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  • I live in Kanan's heart
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is being Kanan's fan
  • I am Chika
Rainbow Unigiri
Rainbow Unigiri Infobox
Kanji レインボー ウ二ギリ
Romaji Reinbō Unigiri
Year Third Year
Birthday February 10
Gender Gay for Kanan
Blood Type A
Height 156 cm
Three Sizes Mikan is checking size
Favorite Food Green Tea Flavoured Sweets
Disliked Food Organ Meats
Charm Point Memelord
First Appearance
Debut March 2015
Japanese Voice Actress/Actor
Kanji アヤ カテイシンク
Romaji Aya Cateisynk
English Voice Actress/Actor
Name Aya Cateisynk

hello im Aya im lazy to use proper punctuation marks most of the time so i dont think youll see a lot of it in my profile page-- i thought of giving my profile page a complete makeover, hoping it'll be shorter--

it didnt change much orz

anyway, im a magical rainbow unigiri that's all over the place and mostly lazy but im still an admin (surprisingly wao) so you can always leave a message on my wall if you have anything to ask-- or if you juz wanna chat or talk bout random stuff, thats cool too lel but probably better to hop in to the LL! Wikia's discord server and chat with everyone wooooo


i currently live in Asia and am fluent (not really) in two languages, in which one of them is English- i have veeeeery slight understanding of a few other languages but thats all rip i can kinda understand Japanese a bit, but im still learning so faito da yo watashi- ganbaruby

so now some background bout me in wikia-- i first made an account during the first week of March 2015, and that was cuz i saw people in chat and was like "oh cool people i can chat with about love live maybe they can teach me more bout the anime" since that was the day i first came to the wikia for info bout LL-- and then i became a part of the LL! wikia's cast LOL i met lots of good people and friends and im always thankful when i think bout how much meeting the people here made my days so SHINYYYYYY lel
i usually treat the main LL! wikia team (or staff) as family but also other people are included too, tho i juz dunno what to call them if they were grouped up rip me- i also met my very most bestest and closestest friend here and thats wiw, the adorable ball of fluff and sparkles and kindness-- and then i got new siblings too, elder siblings like raggy, vero, lucia, mika, sam-- and then mirage the younger sibling but i always feel like im still younger either way ;w; lots more people i met in the wikia are my siblings too tho ; u ;

i found out bout love live back when the first season of the anime was airing- but i eventually stopped watching for some reason-- then i got back to watching the anime when season 2 was finished airing-- and i got back to it cuz i saw images of nicomaki and i remembered that they were from love live- after watching the anime, i started SIF, then went to the wikia for more info- and became a real love liver lel


i think those who know me can describe this part themselves- lel

i dont like heights or hairy caterpillars- but i love jokes and puns and memes and lots of other things -w-


i like Yuriiiiiii lel but im more of the Shoujo Ai fan- i like the fluff-- i support quite a lot of pairings in love live- but my main ships are NicoMaki and RinPana-- then for sunshine, im still shipping YohaneMari until now- but main ships are any ships with Kanan in it, and also YohaRiko, and MaRuby-- heck theres lotsa good ships in sunshine i give up on listing

got back to playing SIF on dec 2016 since i got a new phone and i play on JP and EN servers- im still waiting for Kanan UR to come home-- im also a solo yolo'er most of the time

i used to play PSO2 feelsbadman

i like a Japanese girl rock band called SCANDAL, and i like the main guitarist, Sasazaki Mami, quite a lotttttt- but i like everyone else since theyre also funny and cute as a group lel

Other Data

February 2016 - Aya's Diary (18th 17th Birthday)
Aya's family
"Birthday?... Birthday?? Mine???? Uwah~! I can't believe I forgot about it!"--- was what I said.

If it wasn't for Rento reminding me about it around 2 hours before midnight, I would've forgotten about my own birthday! I'm too forgetful...
Ehehe♪ My calendar only had Kanan-chan's birthday noted down so I was only preparing for her birthday--- and completely forgot about my own birthday... Ayayaaaa...
It's a good thing lots of other people besides Rento were doing something like a countdown to February 10 though♡ Iyaa~! It was really nice of them to do that, and I can't put my happiness into words--- I almost cried when everyone started greeting me! But I held myself back♪
I never thought a lot of people would greet me happy birthday--- It made me so happy that I noted down how many people greeted me and how many times I got greeted!
Ahh! I lost my list! Noooo!
Oh--- Never mind, I found it! Hehe♪
Soooo... For the whole day of my birthday, 26 people had greeted me, and I was greeted... Ehhh?! 56 times?! Uwaaaaa! I'm so happy♡ Thank you so much everyone~! I'll make sure to enjoy being 18 17♡
When someone wishes me a happy birthday, it's already a gift for me--- Which means I received 56 presents! Oh, no, wait--- Two people gave me presents that are more than a greeting, so I've received 58 gifts! Kyaaa♪ I'm so happy~ I love you all so much for being such nice people♡
Although it was my birthday, I had a rather busy day and was mostly out for the day--- I wanted to spend my birthday with my friends over the internet but... Ahh--- Wiw wasn't home either so I couldn't talk with her in a call...
But that's okay! Everyone gave me nice presents and that alone made my 18th 17th birthday an amazing one~! I never had so many people greet me happy birthday... N-no--- I can't cry now! But--- maybe just a little is fine, right?
I-I'm not crying because I'm sad! I'm crying because I'm really touched with everyone's messages--- even if it's a simple "Happy Birthday".
That short phrase is something everyone hears often, and I do too--- But, for me, that short phrase is worth a thousand words and dozens of hugs... Each "Happy Birthday" I received made me extremely happy--- and it also made me feel really loved.
Ah--- I-I shouldn't be so emotional! Ehe♪ I guess I got a little too carried away with my emotions---
But, really--- Thank you so much♡ Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Thank you to everyone I've met over the past year! I'm really glad to have met you all--- If it wasn't for you all, I probably wouldn't have felt this happy right now~

