Suzuko Mimori was born on June 28, 1986 in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Her common voice actress nicknames are "Mimorin" and "Mimochan". She voices Umi Sonoda in Love Live!.

Her call-and-response during concerts begins with her shouting "Love arrow, shoot-o!", complete with her hands imitating the action of shooting an arrow. During the 5th live, she devised a new response for the audience in which they are supposed to throw their arms up and shout "Argh!" as her hand gestures pass over them.


She attended middle and high school in a combined middle & high school. During her first year of high school, she considered taking the exam to join the Takarazuka Revue. Up until then she had short hair, but gradually let it grow longer from that point on.

She was active in stage plays and musicals under the stage name "Kurokawa Suzuko" since the age of 18 years old, working with Mariart Dance Studio as part of a theater group. She was then invited by the Hibiki Entertainment Office's president and asked her "Would you like to try being a seiyuu?", and so she joined Hibiki to commence her voice actress activities.

She was previously enrolled in Komazawa University, but dropped out in order to focus on her career.

From July to October 2009, she was a member of idol unit Cutie Pai under the name "Suzie".

Starting December 2009, she has been a member of the singer group Milky Holmes (alongside Sora Tokui), which consists of the four main voice actresses in the media franchise Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

In the Monthly Seiyuu Grand Prix, she publishes columns and illustrations that she draws based on letters from readers under the name "A Certain Famous Illustrator――Okuzushi・M・Romi――". The name is a reversed romaji of her stage name Mimori Suzuko.

On April 4, 2013, she started her solo debut with the release of her single "会いたいよ...会いたいよ!" (Aitai yo... Aitai yo! lit. I want to meet you... I want to meet you!). The following year, she went on a solo live tour, singing in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

In 2015, she held her 2nd solo Live "Fun! Fun! Fantasic Funfair!" at the Maihama Amphitheater in Tokyo, where she performed all the new songs from her 2nd album.

In 2016, she held her "Mimori Suzuko Grand Revue Live Tour" in Sapporo, Aichi, Osaka, Fukuoka, and the final leg at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.The tour was also the debut for her 3rd album, Toyful Basket where she performed most of the new songs before the official album release.

In 2017, she held her "Mimori Suzuko Tropical Paradise Live " in Osaka and Tokyo.

As of April 2018, she has a total of 8 singles (not including anime works) and 4 albums. Her latest single is 'Egao no kimi e' released on October 11, 2017 and latest album 'Toyful Basket' released on September 7, 2016. On April 2018, it has been announced that she will be releasing her 4th album named, tone., on June 27, 2018.

On December 2, 2017, she attended Pile's live show "Pile Live at Budokan~ Pile featuring Love Live" as a spectator. She described the concert as nostalgic as µ's songs were being performed by Pile and Nitta Emi. [1]

In 2018, she joined GEM CLUB II, a musical theatre produced by Toho Stage. In her blog entry, she wrote how GEM CLUB was important to her in which, she was feeling nostalgic as it brought the feeling from the time before she became a seiyuu.

In April 2019, after one year of formal relationship, she announced her marriage to Japanese pro-wrestler Kazuchika Okada [2]

Personality & Hobbies

Her hobbies such as dancing and theater originated from her childhood when she was exposed to ballet for the first time. During High School, she joined a musical club where she was able to dance to various works from well known musical theatres.

Tamano Kazunori, the director, choreographer, and actor of GEM CLUB was her former teacher in High School. After school, she would attend Tamano Kazunori's lessons and receive 2-3 lessons a day. Because she spent most of her time practicing after school, she rarely had time to watch anime or play video games at home.

Her hobbies include cooking, theater, singing and watching pro-wrestling. Her talents include dance (jazz, tap and ballet).

When stressed by work, she goes on a shopping spree to relieve stress. [3]

At home, she has two pet dogs named, Pudding (プリン / Purin) and Chocola (ショコラ / Shokora).[4]

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine December 2010 - Character Interview [5]
About Umi

I'm Mimori Suzuko, voicing Sonoda Umi. When I first saw Umi-chan's illustration, I had the impression that she was a cute girl with an adult feel to her. Actually during our debut single while trying to record Umi-chan's monologue, I got the impression that she was sort of a Yamato Nadeshiko at her core, and so I tried my best to create that dignified atmosphere.

