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Sunshine!! (サンシャイン!! Sanshain!!) is the thirteenth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series, as well as Season 1 finale. It was aired on September 24, 2016.


As the girls keep practicing for the regional qualifiers, some of Chika's friends, having seen everyone's efforts, decide they want to become idols and help the school. Despite almost the entire school showing up to support, Riko reveals that the rules prevent them from joining the group on stage. As Aqours take the stage, they put on a pre-show performance about how they came to be formed and what makes their town so great before performing their song, during which Chika calls down everyone to join in.

Appearance List


Members of Aqours

Since the end of season 1 episode 9, Young DREAMER, all nine members of Aqours had fully assembled. The following is the list of members of Aqours by order of admission.

  1. Chika Takami
  2. You Watanabe
  3. Riko Sakurauchi
  4. Ruby Kurosawa
  5. Hanamaru Kunikida
  6. Yoshiko Tsushima
  7. Mari Ohara
  8. Kanan Matsuura
  9. Dia Kurosawa


Aqours ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! 第13話挿入歌「MIRAI TICKET」

Aqours ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! 第13話挿入歌「MIRAI TICKET」


  • The Takami family and Shiitake hold light blue lightsticks instead of orange lightsicks.
  • Most of the episode took place in Nagoya. Aqours performs MIRAI TICKET within Nippon Gaishi Hall, the same location where they performed for their Aqours 2nd Love Live! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR in real life.
  • The popsicles that Mari, Dia, Kanan, and Riko ate had similar colors to their respective color images.
  • The episode marks the debut of Chika's mother, the Kurosawa sisters' mother, and Hanamaru's grandmother.
  • The Aqours' debut single "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayateiru kai?" was mentioned in the last scene of this episode, and the first promotional image from LLS is also mentioned.
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