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We've Got Stewshine (シャイ煮はじめました Shai-ni Hajimemashita) is the tenth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series. It was aired on September 3, 2016.


With the arrival of summer vacation, the girls begin training at the beach in preparation for Love Live while also helping out at a run-down snack bar. Meanwhile, Chika overhears that Riko has been invited to a piano recital that takes place on the same day as the Love Live preliminaries. Although Riko tells her that she plans to do Love Live, Chika remains worried about it. After hearing Riko's piano playing for herself, Chika asks Riko to go to the recital, feeling she should also do what she wants to.

Appearance List


Members of Aqours

Since the end of the previous episode, Young DREAMER, season 1 episode 9, all nine members of Aqours have been fully assembled. The following is the list of members of Aqours by order of admission.

  1. Chika Takami
  2. You Watanabe
  3. Riko Sakurauchi
  4. Ruby Kurosawa
  5. Hanamaru Kunikida
  6. Yoshiko Tsushima
  7. Mari Ohara
  8. Kanan Matsuura
  9. Dia Kurosawa

Notes & Trivia

  • Yoshiko broke the fourth wall when she says NatsuComi, which is another word for Comiket, a cosplay and doujinshi convention based in Tokyo.
  • This is only the first time an Aqours autograph is present. In this case, You's signature excluding the Watanabe in her Yakisoba Yousoro cover.
  • Dia possesses the same training schedule that Umi Sonoda previously used.
  • Because of Ruby's childlike behavior, it is revealed that Dia still treats Ruby like a baby despite being the first year.
  • You mentions her father for the very first time, which the latter did not appear in the Anime until the Sunshine!! School Idol Diary manga adaptation.
  • There is a logo of Ohara Hotels and Resorts in the bowls that the Aqours were using to hold their Stewshine.
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