cardigan on top of her school uniform's shirt, and under her winter uniform's blazer.
  • Before the anime aired, Nico wore her hair in low ponytails, similar to Nozomi, and she had longer hair.
  • In Japanese, the onomatopoeia for smile is Niko Niko (ニコニコ).
  • In Japanese onyomi readings, Nico's first name is equivalent to being read as the number "25".
    • The number "25" is often seen on items, such as Nico's wristband and Cotaro's shirt, as well as meat (Niku) at a price of 2525 yen as a reference to Nico's first name while the number "25252" refers to her catchphrase.
  • Nico was the only member of μ's who was never shown as a child until the 2018 April's Fools Event in the Love Live! School idol festival mobile game.
  • Nico appears to be the rapper of BiBi.
  • Nico is the only member of μ's Maki addresses with honorifics, specifically "Nico-chan".
  • Nico predicted that her chest could grow 3 cm more. Therefore, she wrote 74 instead of 71 for her chest size.[1]
  • The posters in Nico's room are published official art.[12]
  • In the manga, Nico has a more easy-going personality (similar to Nozomi) in contrast to her vain, jaded and prideful attitude in the anime. She is also shown as wanting to attend UTX and join A-RISE, but could not due to her family's financial background.
  • Nico shares the same birthday with the Puyo Puyo game series' protagonist Arle Nadja, who, coincidentally, shares the same English voice actress.
  • Nico makes a cameo as "Colonel 252 of the Earth Defense Forces" in the Chapter 38 of Famitsu App 4Komas for Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.


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