Umi's Appeal
Umi-chan definitely isn't the type of girl who would stand out but I think that she is definitely a girl with a healing effect on everyone. Please vote for her!!

A word for the readers
I, and Sonoda Umi, together with the other members of Love Live!, will gather everyone's strengths and do our very best in order for all our supportive readers to enjoy themselves! Though we're still young and inexperienced, please continue supporting us.

Dengeki G's Magazine Interview Before Final Live[6]
Q1: Please tell us what is something that can't be missing when doing a μ's concert!

The love of all the staff!! There's a high proportion of female staff working at μ's lives!! And also the gentle, overflowing love from everyone♪ I'm really grateful to everyone for always taking such good care of us. Also, we always do stretches together before practice♪

Q2: Tell us what you feel about the final solo concert, as well as a message for the readers!
Though I still feel like it's something far away, before I knew it it's already this soon, huh. Just imagining it alone makes all sorts of emotion well up within me, and I feel like crying. For μ's and Love Live!, for all the fans who have watched over us maturing to this point, and all the readers of G's Magazine, I want to create a live where we can convey all our gratefulness to everyone!

Dengeki G's Magazine Arigatou Project (Part 3)[7]
Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 02.jpg
Message from Mimori Suzuko

Umi-chan, we've overcome so many different things together during these six years.

When we first started, Umi-chan was a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko. That was such a distant existence, I felt a lot of confusion. What should I do to be on better terms with her? What should I do to draw out her cuteness? Questions like those confused me.

But thanks to all the fans cheering us on, my time together with Umi-chan gradually increased... I got to see many of her different natural expressions♪

I'm grateful to everyone♪

Lastly, being able to meet Umi-chan was the pride of my life as a voice-actress. I am truly thankful. But we'll be together from here onwards, too! ♪

Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 05.jpg

The path we walked here was always accompanied by everyone.

I remember that six years ago, when we made our first appearance in the magazine, I was so, so happy that I went to the bookstore myself to buy a copy. In the few years after we started, when there were no concerts or anything, it was through the magazine that we could feel all the encouragement from all the fans. Deciding on sub-unit names and center positions for our songs... I can deeply feel that the path we walked here was always accompanied by our fans. Thank you all very much for the tons of love♪

Blog Post after Final Live: Sayounara e Sayonara![8]
March 31 and April 1, us μ's finally made it to our Final Live at Tokyo Dome.

μ’s Final LoveLive!
~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~

The Tokyo Dome we've always waited for.☆
But, it was also a day I wished would've never come.

With all sorts of emotions from the past six years mixing together, I made it to the Final Live while still unable to gather my feelings.

During the final MC, I said I would continue in my blog post.
Though I said that, it's been a week since the Final Live.
Somehow my thoughts just turned into a blank state... No matter how many times I tried to write, I couldn't figure out where to begin...

To everyone who's been waiting, sorry. :(

But you see,

If I look back and summarize all the different things that has happened up until now, that would make it feel like this story has already ended...
Once I think about that, I suddenly feel extremely lonely.

Once a bit more time passes, I think I would be able to withstand this feeling.

That's why, I would like everyone to wait just a while longer.


Before that time goes by, there's something I want to tell everyone,

And that is the feelings of gratitude from the bottom of my heart♡


All the fans who have granted so many of our dreams together, thank you very much ♡

Thanks to everyone supporting us so much, we managed to experience so many miracles, and see all sorts of sceneries.

This time it wasn't just Japan, but 10 countries that had the live-viewing. That's something really amazing, when I think about how many fans throughout the world were watching our Final Live, it makes my chest grow hot.

If I think about it being the last time I would become sad,
So I started off this live with the thought of wanting to enjoy Tokyo Dome with all my might.

