UTX High School (UTX学園 UTX Gakuen), also known as UTX Academy (UTX学院 UTX Gakuin), is a high school located in Japan. This is the school where the idol group, A-RISE, study and perform.


Located in Akihabara, the UTX Academy is shown to have modern architectural design in both interior and exterior. The campus is built upwards, contrary to the traditional spread-type campus of Otonokizaka High School. The main building has a large screen which showcases A-RISE and their performances, as well as announcements.

The academy is a huge building with modern facilities. For example, the students' attendances are electronically marked via the use of mobile identification at the entrance turnstiles, as shown in Season 1 Episode 1.

As seen in Season 2 Episode 3, the school cafeteria serves western-style food and has a coffee house which acts as a lounge for the students of the academy. The building has its own personal changing room exclusively for the idols. It has a rooftop large enough to be used as stages for live performances. It can be noted that their rooftop can function like any other stage in terms of lighting and such.


The UTX Academy school uniform has the color theme of white. It consists of a white long sleeved polo shirt with a white blazer on top, a white plaid skirt with a vertical black stripe, and a red necktie with diagonal green stripes.


First years:

  • Unknown

Second years:

  • Unknown

Third years:


  • The High School was based on a high-rise building called AKIHABARA UDX located in Chiyoda, Tokyo.[1]



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