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Two Girls' Feelings (ふたりのキモチ Futari no Kimochi) is the fourth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series. It was aired on July 23, 2016.


With the School Idol Club approved, Chika and the others begin cleaning up their new club room. Meanwhile, Ruby Kurosawa mentions to her friend Hanamaru Kunikida that Dia used to like school idols but suddenly came to hate them, leading her to feel like she shouldn't like them either. After looking up school idols herself, Hanamaru encourages Ruby to join the School Idol Club on a trial basis while keeping it a secret from Dia. Later on, they find themselves struggling to find a place they can practice in due to the lack of space in their new club room. The girls then decide to use the school's rooftop for rehearsals.

As the girls practice running up some stairs, Hanamaru struggles to catch up with everyone but encourages Ruby to focus on what she wants instead of always worrying about others. Afterwards, Hanamaru convinces Dia to listen to Ruby as she states her true wishes. As Ruby joins the club the next day, she notices Hanamaru's wish to also become a school idol and convinces her to join as well.



Members of Aqours

Debut member(s) in the episode is/are highlighted in bold. The following is the list of members of Aqours by order of admission.

  1. Chika Takami
  2. You Watanabe
  3. Riko Sakurauchi
  4. Ruby Kurosawa
  5. Hanamaru Kunikida