Setsuna Yuki, whose real name is Nana Nakagawa (中川菜々 Nakagawa Nana), is one of the eleven main characters of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is a second year at Nijigasaki High School. Her image color is red. She is a member of A・ZU・NA, a unit under the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club and was the original leader of the group prior to it falling apart.


The first time she saw school idols, she says it felt like fate called to her. That is why she became a school idol. Always busy with school idol activities, she is almost like an urban legend at Nijigasaki, with other students saying that they've never seen her at school. She always wears her idol outfit when she is with the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

Setsuna comes from a strict household where things like anime, manga, and school idols are banned. She adopted the name "Setsuna Yuki" so her parents wouldn't figure out she was an idol. The reason why she's an "urban legend" is because she attends school as Nana Nakagawa, who has a different appearance than Setsuna.

Along with Karin Asaka and Kasumi Nakasu, she works with Dengeki Online.


Setsuna has an energetic smile and a distinctive style of performing. She is easily excitable and full of energy, and she can be moved emotionally very easily. She lights up whenever she is asked a question about her interests, which include anime, manga, video games, and school idols.

She takes her passions very seriously, and with regards to being a school idol, always wants to improve. She wants to share her love of school idols with the world, and help others feel more comfortable saying what they love. She also strives to do well in school, so she always does homework as soon as possible and studies on her off days.

Setsuna is also very supportive of her friends. For example, in the Dengeki 4-koma, she continued to eat Kasumi's spicy bread in order to not let her down since she cooked it for her and Karin. She tries to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and is open to helping others with their dancing and singing.

Clubs and Hobbies

Despite not being good at it, she likes cooking, but when she asks how it tastes, she never gets an answer. Some of her friends say that her cooking's taste is "a bit too original".

She likes everything involving school idols and is very knowledgeable about them. She likes every subject in school except health class.

Setsuna is very interested in anime, manga, and video games. She can get very excited and talk at length about anime concepts and her favorite series.

Setsuna is the student council president of Nijigasaki High School as Nana Nakagawa, although she loses her position to Shioriko Mifune in chapter nine of the School Idol Festival ALL STARS story.

Other Data

Official Introduction from Website[1]
PDP Character Intro - Setsuna Yuki
Is everyone doing well? I’m Setsuna Yuki!

To be honest with you, I have a big dream!
  It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ve gathered the courage to tell you.
  I want to become a school idol that can make the world overflow with love!
  In today’s world, being honest about really liking something is kind of difficult, right?
  One might feel ashamed, or feel afraid of being looked down on, or feel that they’re in a difficult situation.
  But, in the world of school idols, one can forget about those concerns. Both the idols and the people cheering them on love school idols, and are empowered to honestly show their love.
  It’s a very kind world that shines brightly, full of fun.
  You can tell from the overflowing enthusiasm here, right?
  I want to open wide even further this world where anyone can express their love!
  Even if this is an impossibly big dream, I think that with everyone’s help, this dream can become reality.
  Let’s create this world full of love together! I’ll be in your care!

Official Introduction from Dengeki Online Website[2]

Ah, you were filming here, right? Is it all right if I come in?

I’m Setsuna Yuki—oh, sorry, did I accidentally surprise you? Umm, you’ve heard of me, right?

Ahaha, that’s good. If you’d said that you hadn’t, well, I’d just seem like your typical overly self-conscious girl.

Today, I have a request for you, which is why I’ve come to talk to you.

Um, here’s my request! Please include me in your school idol activities!

I’ve actually been checking on you from the beginning, which is why I have confidence in you—enough to say that you’re a partner I absolutely need in order to fulfill my dream!

You really love school idols, and you’ve been diligently working towards spreading the splendor of school idols around the world. Well, my own goal is the same as yours!

Because of... certain circumstances, I’ve been doing this alone up until now. This whole time, though, I’ve been thinking that I can only accomplish so much by myself.

Therefore, please lend me your strength and your love for school idols!

“OK”? Thank you so much! Ahah, asking you so boldly was a good idea!

All right, let’s start filming the introduction movie! What kind of feeling do you think would be good?

Hm? It’s fine if I just talk like I already do, with my effusive love for school idols? OK, sounds good! I think so too!

Well then, I’m ready whenever you are. I’ll convey these feelings to everyone as directly as I can!

Question & Answer Corner[3]

What made you decide to come to Dengeki Online?

I haven’t mentioned it before, but I love anime and video games! I especially love light novels, so I’ve been looking up to Dengeki for a while now...!

To be honest, a long time ago, I applied to Dengeki’s novel competition. It really didn’t go well, though. Ahaha.

I haven’t had the chance to talk about liking things like this, so I’m happy. What I read often… eh, I can’t talk about that? Uuu, that’s too bad. I want to share what I like with everyone, you know—.   Please describe your appeal point(s).

My love for school idols!

At least in that regard, I absolutely don’t want to lose to anyone, and I don’t think I will! I’ve felt this way for a long, long time, and I want to keep giving my all with this never-changing love.   What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My specialty is anything to do with being a school idol! ...or rather, I’m trying my best so that one day I’ll have the self-confidence to say that.

As for what I’m bad at, umm, as a girl, it’s hard to say this, but it seems to be cooking...

I like making food, but they say that my food arrangement is a little too original... Oh, the taste? Umm, when I ask for thoughts on how it tastes, everyone averts their eyes and they don’t really answer me...   What impressions do you have of Kasumi-chan and Karin-chan?

