Shuka Saito was born on August 16, 1996 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her nickname is "Shukashuu." She voices You Watanabe in Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Her call-and-response starts with "X ni Mukatte~" with X being related to the location, then "Zensoku Zenshin...", to which everyone says "Yousoro!" with her. She continues with "Kara no..." , where everyone finishes with "Keirei!" while saluting along with her. Her image color during concerts is blue.


She has three elder siblings.[3]

Her current agency is Holy Peak Inc.

Personality & Hobbies

Her hobbies include listening to music, watching DVDs, and taking walks.[4] She also loves sports and is capable of doing the vaulting box in gym.[5] Her talents include dance (jazz and hip-hop), badminton, and calligraphy. She has been dancing since 2007[6]. She's addicted to cooking.[4]

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine September 2016 - Special Interview[7]
Dengeki G's Mag Sept 2016 Shukashuu.jpg
Interpreting Honoka during my trial song "Bokura wa ima no naka de", I sang with everything I had!

--- First, please tell us your reasons for challenging the "Love Live Sunshine" project.
I first heard about "Love Live" because of School Idol Festival. After getting to know them through the game, I began listening to their music... Not only did the voice actresses have to act as the characters, they had to synchronize with their characters and sing and dance. I found this style really refreshing, so I was captivated by its charm. When I took part in the audition, I was still in high school. Without thinking about what would come after I passed it, I just wanted, for now, to "participate in a work I love". Besides, since primary school, I learnt various dances/choreography of Jazz Hip Hop. I also thought I could freely make use of those skills if I was a part of "Love Live".

---Until now, what was the stage, where you stood as a dancer, that made you the most nervous ?
This one (laugh) (most likely talking about the audition or the Numazu event on July 31st. But the interview took place before the event, so I believe she was talking about the audition and she is developing her idea just after). I was so tense like my tension gauge was beyond MAX!! In the audition studio, there was so many judges, I felt like I would be overwhelmed. But, since that was a once in a lifetime chance, without forgetting about failure, I decided to do everything I could at that time. My test song was "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de". Because I remembered Honoka-chan's whole choreography, when it was my turn, I danced according to the song. My heart burning, I performed frantically... So when I was contacted to inform me that I passed, I was so deeply moved that I cried out loud. Passing the audition of my beloved work was like a dream.... I could not speak a single word, and I was overflowed by passionate feelings. I was like "What is this ?" Like, when they're happy, people also cry, huh.

--- Then, the cast was announced in this magazine...
That's right. It was announced in the 2015 June edition of Dengeki G's Magazine : "Love Live Sunshine, Watanabe You: Saitou Shuka". When I saw this, I finally understood the situation I was in, and my heart was filled with pressure, I was like "Uwaa". (laugh) As a member of Aqours, I was thinking about what I could accomplish, about the quality of dancing and singing that was expected of us, if we could answer every fans' expectations... While thinking about that, the pressure kept on increasing. However, the presence of the other members reduced it by 9. As expected, being together as 9 people is reassuring. Because I had no prior experiences as a voice actress, everyone supported me during the recording. "Am I pulling everyone's legs ?" Being filed with this really unforgivable feeling, I once sent them a mail: "Sorry for today". I then received the reply "No, it's not like it was Shukashuu’s fault! Let us spoil you!" Really, everyone kindly taught me. I want to repay them with what I'm good at, dancing.

A bitter dancing mistake even though dancing is my specialty!! In order to dance flawlessly, I increased my training regimen...

--- Were everyone on good terms from the start?
During the first meeting/introduction we had in the Lantis conference room, no one was nervous. Our bonds for one another began to grow during the training camp which lasted 4 days, and 3 nights. The camp schedule was voice trainings between the intensive sessions of dancing. I discovered new facets of every member, I cooked and ate together with them. I was able to experience some precious interactions. The fact that I could chit-chat with everyone during break time really made me happy ♪. What I cannot forget even until now happened during the third day or so of the camp when we would show the results of our training. Until this day, we never danced without a mirror, but we suddenly had to dance without it. Without a mirror, we cannot see each other dancing. Since we have to be considerate of each other's space, we surely won't be able to move correctly or we will bump into one another. Well, when we tried dancing, that did not happen at all!! In this short period of time, I was surprised that we could be this coordinated as a group. Then, I had the premonition that, as the trainings would pile up, we would become amazing. Rather than our bond, or the fact that we were all gathered, the fact that everyone's soul/spirit immediately clicked like "poof!" was what made me thankful I attended the training camp.

--- Then, reflecting on every activity you devoted yourself to during this past year, what is your most memorable impression?
My happiest moment was when the 2nd single center was to be decided by election, and You-chan took first place ♪! At first, I was like "Eh? For real!?" and did not feel anything. But after a while, I was overwhelmed with emotion: "The next center is You-chan, huh..." Yup, this is when I felt the happiest over this past year. Another of my happiest moment was when we nine, together, could showcase for the first time our singing and dancing in front of the fans, during a special event reserved to first single buyers which was held on January 11th. When we were standing on the stage, calls & responses came flying, and I was really surprised as I was thinking "we debuted less than a year ago, will we get calls & responses ?" When you fell as a kid, your parents would often use the charm "Pain, pain, fly away~!", right? In the same way, every ounce of fatigue and pain I felt were blown away when I heard the calls & responses!! Every fan's voice was what moved every member's heart the most. Thinking about it right now, it is when I can hear the voice of every fan that I am the happiest. By looking at the venue from the stage, I would see many smiles, and by pressing the shutter in my own eyes, I would copy everyone's smile into my heart and that would really put me in a good mood. By thinking "Aah... In order to see those smiles, I'll train harder and harder. Let's grow!", my determination increases.

