Uranohoshi Girls' High School, also known as Uranohoshi Girls' Academy (浦の星 女学院 Uranohoshi Jogakuin), is a Catholic high school[1] located in Japan. This is the school where the idol group, Aqours, went to. Just like Otonokizaka High School, it has been determined to be closed down.[2] At the end of the series, the school is officially closed.


Uranohoshi is a school located near Shizuoka Prefecture, Numazu City, in a small seaside town named Uchiura. It is located at the tip of a cape, surrounded by fields of orange plantations. There were less than 100 students studying in the school. The school was headed by Mari Ohara who is also a third-year student (now graduated).


The school's summer uniform is designed after a classic white sailor uniform, with a gray collar over a white shirt, and a gray skirt. The rims of the collar, sleeves and shirt are patterned with a double white line running across them. In winter, a long-sleeved cream-colored sweater is added over the shirt.

The students wear ties to differentiate their years, with the first years wearing orange, the second years wearing red, and the third years wearing teal. During winter, the first and second years wear ribbons instead, while the third years continue wearing ties.

During the transition period when they change from summer to winter uniforms (November-December), the school briefly switches to a black sailor uniform with a triple white line along the rims of the collar and sleeves. The years are not differentiated in this uniform, with everyone wearing the same white tie. This uniform was the old winter uniform for Uranohoshi Girls' before the new one was designed to better combat the cold weather, and is retained out of a sense of legacy.[3]


First years:

Second years:

Third years:


Uranohoshi Girls' High School Uniforms




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