Vital Statistics

Studies: ★★
Reflexes: ★★★★
Aggressiveness: ★★★★★
Conformity: ★★★
Lack of Sleep: Over 9000

~Ayaya Q&A~

Where does the name "Aya Cateisynk" come from?
Asked by a lot of people from the internet

Sit around the campfire, children. This is a long story. not So yeah, let's start with Aya-- It was originally Amaya and it was a nickname dating back to my level 1 weeaboo days-- someone shortened it to Aya and I juz got used to it-- Then Cateisynk, it's a made up word I came up with because using my real name as an email address is too common-- it initially didn't have any meaning but I eventually gave it the meaning "affection for something or someone" ouo oh and it's pronounced like "ka-tey-sink" lel

Official Data: Gifts to µ's
All gifts were made with love and memes, and are always a collaboration with Wiw

Most gifts were included as an entry in the Birthday Giveaways but we just want to give gifts to our idols and because I wanna join in on the fun lel :^)

Hanayo's Birthday (Jan 17 2016)


Behold the grand game of Snakes and Ladders (Hanayo Version)-- or as I originally called it, Sad Hanayos and Moving Platforms-- it's actually been used by some of our members in the LL! Wikia community and we noticed that the last 20 spaces are actually really hard to be in because we all keep going down the depressed sad hanayos-- an actual challenging game :^) boards were made by me and wiw made the very nice looking moving platforms because wiw is so very much good at designing and editing and using layers in photoshop while I can't

Gameplay is basically the same as Snakes and Ladders-- but unless you print it, you'll have to mark the players' places however you can :^) we've used photoshop to move floating images of the players' pieces, and adding and subtracting then listing down according to one's journey on the board--

Umi's Birthday (Mar 15 2016)


Cuz why not-- Umi's kinda well-known by this face of hers so what gift would we want to give Umi? A deck of cards with her as the theme :'D so I literally did nothing but talk during the production of the cards-- wiw did all the editing and making of the actual cards-- i was juz basically the commentator-

The suits are based on something "Umi-ish"-- therefore, her school bag keychain which is an Omamori, a traditional(?) bow used for Kyuudou, a musical note, and quill and ink(or whatever that is)-- we planned to use the traditional brush used for calligraphy but it doesn't look nice since it's literally a straight line on a card-- so the quill and ink thingy is supposed to stand for her role in µ's--
the back of the cards look nice dont they- wiw's designing skills are way beyond mine-- and yes, the meme face was used for the joker--

and also the Jack card is a pun- because pirate Umi, and well, there's a famous pirate out there coughcoughjacksparrowcough so yay puns

Umi-themed Playing Cards

Maki's Birthday (Apr 19 2016)

Wiw's Comment

Nothing says 'Happy Birthday!' quite like your very own personalised board game, is apparently AyaFufu's take on the matter by now ^^' Here's a link to a (just the tiniest bit rushed, as Aya-senpai put it, 'we're part of the last minute group') Maki version of Cluedo


so yes, another board game lel so cluedo isn't anything Maki-ish but if we made it Maki-themed then it's Maki-ish right :^^^^^^^^^) also the game is called Macluedo because it's fun- gotta love mack-chan

so gameplay is exactly like Cluedo, except we changed a little bit of the stuff- but the instructions are all there on the link :^) everything was done by wiw again, and as usual, i'm the commentator-- so the game is now Maki-themed-- coming up with the character names was really fun-- and memes are there- thinking of what to add in the character cards background was really fun too ; u ; in short, we always have fun making these stuff--

did anyone notice that there's only two characters with "Mrs." in their titles

Cluedo (Maki Version)

I also made(not) a one-shot fanfic-ish thing for Maki :')
Lone Snowflake

Nozomi's Birthday (June 9 2016)


youtube link where are you

wiw help me i lost the youtube link

Nico's Birthday (July 22 2016)


im nico nico sorry nico

nico nico oh no

mfw our projects died when muse died too

Official Data: Gallery of nice stuff

the cool-yet-completely-nuts band, memes arent mine
  • playfulness during concerts
  • LOVE SURVIVE is a must listen, imo
  • they have different hair colours now--
  • They're usually this cool
  • yo yo yo dobondobondo
  • mami kewl
  • me want
  • shes a memelord
  • mami spreads the meme
  • what haruna likes
  • what mami likes
  • what tomomi likes
  • what rina likes

Funasshi, our pear friend
  • wait wut
  • when funasshi and µ's???
  • Is this the second season?
  • 2big4room
  • woah
  • paradise

Meme Gallery

Official Data: Aya's Memeseum

These are Ayaya Edits™, credit me if youre gonna use them :^^^^^^^^)

These are Ayaya Drawings™, credit plox lel :^)

Screenshots with added captions

Juz some stuff

Meme Subbed Screenshots


  • my internal clock is broken
    • i cant cook
  • i make memes
  • i cant count
  • same bday as kanan ayy lmao im kanan hahaha

Thanks for reaching the end of my profile page and looking at this meme :^)
Sincerely mikan, Cateisynk
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