Yoshino Nanjo was born on July 12, 1984 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Her common voice actress nicknames are "Nanjolno" (often shortened to "Jolno") and "Nanchan". The nickname "Nanjolno" was given to her by her friend Haruka Hitomi from the same agency, a portmanteau of the words 南 (Nan) from her family name, and お嬢 (Ojou lit. young lady). She also has a nickname of simply "Ojou", which was given to her by a co-host from the Da Capo II radio program. She's best known as the current vocalist of fripSide. She voices Eli Ayase in Love Live!.

Her call-and-response during concerts begins with "Kashikoi, kawaii?" ( lit. Clever and cute?), to which the audience responds "Elichika!". She then concludes with "Harasho!" ("хорошо"!).


Her family consists of her parents, her younger brother, and herself. Her mother works as an animator.

She graduated from RAMS Professional Education, Yoyogi Animation School. On October 1, 2007, she left RAMS, and on November 1 was transferred to DWANGO Artist Production.

Her music career began in 2009 when she replaced Nao as the lead vocalist of fripSide, attracting attention in the industry for her role in the song and PV "only my railgun", the opening theme of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

In 2010, she joined Love Live! as Eli Ayase. The same year had her attending Animelo Summer Live (also known as Anisama) for the first time with the other members of μ's.
On April 1, 2011, she transferred agencies to AG-ONE’s Amuleto.
On December 12, 2012, she made a solo debut as an artist with the release of her mini-album カタルモア (Katarumoa).
On December 29, 2013, she released a photo-book which she photographed in collaboration with Yurika Kubo, titled "in JolShika".
On March 1, 2015, she left the Amuleto agency and joined Office EN-JIN the next day.
In April 2015, she suffered an accident during training which injured her knee. Since then she has been unable to perform, cancelling her appearances in Lantis Festival Shanghai and Taipei. She has also been sitting out of the Fan Meeting Tour performances that require strenuous dancing.
In June 2015, she released her first solo photo-book Jyoru Tabi! in Guam.
On July 22, 2015, her first album Tokyo 1/3650 was released under the NBC Universal Entertainment Japan label.

Personality & Hobbies

Her hobbies include playing with cats, cafe-hopping, photography (she owns a Olympus Pen FT) and illustrations. Her favorite subject in school was arts, and her worst subject was Physical Education.

She used to raise a dog in her old house, but she now lives alone in Tokyo and owns two cats, named "Mugi" and "Chibi".

Because she loves using wigs, blog and magazines photos taken of her in the same period can often reflect very different hairstyles and lengths. She usually keeps short hair when not doing any public appearances. She usually wears glasses off the stage as well.

She used to hold irregular events on Twitter hashtagged "麺ジョルノ" (menjolno), where everyone would simultaneously cook cup ramen, take pictures of it and post them on Twitter with the same hashtag. This was a movement devised by her for everyone to cook and eat noodles together in order to obtain a sense of unity with her fans. Today, the term is often used to refer to her favorite food: Nissin Seafood Cup Ramen topped with mayonnaise.

She is an indoor person and quite the gamer, often mentioning staying up late in order to play her games. She was into playing Final Fantasy XIV for some time. She is also the sort of person to take solitary walks in the middle of the night.

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine January 2011 - Character Interview [1]
About Eli

I voice Ayase Eli, more commonly called as Elichika. A girl whose style is outstanding, full of confidence and can do whatever she puts her mind to. She's a girl who lives in an entirely different world from me, who can barely keep my head above the water (lol). But just looking at her confidence, you can tell that she also has a cute side to her, that's the impression I have.

Eli's Appeal
"Her will is strong, so it won't matter to her what her ranking is at all!" Although Elichika might seem like that, I'm sure she's definitely really anxious in her heart. After all, it's her first time doing idol activities. As for a cute appeal, she'll be too embarrassed to do it properly... Because she has her pride, I don't think she'll show it honestly, but Elichika-san is definitely feeling uneasy about her rankings... I would be really happy if you could support a girl like her...!

