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Love Live! Superstar!! (ラブライブ!スーパースター!! Rabu Raibu! Sūpāsutā!!) is an anime television series, produced by anime company Sunrise in association with the music label company Lantis, and directed by Takahiko Kyogoku. It began airing in Japan on July 11, 2021 and is being simulcast by Funimation.


  • Original Story: Hajime Yatate
  • Original Plan: Sakurako Kimino
  • Director: Takahiko Kyogoku
  • Series Organization: Jukki Hanada
  • Draft Character Design: Yuuhei Murota
  • Character Design: Atsushi Saitou
  • Design Works: Yuu Kisaragi
  • Art Director: Reiko Kasuga
  • Color Planning: Yoichi Nishikawa
  • CG Director: Yuki Iinuma
  • Director of Photography: Tadashi Kitaoka
  • Editor: Daisuke Imai
  • Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa
  • Music Production: Lantis
  • Animation Production: SUNRISE Inc.
  • Presented by:
    • 2021 PROJECT Lovelive! Superstar!!
    • SUNRISE Inc.
    • Lantis Co.,Ltd.
    • Bushiroad Inc.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Akane Matsunaga as Aria Shibuya
  • Mamiko Noto as Kanon's mother
  • Romi Park as Director
  • Azumi Waki as Nanami
  • Miyu Tomita as Yae
  • Haruka Shiraishi as Kokono
  • Anna Mugiho as Manmaru
  • Yuna Yuuki as Mao Hiiragi
  • Chihaya Yoshitake as Yuna Hijirisawa
  • Aya Endo as Hana Hazuki



TV Anime "Love Live! Superstar!!" Teaser PV


TV Anime "Love Live! Superstar!!" PV


TV Anime "Love Live! Superstar!!" PV Long Version

Theme Songs


No. Title Air Date
01 "This Yet Unknown Feeling"
(まだ名もないキモチ "Mada Na mo nai Kimochi")
July 11, 2021
Kanon Shibuya can't sing in front of the crowd for which she couldn't sing during her admission to Yuigaoka Music Program. But Keke Tang who loved her voice asked her to join School Idols. But Kanon would often refuse it. So when Kanon took the desire to help her find out someone who will join Keke, Keke said that she would love to sing with Kanon only.
02 "No School Idols Allowed!?"
(スクールアイドル禁止!? "Sukūru Aidoru Kinshi!?")
July 18, 2021
Singing in front of a crowd made Kanon happy for which she thought of joining school idol with Keke. But getting rejected by Ren Hazuki, they thought of collecting signatures and then show to the principal. But before that, the principal allowed them to do school idol works and then gave the assignment to be in the first place. Then Kanon went to her friend Chisato Arashi (who was also helping her to join some other clubs) and asked her to teach both of them to dance. Then Kanon and Chisato found out that Keke is weak in sports. The next day while practicing, Kanon and Chisato found out that they don't have a song. Keke then said that she have some lyrics written and gave the book to Kanon and Kanon said she would compose a song. Later the next morning, Kanon was composing the song and when she finished she peeped outside the window and saw Keke running and she came to run with Keke.
03 "KeKa"
(クーカー "Kū Kā")
August 8, 2021
Kanon's problem got worse than before. Then Keke formed the group name KeKa by taking the first two letters of their names. They kept practicing and just some days before Keke and Chisato gets to know that Sunny Passion will be in the competition and they'll take first place. The three were at Keke's house where Keke explains the about Sunny Passion. Then after having a talk, Kanon explains to Keke about her problem and Keke says not to worry, if she can't sing, Keke will sing for Kanon. The competition day arrive and both were nervous where Sumire Heanna accidentally turned off all the lights. Chisato and Kanon's sister Aria inspired both of them turning a light on.
04 "Street Corner Galaxy☆彡"
(街角ギャラクシー☆彡 "Machikado Gyarakushī☆彡")
August 15, 2021
05 "Passion Island"
(パッションアイランド "Passhon Airando")
August 22, 2021
06 "I Was Dreaming"
(夢見ていた "Yumemite ita")
September 5, 2021
07 "Battle! Student Council President Elections"
(決戦!生徒会長選 "Kessen! Seito Kaichō-sen")
September 12, 2021
08 "Connecting Feelings"
(結ばれる想い "Musubareru Omoi")
September 19, 2021
09 "What's Your Name?"
(君たちの名は? "Kimitachi no Na wa?")
September 26, 2021
10 "Check It Out!!"
(チェケラッ!! "Chekera!!")
October 3, 2021
11 "Once Again, At That Place"
(もう一度、あの場所で "Mō Ichido, Ano Basho de")
October 10, 2021
12 "Song for All"
("Song for All")
October 17, 2021


  • This marks the first Love Live! series to not include 2nd or 3rd year students.
    • This also marks the only formation of consisting 5 members.
  • NHK-E Tele's exclusive broadcast finishes with a musical section called Songs of Liella! (リエラのうた "Liella no Uta") inspired by NHK's Minna no Uta and which it shows special animated music videos with Liella! songs.