• Read more details about current project and jobs first before posting or requesting here.
    The job list can be found on our Jobs Board page. Duplicated request will be ignored.

    Requesting format:
    {{Jobs Request
    |scope       = Project/Template/Page/Media
    |jobname     =
    |description =
    |information =
    Requested by ~~~.

    Notes on filling up the form above:

    1. Copy all the codes above without changing anything, include the signature code.
    2. Choose one from the choices given on the Scope section.
    3. Fill every details according to what you are requesting. All fields are required.
      Any request that fails to fill all the fields will be ignored.

    "Rules" on selecting Project Head position:
    1. For normal projects, the first person who come up with the request will be the Head of the project. Then any Moderators or Administrators or Bureaucrats will take the second post as the Project Supervisor.
    2. For projects that plays significant role on the wiki, the original requester won't be able to take post as the Project Head due to the need of administrative power during the project. In exchange, they will take role as the "Second-in-command" for the Project.
      • Moderators will take post as the Head, if the project related to community building in this wikia.
      • Administrators will take post as the Head, if the project will affect most of the content in this wikia.
      • Bureaucrats will take post as the Head, if the project affect the wikia completely and/or related to the wikia features.
    3. In case any of the existing project had its level escalated into "Prioritized Projects", the Bureaucrat or Administrator will immediately take over the headship of the project, while the original head will act as the "Second-in-Command" in the project. All Prioritized project's head will always be an Administrator or Bureaucrat, due tendency that Prioritized project will require lot of administrator privileges.

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    • EXAMPLE: (will be removed once there is any approved submission received)

      Love Live! Project Request
      Job Name Request Example
      Description Give an example on how posting request in this forum
      Additional Information (if any)
      Read carefully the notes and details above!

      Requested by Ethrundr (Local Talkpage).

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    • Ragnarok6354
      Ragnarok6354 removed this reply because:
      Request rejected.
      05:07, February 8, 2015
      This reply has been removed
    • Love Live! Project Request
      Job Name Categorizing files
      Description Work on categorizing of files.
      Additional Information (if any)
      Many of the files on the wiki are not currently categorized, and I think it would be useful if they were.

      Requested by Feinoha Talk.

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    • Just for knowing, don't you have any project of translating or something like that? I can help with japanese.

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    • It's already in our Jobs Board but yes we do. Seiyuu translations have been outsourced to Team ONIBE while character translations and song lyrics can be edited or added by any user. I suggest you come onto our Wikia Discord to chat if you want further information.

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    • I would like to help out with Japanese to English translation too.

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    • Please refer to my above message.

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    • Love Live! Project Request
      Job Name PERFECT Dream Project Pages
      Description PERFECT Dream Project Page, PERFECT Dream Project Character Pages and PERFECT Dream Project Voice Actress Pages need to be updated as new comes out.
      Additional Information (if any)
      Everyone can help out with this! Please keep your eyes peeled for any information regarding any of the above Pages.

      Requested by đź’®FlowerFestivalTalk.

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    • A FANDOM user
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