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Nijigasaki High School also known as Nijigasaki Academy is a high school located in Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo, Japan. This is the school where the members of Nijigaku go to.


The Nijigasaki Academy consists of a middle school and high school in the Odaiba area. The school also has an associated set of dorms for students, which are not required.

The school aims to foster world-class specialists in various fields, and as such has many areas of study and specialized departments not found in other schools. The school encourages the independence of students. The school in the game is currently headed by Lanzhu's mother, while in the anime, it's currently unknown.


The summer uniform is a vest-style uniform. The skirt is navy blue with a printed white grid. A light-blue button down is worn under a white or navy blue vest. Students may choose to wear a jacket instead of a vest, or just a button down.

The winter uniform is a blazer-style uniform. The skirt is white with a printed gray grid. A dark gray jacket is worn over a white button down, though students may wear a different jacket, and choose to leave it open or closed.

Like Otonokizaka and Uranohoshi, the students appear to be free to customize their uniforms as seen Rina with thigh-high socks, Kasumi, Ai and Kanata with a cardigan, and Karin with black tights.

Years are differentiated by a ribbon tied under the collar of the button down. First years wear a yellow ribbon, second years wear a red ribbon, and third years wear a green ribbon. The summer versions of the uniform have ribbons of these colors, but slightly lighter.


First years:

Second years:

Third years:

First years:

Second years:

Third years:

School Badge

The official school badge for Nijigasaki is being chosen through a contest.

  1. Between October 6, 2017 and October 30, 2017, fan created entries were submitted to Bushimo.
  2. Between October 31, 2017 and November 5, 2017, the finalists were selected by the contest staff.
  3. The finalized design is being selected out of the five finalist designs by a vote on Bushimo's website between November 7, 2017 and November 21, 2017.
  4. The winner, to-no, was announced on the PDP livestream on December 11, 2017.


  • The school's structure and location is based on Tokyo Big Sight, the largest convention and exhibition center in Japan.
  • Niji (虹) means rainbow and likely referencing the Rainbow Bridge connecting central Tokyo and Odaiba.
  • The opening scene of Muteki-kyuu*Believer reveals that the school's exterior had been redesigned for the anime adaptation.
  • Karin Asaka and Emma Verde reside in the school's dorms. Rina Tennoji graduated from the associated middle school.
  • Shioriko Mifune mentions that Nijigasaki High School has about 1,000 first-year students enrolled[1], so we can presume that the high school has almost 3,000 students.
  • The school has a dedicated building that houses over 100 club rooms.[2]
  • Nijigasaki is heavily indicated to to be an all-girls school due to the excessive on-screen appearances of the female students.
  • Nijigasaki High School is the only school in the franchise by far to not show any signs of closing down, unlike Otonokizaka and Uranohoshi.
  • According to the ALL STARS event "Rina's Creepy Haunted House", the school's auditorium appears to be haunted, as Rina admitted at the end of the event story that she did not set up anything paranormal for her haunted house in the auditorium.
  • Nijigasaki is the third Tokyo based school to be featured in the franchise, following Otonokizaka and UTX.


Love Live! All Stars

Anime Adaptation


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