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Each offered position here has different responsibilities. To be brief, it's summarized in the following table.

Tasks Bureaucrats Administrators Content Moderators Discussions Moderators Rollbackers
Contents Overview YES YES YES YES YES
Article Consistency YES YES YES YES YES
Theme Design and Update YES YES - - -
Pages Management (Protect/Unprotect, Delete, Move Files) YES YES YES - -
Template Moderation YES YES - - -
Wiki Navigation YES YES - - -
Handles User Requests YES YES - - -
Homepage Template Updates YES YES - - -
Page Default Formatting YES LIMITED - - -
User Rights Management (For Wiki) YES YES - - -
User Rights Management (For Chat) YES YES - YES -
Anti-Vandals Force YES YES YES YES YES
Chat Features YES YES - YES -
Comment Moderation YES YES - YES -
Forum Moderation YES YES - YES -
Blog Moderation YES YES - YES -
Talk Page Moderation YES YES - YES -

NOTE: If you're going to do something within your rights that will affect this whole wiki and all users, please discuss it first with each position's head and available bureaucrats or head administrator.

Current Active Officers


Bureaucrats automatically hold all ranks below them.


  • Cateisynk

Administrators automatically hold all ranks below them.

Content Moderators

  • Chestnut Anjo
  • Gliscordere
  • Jablon
  • Aurakip
  • Arcfatale
  • The Legendary Revan
  • MirageFireInactive

Content Moderators automatically hold the Rollbacker rank as well.

Discussions Moderators

  • KotoriMinami (Head Moderator)

Chat Moderators

  • KotoriMinami (Head Chat Moderator)
  • FutureUtopia
  • Sairenyo - Inactive

Authorized Rollbackers

  • FutureUtopia
  • KotoriMinami
  • Petukis
  • Pit-Stain - Inactive
  • Sairenyo - Inactive
  • Wynn22 - Inactive
  • Insanemaster - Inactive


Anyone who has dedication, willingness and commitment to be our administrators, moderators or spam busters are welcomed. However, to hold such prestigious rank, you need to prove yourself worthy. These are the requirements:

Requirements As Administrators As Moderators As Rollbackers
Wiki Membership Have joined this wiki for at least one month.
Cumulative Edit Count At least 100 different articles. At least 50 different articles. At least 25 different articles.
Track Record No record of intentionally violating rules, both as registered or unregistered member.
Activeness Must have a notable presence in the Wiki as judged by existing Bureaucrats/Administrators.
Additional Familiar with admin features. Familiar with Chat and Forum feature. Familiar with rollback and undo features.
Able to implement all of the wiki's houserules. Able to implement the wiki's chat rules. Able to implement the wiki's editing rules.

For those who have fulfilled the requirements, please post your name in the designated forum threads under this board when there is an open recruitment, with a short explanation about two things:

  1. "Why should I become [Administrator/Moderators/Rollbacker] of this wiki?"
  2. "What will I do for this wiki if I had the [Administrator/Moderators/Rollbacker] power on my hand?"


  • The Bureaucrat and Administrator positions are not open for request to just any normal user, thus any request for these positions will be simply discarded. These position are given only when we feel we need new admins, and the decisions will be solely based on your activeness, total contribution and track record. When this occurs, we will post an announcement about it. The only ones who can apply to be an Administrator must have held at least a "Moderator" rank for over a month.
  • Any applicant for a position will have a chance that the position given to them is not what they applied for. For example, if you applied for an Admin, but we see that you will work better as a Moderator, we will appoint you to become a Moderator instead of an Admin, and vice-versa. We'll always try to give you the best position for you.
  • Any applicants that submit request outside of the recruitment period, will be simply ignored. Also, submitting multiple applications on the same recruitment event will be considered as spamming, and the applicants will get the power of "Blocked Account" ranks until the recruitment period ends.

Officer Position Request

Since these roles have a big meaning for the wiki growth, we cannot accept any request any time. We will announce it to you when the requirements for officer posts is available, both under this page and under the Community Message's Announcement section. We will make the recruitment thread highlighted in each of your inbox as well.