At the very end, when everyone sang "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari" together,

the tears I had been holding back up to that point began to flow.

Being wrapped in such a warm feeling while leaving the stage... It made me wonder what is happiness.

At the end after we left the stage, we heard everyone's loud cheers of "μ's! μ's!". The nine of us hugged each other tightly and let the tears flow while listening quietly.

Everyone, thank you very much for all the love up until the very end.


My beloved members of μ's,
Emitsun♡ Ucchi♡ Rippi♡ Shika-chan♡ Pai-chan♡ Soramaru♡ Kussun♡ Nanjo-san,
Thank you very much for these six years. ♡

Being the greatest friends, and also the greatest rivals, this time together with everyone is truly a treasure to me.

Laughing together, crying together, vexing over things together... Covered in all sorts of sweat, everyone made it here by advancing one step at a time.

These six years of ours, there are many points that overlapped with parts of the μ's within the anime...

I mean, we had a lot more different kinds of troubles and joys than the anime... We made it here by cheering each other on and always working hard.

Once again, I realized deeply that we have really become μ's for real.

Being able to encounter my greatest friends is my happiness.

Everyone, thank you♡
I'll always be counting on you all from now on too♡


Sonoda Umi-chan, thank you♡

Meeting Umi-chan brought huge changes to my life.

At the start, I was extremely puzzled at the personality which was entirely different from me, but bit by bit I got to see different sides of her, getting closer to Umi-chan during this process made me happy♪

These six years I've spent with Umi-chan as a high-school second year.

Every moment was our youth, dazzling and bright... At any rate, it was fun!

Really, really, real-ly, thank you♪
I always, alwaaaays love you♡

Other than that, the producer who has always been supporting us, Kisara-san, and all the staff who has supported us since the start,

Kimino-sensei, Murota-san, Director Kyougoku,

Choreographer Ishikawa Yumi-sensei, Keiko-san, Maimai-san, Ayaka-san, Kozue-san, Tomo-chan, Kimino-san,

The makeup-artists who always lets me transform into Umi-chan, Osada-san, Shimizu-san, and stylist Kyouko-san,

I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart♡

In any case, these two days were like a dream, filled with the greatest fun.☆

Mimorin - Sayounara e Sayonara! 1.png

Mimorin - Sayounara e Sayonara! 2.png

Mimorin - Sayounara e Sayonara! 3.png

Thank you♡

Goodbye to goodbyes!

That's a "Hello!" to the daring future ahead!



  • Due to her long working history with Tokui Sora, the pair enjoy a tight friendship. They often celebrate their birthdays together with other voice actresses from Milky Holmes.
  • She was popular enough during high school to have all of her blazer buttons taken. Asking for buttons and giving them is a custom in Japan when graduating, see link for details.
  • She wants to settle down in Singapore eventually. To that end, she is studying English in her free time. She has visited Singapore quite a number of times for holidays, photo shoots, recordings as well as public appearances.
  • In an interview in AFA SG 2015, she mentioned that she always performed a "jinx" before lives, which is to get someone to give her back a strong slap, and she described the slap as dissipating the jitters. [9]
  • Contrary to popular belief, she did not work in Disneyland prior to voice acting. Her theater group just happened to have a performance scheduled in Tokyo Disneyland. 
  • Songs that she sing well on the karaoke: Idol songs ♪[10]
  • She wrote a song, titled "WONDER FLIGHT", which is dedicated to Umi. The translation for her tweet regarding this song can be found here.
  • The song "Sweet Home" from her 1st Album, Suki, was the first song she wrote herself. It was written as a dedication to her family. The music video featured several pictures and videos from her childhood. As a result, she broke down in tears after production was completed.
  • In an interview in AFA “I Love Anisong P’s Live2015, she mentioned that if she wasn't a seiyuu today, she would've been an English Teacher.
  • Over her illustrious career of voice acting in anime, she is most notable for her appearances in idol/music animes, such as Love Live!, BanG Dream! and Revue Starlight.
  • To date, Mimori is the only cast member for Muse to be married.


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