A word for the readers
Love Live! is a production made with everyone's help! Aside from all the popularity votes, even simple things like "I want to see this!" or "I want to listen to that song!", these opinions are things we want to hear! I think it'll be enjoyable if we could create a fun world-view, songs and lives (PV) together with everyone! Let's enjoy ourselves together from here on out!

Dengeki G's Magazine Interview Before Final Live[2]
Q1: Please tell us what is something that can't be missing when doing a μ's concert!

What we aim for is the 2.5 dimension, the μ's from Love Live! that any fan anywhere can enjoy. As much as we can, we want to blur the boundaries between us and the girls in the anime.

Q2: Tell us what you feel about the final solo concert, as well as a message for the readers!
A part of me looks forward to it yet is also uneasy about it, and in some ways, it hasn't really sunk in either... What kind of day it will be, I can't imagine it at all. I want to make these two days as ones where we can say, these really were the greatest. At any rate, I want to burn as brightly as I can alongside everyone for these days! I'll do my best.

Dengeki G's Magazine Arigatou Project (Part 3)[3]
Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 04.jpg
Message from Nanjou Yoshino

Although it's something that can't be seen on the surface, I think the part of me that's always acting as Ayase Eli will never disappear even from here onwards, she'll always be held close to my heart even as the years pass by.

It would be great if someday, Eli's voice could reach everyone again in a form that the fans could see.

But even if such a day doesn't come, I want to continue cherishing my relationship with her.

Because she's an existence that has taught me so much!

Μ's Arigatou Project Messages 05.jpg

"Thanks for the hard work!" "Congratulations on running through these six years!" And also, "Thank you"

Really, for the huge amounts of support, thank you very much! Though that's part of it, the readers here are also people who granted our dreams together with us, so "Thanks for the hard work!", or maybe "Congratulations on running through these six years!"; I'm lost on what to say. However, it's certain that this project couldn't have grown so huge if any one person's support had been missing, so as an actress who's been given so many different experiences and chances to mature: thank you very much. My comrades. From now on in our lives, let's do our best at each and every one of our paths!


  • She appears to be close friends with Kubo Yurika, from as early as the starting stages of the Love Live! project. They have released a photo-book together, with Yoshino Nanjo as photographer and Kubo Yurika as model. Kubo Yurika's nickname for her is "Yoshinon".
  • She also has strong connections with Suzuko Mimori and Sora Tokui as she is part of the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes media franchise as well, voicing the supporting character Akechi Kokoro.
  • She's also become rather close friends with Aina Kusuda due to co-hosting the NozoEri Radio Garden. They both keep a book containing promises of things to do together, mostly consisting of food that they wish to try together. They have managed to fulfill some of them, such as opening their ear piercings together, and going for a drive towards the north till midnight. [4]
  • She also seems to have become rather close with Riho Iida, often mentioning going out with her and Aina Kusuda during the NozoEri Radio Gardens.
  • She is the oldest member of μ's, but she is also the shortest member at 150 cm (4 feet 11.1 inches). She does not seem to like being called "senpai", often replying to Aina Kusuda with "先輩禁止" (Senpai kinshi lit. No 'senior' allowed) whenever it happens during the NozoEri Radio Gardens.
  • She has been putting off taking her driving license for a few years now, though she's made a promise to take it in 2015.
  • If she made a friend from μ's, it would be Nozomi because it seems easier. Also, she would get to save on divination fees.[5]
  • Songs that she sing well on the karaoke: "Garnet (ガーネット)" by Oku Hanako.[6]
  • In her closing MC for µ's Final LoveLive! ~µ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~, she switched from her usual 絢瀬絵里役の南條愛乃 ( lit. Nanjou Yoshino as Ayase Eli) to 絢瀬絵里と南條愛乃 ( lit. Ayase Eli and Nanjou Yoshino). This was a symbolic change in meaning, in that she wasn't just voicing Eli, but saw her as a real person she was performing aside.


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