--- In contrary, what was your most frustrating moment?
The moment I made a dance mistake during the January 11th event. Even though I never made a single mistake until now, I did for the first time. I was like "Uee !?" !! I was really flustered, you know... If I make a mistake with my dancing, I felt that my only good point would fade away. I believed I practiced a lot in my own way, but the fact that I made a mistake means that I lacked practice. Since that day, I increased my training time to get revenge during the 1st live. And this time, I want to show the fans dancing that I am satisfied with myself.

--- By the way, do you have a wide dancing floor at home ?
No, I don't!! Since I live in a typical house, my room is also my lesson floor (laughs). To prevent the music from leaking, I firmly shut my windows and my door. It's so, so hot in this closed room. However, I feel that if I use an electric fan, it would be the same as losing!!

BLT Voice Girls Vol 27 Interview [8]
B.L.T. VOICE GIRLS Vol.27 - Saito Shuka 2.jpg
No matter if it’s a backwards somersault or anything else, if You-chan did it, so will I!

The girl whose hobby is weight training, whose talent is high diving, even being able to do a 3.5-round somersault, who is very active and has unparalleled physical flexibility; her name is Watanabe You-chan. When I first saw the member information, my impression was, “Ah, what an active girl”. I myself had also started learning to dance ever since 4th grade, and after I started junior high, I joined the Badminton club; we were both active people, so I resonated with her a lot. Even though I hadn’t reached You-chan’s level (laughs). She had the dream of wanting to become the captain of a ship, while also participating as a school idol, and I felt that the You-chan who was able to carry on with these two goals in her mind is really awesome. Love Live! Sunshine!! is my debut work, and also turned out to become a major goal for me. Add in the fact that I used to dance before this, as well as wanting to try singing professionally. So when I was at my part-time workplace and received a call saying that I had succeeded in the audition, I burst into tears. After that, the me who had no prior experience took part in the TV Anime after-recording, and it was my first time doing that kind of work, so it was the most difficult part for me. I didn’t just have to maintain my vocal role, but also had to sync it with the animation, which was my first time facing this problem. “This is something that a clumsy person surely wouldn’t be able to do well, am I one of them?” I thought to myself many times (laughs). Even though I had done the drama CDs before this after-recording, but because I only had to read off a script without any animation for those, I had more freedom. So I was not used to having to sync up with the animation, and rushed as soon as it started. I am mostly used to it now, but there are still a lot of times that I find it difficult. Other than that, “to be like You-chan” is also something that I tried to do while being unsure repeatedly of what to do. Anyway, in addition to the energetic and bright image, suddenly saluting when responding to someone else, or even using the sailing term “Yousoro!” to mean phrases such as “Understood” or “No questions”, these all allow people to feel her “dedication to becoming a captain”. And so, after I thought over all the sides of You-chan and understood them all, I also performed all those body actions during the after-recording, and performed it all with lots of excitement; whenever You-chan saluted, I would also salute while recording. As long as I could get closer to the You-chan that I had in my mind, it was good, and it helped me to try harder. Now, if there was a scene where You-chan was weight training alone, what should I do… I’m worrying about that right now (laughs). Until now, I’ve already had a lot of chances to take part in events as a member of Aqours, but I have never let the first event with all 9 of us in early January this year out of my mind. Even with the IEMs, we were able to hear all of the audience’s cheers clearly. The moment I realized it, I got goosebumps; the memories of that are really this clear. Before this, I had also danced in front of people, but I have never received the calls from the audience like this. And I also understood the difficulties of singing and dancing together as a group. If it had been just dancing, I would’ve been able to use the cumulated 9 years of experience dancing, but I also had to think about singing as well; if I had sung the wrong lyrics, then how? If I had done the wrong move, then how? I had to think about all of this while performing. But on stage I had to maintain a smile always, which took 120% of my energy; this is truly what being a school idol is about. So I just didn’t think about all these, and just focused on the circumstances in front of me, so I could enjoy the performance from the bottom of my heart. There are a lot more events in the future, but the problem right now isn’t about Saitou Shuka’s identity, but about Watanabe You’s identity on stage. I hope that all of me can change to become more like Watanabe You, so the audience sees me not as Saitou Shuka, but as Watanabe You, which would be the best situation. Additionally, because the dance moves are the same as the PV’s, if You-chan’s acrobatic skills were added into the dance moves, I wonder how I should proceed. Or should I do my best to learn acrobatics? I have already decided to face any challenges like these, no matter if it’s a backwards somersault or anything else, if You-chan did it, so will I! But, please give me three months to practice (laughs).


  • Her favorite foods include fruits, hamburgers, and melon bread.
  • Her favorite season is the transition from summer to autumn, as the air gets progressively colder.[9]
  • Between the sea and the mountains, she would prefer the sea as she likes the feeling of sand beneath her feet.[4]
  • She learned how to play trumpet and cornet from 4th to 6th grade (age 9-12).[4]
  • Her favorite memory of high school is the cultural festival in her third year, where she did Halloween-themed makeup and danced.
  • She has a bit of a complex about her height, claiming multiple times both on Twitter and during live events that the 0.5cm in 150.5cm is very important to her.[10]
  • Her favorite part of the "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?" PV is You's vaulting portion.[11]
  • She is the youngest in the group, meeting the other members for the first time when she was 18 years old. She auditioned for Love Live when she was still in high school.


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