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Guilty Kiss.png This user's favorite sub-idol unit is Guilty Kiss.

My favorite characters are Umi and Eli from µ's and Riko, Yohane, and Mari from Aqours.

I ship EliUmi and YohaRiko. I don't really care what you ship, or if you ship any of them at all, we can be friends. So long as you don't shove your ships in my face and don't badmouth my ships in front of my face, we should be good.

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Love Live! School idol festival Corner

These are my accounts for SIF on both servers. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Although I don't play EN/WW anymore, if you want to add me in-game, you can send me a message here. :)

Ver. Username Notable Cards
JP ゆみ✩えりうみ✩ UR 507 Eli.png UR 549 Umi.png UR 1121 T Yoshiko.png UR 997 Mari.png UR 974 T Hanamaru.png UR 1110 Ruby.png UR 66 Nico.png UR 214 Umi.png UR 1165 T Yoshiko.png UR 1132 Mari.png UR 378 Kotori.png UR 643 Umi.png UR 330 Eli.png UR 1198 Mari.png UR 956 T Riko.png UR 1018 T Yoshiko.png UR 73 Umi.png UR 358 Maki.png UR 761 Hanayo.png UR 1073 Maki.png 

Ver. Username Notable Cards
EN ゆみチカ✩えりうみ♡ UR 408 Rin.png UR 531 Nozomi.png UR 1149 Nico.png UR 1121 Yoshiko.png UR 1110 Ruby.png UR 974 Hanamaru.png UR 415 Umi.png UR 1284 T You.png UR 1165 Yoshiko.png UR 956 T Riko.png UR 73 Umi.png UR 1053 Chika.png 

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