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Sea of Light (光の海 Hikari no Umi) is the twelfth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 anime series. It was aired on December 23, 2017.


Arriving in Tokyo for the Love Live finals taking place the next day, the girls once again visit the shrine, finding several prayers in support of Aqours while also running into Leah and Sarah, who asks Chika if they really want to win Love Live. Later that night, Chika asks each of the girls the same question, with each of them expressing their own personal desire to win. The next day, as everyone spends their free time doing their own thing, Chika and You revisit the place where their goal of forming a school-idol group began, reaffirming their desire to win. With their resolve and excitement at its peak, Aqours takes the stage at Love Live.



  • The pillow fight scene is a tribute to the episode No Upperclassmen Allowed!.
  • A woman that resembles You Watanabe made an appearance at 11:13, which is widely speculated as You's mother. The pre-credits of the movie finally confirms it, solidifying the theory.
    • In the same scene, this also marks the first and only physical appearance of Riko Sakurauchi's father (with the same pink glowstick that Riko's mother wields), despite being partially seen.
    • The woman on the upper left is possibly Kanan Matsuura's mother, though she wields the same light blue glowstick as some of the passengers on the bus. Unlike You's mother, she did not make an appearance in the movie to confirm this.
  • During the WATER BLUE NEW WORLD scene, Shiitake holds a blue lightstick instead of orange.
  • Saint Snow also holds orange and magenta lightsticks. (representing Chika and Ruby).
  • Riko does a similar hugging gesture from Yoshiko in Sunshine!!.
  • The two generic girls seen in the WATER BLUE NEW WORLD later made a cameo in the 62nd chapter of the official Nijigasaki 4komas.


  • The Kurosawa sisters' mother only wields one red glowstick instead of having two, with one of them being magenta.

Continuity Notes

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