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The Time Left (残された時間 Nokosareta Jikan) is the seventh episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 anime series. It was aired on November 18, 2017.


Directly after the qualifier, the announcement is made: Aqours passes onto the National with 1st place ranking. However, the limit day Mari's father gave is this very day, but the number is not yet reached. As for their hard work, and a contact from Mari, the limit is extended for 5 hours.

Within 5 hours, the number rises and reaches 98, but ultimately it does not make it in time: The school is decided to be closed.

Everyone is depressed about this, especially Chika, who tries her hardest to cover it, but ultimately breaks down before everyone. However, the wish of every student reaches them, and cheers Aqours up once again.



  • Ending Credits character appearance: Kanan Matsuura
  • One of the feathers from the Donna Toki mo Zutto ending credits can be seen in the second half of the episode.

Errors & Goofs

  • Animation errors:
    • In 18:19, Mari's eyes are colored green.

Changes in the BD/DVD releases

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  • In 20:18:
    • The two female students on the left is removed.
    • The generic student's (the one on the glasses student's right) bowtie has been changed into red.
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