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Principal Minami is a supporting character in Love Live!. She is the director of Otonokizaka High School and the mother of Kotori Minami.



Principal Minami takes her job as director seriously and cares about Otonokizaka High School very much, but doesn't believe there's anything she can do to save it. She also cares a great deal about her daughter, as shown in Season 1 Episode 11 when she asks her if she's sure about her decision.


Ep. Title
01 "Come True! Our Dreams!"
(叶え!私たちの夢―― "Kanae! Watashitachi no Yume")
006 S1Ep1
In Episode 1, Principal Minami reveals to the school that Otonokizaka High School will be shut down after all the currently enrolled students graduate, because of a lack of applicants.
04 "MakiRinPana"
(まきりんぱな "MakiRinPana" )
110 S1Ep4
Principal Minami’s scene in Episode 4 starts with Eli Ayase requesting her to restrict any school idol activities around Otonokizaka High School considering the performance of the idol group, μ's, failed to attract students to save the school. Understanding that the performance was for a club activity instead of saving the school, she dismissed the request on the grounds that student activities shouldn’t be restricted due to school circumstances. As Eli continues to be stubborn, Principal Minami showed her a video of the performance getting views on a website.
07 "Elichika"
(エリーチカ "Erichika" )
304 S1Ep7
In Episode 7, μ's ask the principal if they can compete in the Love Live! tournament. Ayase Eli objects, but the principal says she'll allow them to if they pass the exams. So the girls (mainly Honoka Kosaka, Rin Hoshizora, and Nico Yazawa) study for the exams and pass. However, before μ's could tell her, they overhear her tell Eli that the school will stop accepting new students and shut down next year.
08 "What I Want To Do Is..."
(やりたいことは "Yaritai Koto wa" )
011 S1Ep8
In Episode 8, the girls reveal themselves to the principal and Eli, and demand to know why. The principal then explains that will only happen if the school's upcoming open day doesn't go well. μ's, however, have a successful concert.
11 "The Greatest Live Performance"
(最高のライブ "Saikō no Raibu" )
124 S1Ep11
In Episode 11, it is apparent that Kotori read the letter and is concerned about making a decision. After making a decision, her mother asks her at some point if she believes she made the right choice.
13 "μ's Music Start!"
(μ'sミュージックスタート! "Myūzu Myūjikku Sutāto!")
Ep13 00177
In Episode 13, Principal Minami drops off Kotori at the airport, and Kotori tells her that she can walk to her gate by herself. Later on, near the end of the episode, the principal is watching μ's performance of "START:DASH!!" near the exit door. Near the end of the song, presumably Maki Nishikino's mother runs into the auditorium. The two see each other and smile, as though they knew each other in the past.

Ep. Title
01 "Love Live! Once Again"
(もう一度ラブライブ! "Mōichido Rabu Raibu!")
S2Ep01 00002
In Episode 1, Principal Minami announces that Otonokizaka will still accept student applications for next year. After the announcement, the podium is then passed on to the succeeding student council president, Honoka Kosaka, to deliver her speech. Honoka managed to introduce herself but had forgotten the contents of her speech.
03 "The Door to Our Dreams"
(ユメのトビラ "Yume no Tobira")
S2Ep03 00073
In Episode 3, Principal Minami heard μ's broadcasts and had thought there was an explosion when Honoka shouted on the mic with the volume at max.
04 "No. 1 Idol in the Universe"
(宇宙No.1アイドル "Uchuu Nanbā 1 Aidoru")
S2Ep04 00052
In Episode 4, Kotori announced to Principal Minami that they were able to make it to the next round of the preliminaries.
06 "Happy Halloween"
(ハッピーハロウィーン "Happī Harouīn")
S2Ep06 00209
In Episode 6, Principal Minami called µ's to her office because of the scene that they made that scared some students.
12 "Last Live"
(ラストライブ "Rasuto Raibu")
133 S2Ep12
In Episode 12, Principal Minami agreed to Kotori's request for µ's to have a sleepover at school. Afterwards, the principal participated among the audience in the Love Live!.
13 "Come True! Everyone's Dream"
(叶え!みんなの夢―― "Kanae! Minna no Yume")
140 S2Ep13
In Episode 13, Principal Minami delivered a congratulatory speech for the seniors who just graduated from Otonokizaka.


  • According to a question published in Dengeki G's Magazine in 2013 or earlier, Principal Minami is the childhood friend of Honoka Kosaka's mother with both families living on the same street.


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