Kasumi-san has a very unique personality, so she’s the type to get misunderstood. But I can really feel her passion and love for school idols! Even though Kasumi-san tends to be somewhat selfish, I sympathize with her, and I love her a lot!

Karin-san is very voluptuous, right? She has that mature feel about her, and it surprised me when we first met. I don’t have that kind of sexiness, and she has an incredible sense for fashion, so there’s a lot I can learn from her. She is a strong rival... but she’s so charming that I might end up being a fan!   How do you spend your days off?

The first thing I do is study. Since we’re school idols, I think we absolutely have to try our best at school.

I want to have as much fun as I can in doing what I like, so that encourages me to properly carry out the things that I have to do. When I think that my school idol activities are waiting for me afterwards, I end up being able to try my best at anything!   Please tell us which subjects you like and dislike.

There isn’t really any subject in particular that I like. No matter which subject it is, I find it fun to learn things I don’t know, and since I treat it as a game where I have to find the answers, I enjoy studying as well!

Subjects I don’t like, umm... I wouldn’t really say I dislike it, but sometimes, well... health class can be a little embarrassing... P-please don’t ask me why!   Why did you decide to become a school idol?

I’ve been asked this before, and it’s actually a fairly difficult question to answer. To me, I guess, school idols represent a world I dream of, or maybe a place where my ideals are realized... ugh, I can’t really find the right words, but in any case, school idols are very special to me.

So, um, when I first saw school idols, and the people cheering them on, I felt like fate was calling!   What animal would you compare yourself to?

A dog, maybe?

When I’m having fun, I get excited really quickly and end up losing my composure, so I might be like a dog in that way.

Ah, umm, what was it... you could say that that’s when things get “lit”, right? Ai-san taught me that. I’m pretty good at getting along with people, so that’s something else I share with dogs, I think.   What genre of music do you like?

Of course, I like anime songs the most!

In those songs’ lyrics, when they mention the characters’ names, and link the song to the story and setting... ahh, you can really feel how much love the people who wrote these have for the original works, and it makes me super happy!   Compared to the others, your outfit is always properly put on. Why is that?

This outfit is kind of a manifestation of my feelings, so when I wear it, it’s like they’re holding tight to me.

You could say that it’s a uniform that flips a switch in my consciousness, so that I can put all my strength into my work as a school idol... something like that.   There’s this rumor floating around that “no one has seen Setsuna at school”; do you have any comment on this?

Huh? T-that kind of rumor exists? Ahh, well, there’s only one thing I can say: Setsuna Yuki is a school idol!

Therefore, you’ll definitely be able to see me if you come to our live shows and events. I’m looking forward to being able to meet everyone as well!   Please tell us how excited you are for your upcoming activities.

As long as I’m doing this, I’m aiming to be number one! But, my highest ambition is to open up the world of school idols more and more, so it’s not just for myself, but because I want to support other school idols too.

If everyone has a great time together, I wonder if that’s really what it means to be the best. By the way, am I allowed to do things like vote in the polls? No way I’d vote for myself! Aw, I can’t do that, huh... I want to cheer on everyone else too!

Monthly Rankings (July 2017)[4]
PDP 1st Popularity Poll - 2nd Setsuna Yuki

I’m happy to have this many people cheering me on!
  We just got started with this project as rookie school idols, so I was worried about whether anyone would support me, but indeed some people did.
  To everyone lending their voices, I can hear you loud and clear!
  Hearing everyone’s voices really makes me feel warm, happy, and a little fluttery!
  But we haven’t come far enough to be satisfied, you know? To have even more people support us, we’ll have to work even more to fire everyone up!
  Our work has only just begun. Everyone, please let us hear your voices and feelings even more!

Monthly Rankings (August 2017)[5]
PDP 2nd Popularity Poll - 1st Setsuna Yuki

I rose to first place!
  It’s because of everyone who supported me. Thank you so much!
  Recently, as these sweltering days have been dragging on, I’ve been feeling a bit of summer fatigue. But this news perked me right up!
  In this round of voting, it seems that even more people participated than in the first round! I was actually just talking with the rest of the club about how happy we were about that.
  Moreover, I’ve heard that the margin between first and last place was incredibly narrow. Even I can’t afford to be careless!
  In order to not lose against anyone, and in order to reach even more people with her love, Setsuna Yuki will keep racing with all her strength! I’ll challenge myself with a ton of activities as well! So please continue to watch over me, OK?

Monthly Rankings (October 2017)
PDP 4th Popularity Poll - 2nd Setsuna Yuki
Monthly Rankings (November 2017)
PDP 5th Popularity Poll - 1st Setsuna Yuki


Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club Member Introduction Video - Setsuna Yuki

Nijigasaki High School School Idol Club Member Introduction Video - Setsuna Yuki


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  • Setsuna fulfills the cool attribute of the NijiGaku second years.
  • Setsuna reveals that the name "Setsuna Yuki" comes from the names of the main characters from her favorite light novel, with "Setsuna" being the name of the girl and "Yuki" being the name of the boy featured in the work.
  • Mari Ohara calls Setsuna "Secchan".
  • Nana can mean "seven" in Japanese, and also happens to be Setsuna's cast order number.
  • One game Setsuna has played is Call of Duty: Warzone on Playstation 4.[6]


  • Most of the visuals featuring Setsuna depicts her facial features as a bored expression, which predicts her jaded personality in the Anime continuity.
  • Setsuna is also seen as gloveless in every visual she's in.


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