• Hi, Eth.

    I've been meaning to ask, but I always forget. But yea, I want to change some of the links in the Wiki Navigation. Is it okay?

    Here's a list of some things I want to change:

    1. I want to add SIF and its cards list because some people seem to have a hard time finding the cards and keep on uploading duplicates.
    2. I want to remove the Anime Episodes and Screenshots and just stick with Episode List instead.
    3. I want to add, School Idol Paradise, School Idol Diary, and Manga as well.

    There's more but if you don't want to, then okay.

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    • Bumping. :>

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    • Sorry I just read this now, cannot find some time to be spared within the week.

      Will you be online tonight in the chat? I'd like to discuss this directly with you, so we can also directly work on it together. I'll be here around in 6-7pm (UTC+7).

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    • That's okay. XD

      I can find time. Though, I had to search what time that is. Then I realized that you're just an hour later than our time. >A<

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    • Sorry, just got home >.<

      Got dragged by my friend to accompanying him playing arcades lol.

      Have you anytime tomorrow or at Sunday? I'm free all-day, so supposedly I can manage my time to your free time.

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    • Lol Eth, you make it sound like it wasn't your fault!

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    • >A< Sorry, can't this weekend. I've got lots of stuff left to do. I just stopped by to update SIF announcements and reply to messages. Maybe next time! Sorry! >A<

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    • Okay, after thinking, let's we do it this way:

      Second tab (Universe and Categories) will be changed into "Love Live!" and the link to Love Live! Main Page (not the Wikia main page).

      The submenus will be:

      • Characters (nothing changed here)
      • Anime --> linked to Episode List page
        • Episodes --> linked to Episode category page
        • Screenshots --> linked to Screenshot category page
        • Theme Songs --> linked to Theme Songs category page
      • Songs --> linked to Discography category page
      • LL! SIF --> linked to SIF Main Page
      • Manga --> linked to Manga Main Page
      • Others --> no link
        • List other media adaptation here, linked to their respective pages.

      Since I don't know what are the content of SIF that needed to be put under it, so just add them yourself later on. I'll now change the Navbar format as mentioned above~

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    • Wikia NavBar updated~

      By the way, I already added JP/EN updates log and cardlist as submenu. Feel free to change it if there's any other thing worth to be mentioned in menu.

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    • YES! Thank you! It's so much better now. ;u;

      I've added School Idol Diary on the Other Adaptions too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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